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Fallen Hellscream

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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Sorry about the huge screenshot, so be patient.A Grom skin with a redrawn portrait, chains around his gloves and stitchs in his pants and some parts of his gloves.My third skin, so comments would be nice.Path is unit\orc\Hellscream\Hellscream.blpEnjoy~

fallen, helscream, axe, blademaster, choas, demon

Fallen Hellscream (Texture)

THE_END: This is just really really not cool
Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
the screenshot isn't huge, it's a good size.

if it would be fallen, it would have a pale tint, not a demon tint. is it nescesarry to say hellscream did, so he cannot be any demonic?

I'd like to say it's a nice skin, i'd rate it 2,7/5, but not 3/5, beceause of the following reasons;

you should fix him face, his eyes are too crushed against other, his nose is too big, mouth too undetailed, try doing like the orc on warcraft 3 when you start the game theres a yellow-green orc with yucky teeths yknow..

nice effort on the pants, but those stitches looks bad, they aren't thick-looking enough, basicly it just looks like you did one line and left it like it is. also try to shade it so it looks like silver, after all you have set it to a bigger resolution, no?

good chain effects on its gloves, now they look like thick, good job here, but on the screenshot it looks like very horrible. but on the uv map wow!

add more colors, its mainly black and red now, pretty harassing for the eyes.

it's a decent skin (2,5+/5 = decent), im sure some people could use it, but it's not over, continue working on it if you think its not nescesarry. and i hope with the next skin you'll receive a bigger ranting from me (perhaps 2.8 or 2.75), beceause no one has reached 3, 4 or 5 yet, even tho i have 100 comments on skins and icons and 3 art and 2 model.

cheers, don't forget to fix the face, its a major point here, and don't leave so many black space, fill it! add more definition but keep it clean. don't overuse smudge, in these situations it looks like bizzard and its really easy to guess you used smudge.

Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
I was think revived, back from the death. hellscream have been easily killed by mannoroth's demonic essence, and mannoroth died. hellscream releashed himself for him, and died for no reason.

pale = less blood
red = demonic or related..

it's not very logical for him to be red, but i dont think so much people thinks about it. both default zombie skins are pale, beceause they're back from the death.
for your information drunkentroll i have made one skin and two icons on "raisinhumide" my alias account.
i am mainly an art guy, i am still doing my still skin that is in wip, but the most art i do is non blizz-related art. go to the forums, then off-topic, then go in the thread named WORMSKULL'S AV AND SIG WORKSHOP. i do have skinning experience, but i dont have to post them here, i prefer to keep mine for myselves, it's a choice, i also made the choice to never vote.

the comment i did on this skin is good, stop overreacting for no apparant reasons, stfu go whine somewhere else at someone else
Level 3
Aug 8, 2004
Chill people, the name was just random cause I couldnt think of anything at the time.

Yes the comment is good, Wormskull's other skins are good so stfu about him being a fag. Hes not, hes just hard on you so you will do better.