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Made in about an hour, took me some time playing around with the particles in Magos Model Editor. I'm pretty happy whith the end product, though :D
My first model which have an "animation" :D By that I mean something that moves :p
Remember to give credits if you use it in your map. Edit as much as you want, but still give credits.

Lodge, Hut, Tent

Lodge (Model)

Never mind, found it Doodads\Barrens\Props\TaurenTotem\BarrensDoodads.blp
Looked at it befor I created this, but It would have been alot more job, it's so pointy, haven't got 4 corners, like this one. Textures\OrcBirth.blp... Much more difficult with the Tauren Barren Doodad... Thanks anyway, hope you'll aprrove it though... :p