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(Feedback) - A first time map test

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Level 9
Nov 23, 2009
I tried this map for the first time today in single player playing as "Dorian - the Gatekeeper". It's a well polished map with gorgeous terrain and original gameplay. One thing to improve is the quest tag in that it could contain more information for newcomers, like for example "Objective".

A strange thing happened when I was at level 11(almost 12) that I'm not sure is a bug. I was at low hp and used "Death Pact" on a Crypt Fiend. When I stood close to it I lost hp and was at a distance from the enemy wave. I had "Mana Consumption" activated before but perhaps there is some other reason for the loss of hp. I'm not sure. I tried to replicate it but failed.

I also have a few minor nit-picks. In-game it took me some time to figure out that the foodbar represented the current round. Renaming it to something other than "food" and changing the icon. Another thing, the "necromancer shop" has an spellcaster rank (Initiate) . I don't know if this is intentional but it makes the necromancer stick out from the other shops. I found it a little weird but eitherway it's very minor.

Once I got to level 6 it got easy, since I could kill an entire wave with my ultimate and the cooldown allowed me to use it almost every round. If I played with more people this would probably be diffrent. I can't really say much about game balance for this reason.

It's a great map and it's noticeable that you have put alot of time and effort into this project. It's original with its combination of AoS and Tower Denfence. The mood is great with the terrain and model usage. It's fun and I will probably try it out with friends some day in the future. :thumbs_up:


  • BastionTest.w3g
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Level 13
Mar 19, 2010
Hi Evil,

thx for your feedback and you and your friends are welcome to play my map again.
The more feedback i get, the more i can improve it!
I'll watch the replay to check what happend.

Thanks alot!!!

Best Reg.
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