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Fel Orc Hulk

Fel Orc Hulk... Dire Fel Orc... Fel Orc Brute... call them as you wish! ^^

As soon as Mr Ogre man uploaded his "
Dire Orc" here on the Hive, I was immediately enthusiastic about turning it into a Dire Fel Orc.
No sooner said than done, I asked him for permission, he gave it to me and finally I can introduce you to my corrupted models. Lasted long enough ...

I made three versions:
A "standard" version as it also occurs in WoD and the one that comes closest to the original.
An "Armored" version inspired by the Heartstone card "Bloodboil Brute"
And a "hero" version, so Gurtogg Bloodboil from TBC personally...kinda. ^^

A big thank you to Mr Ogre man for allowing me to do this!

Update, 09/24: I thought the whole time that the tusks in the corner of the brute's mouth were like those of trolls, that is, that they would grow out of the inside of the corners of the mouth... and for that I always found them way too exaggerated!
But they grow from the outside, like from the old Kilrogg picture from Warcraft II!
Of course, that made it easy for me to enlarge the size of the parts! And I have to say: I like them better that way.

(The bundle size is enormous ... but unfortunately only because I had to upload the textures separately for each model.
After the download, simply merge everything and the size of the files will shrink to 15.4 MB for all three models with icons.)

Fel Orc Hulk (Model)

Fel Orc Hulk (Armored) (Model)

Fel Orc Hulk (Armored)_Icon (Icon)

Fel Orc Hulk (Armored)_Portrait (Model)

Fel Orc Hulk (Hero) (Model)

Fel Orc Hulk (Hero)_Icon (Icon)

Fel Orc Hulk (Hero)_Portrait (Model)

Fel Orc Hulk_Icon (Icon)

Fel Orc Hulk_Portrait (Model)

Approved! More orc brutes is ALWAYS good! Good texture and kit bashing work everything works as needed. The armored and hero variants are surely a great bonus. Also, yes, the filesize can scare some people, this is why I also sometimes add the real...
Level 21
Jul 2, 2009
Pretty useful as well and the Fel Horde is really growing...

We just need a ranged unit as well...