Fallen Fortress

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Fallen Fortress (Map)

Level 6
Feb 15, 2005
I submitted this map for the melee map contest! I tried for an original design on this one with kind of a layered layout to get to the center of the map, which is sort of a hub to get to all other places on the map. The octogon layout is supposed to make it completely balanced for all players. Everyone is practicaly equidistant to all resources and neutral creeps on the map, so its all a matter of how you play rather than where you start. The Gold Mines as you go further into the Fortress contain much more gold than those on the outside, this forces players to make a priority of securing a base in the castle. I hope you all enjoy this map = ). and as always, I appreciate any comments you may have!
Level 4
Jan 22, 2005
hey draqs, i've come up with a few ideas for the newy :wink: , PM me with wut you have sofar.

BTW: Nice map, we both in the competition against eachother now :lol: .