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Farstrider Lodge

Barracks for High Elves, I hope it has enough team colour :-D.

Model is tested in game and works correctly.

barracks, lodge, archer, farm, forest, high, highborne, silvermoon, wood, ranger, scout, unit

Farstrider Lodge (Model)

12:23, 5th Jun 2016 The_Silent: Looks good and works ingame. Approved.
Level 29
Mar 9, 2012
This building looks like have started it's life as civilian warehouse, then got hastily converted to military needs then they figured the front door remaint still too small and got teared down leaving that opening inplace of where it has been.

It would definitely look better if you can remake this building to be in the same style as the mainhall, and please try not to use this hayroof texture, this one can have an use as sort of an stable, but thats just my 2 cents. If youd like an inspiration can go look at ujimasa's dalaran set barracks.