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Fall Of The Alliance

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Level 1
Aug 4, 2011
What is it ?
Fall of the Alliance is a 12 player Spawn based game set just before the events of Warcraft 3 and continues after the Frozen Throne the players must destroy all the other factions for complete control of the eastern kingdoms.

The Silverhand
The Nathrezim
Iron forge

Cult of the Dammed
The High elves
The Old Horde
The kingdom of stormwind

The Dark iron Empire
The Lich King

Terrain 79%
Units 2%
Bases 92%
Triggering 0%

Uneasy Alliances

In such dark times alliances can be fragile and broken at any time.
Below is an option that the players will be given after certan events to change there alliances.

Player Red- ,Nathrezim Influence,
Player Blue-Alliance of Demon Kind,Old loyalties
Player Teal- Rise of the Illidar
Player Purple- Non Planned Yet
Player Yellow-,Union of the three hammers
Player Orange-Non planned of yet
Player Green-Alliance of the Nathrezim,Restoration of the sunwell
Player Pink-Alliance of the Black Dragon flight
Player Grey-Alliance Of the Black Dragon flight
Player Dark Green-Call Of the Wolf Cult
Player Light blue -Union Of The Three Hammers
Player Brown Non planned yet

Please note everything here is most likley going to change very soon .
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