Invasion of Kalimdor

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Nov 4, 2006
Invasion of Kalimdor

First of all, this was the first map i made and it was about 2 years ago, i found it again when i was sorting out my map folder, i made the map in german and for five players as it was supposed to be played on a lan party with 5 people, i now changed the language to english and i'm going to make it a 3v3 map (it's 2v3 now), i'm currently fixing some triggers, and balance the game, i would need some people who could help me with the balancing as its hard to do that on my own

There are 2 forces, the Alliance which is a federation of Orcs, Nightelves and Humans that holds Kalimdor, the Dark Union consists of Naga, Undead and the Burning Legion. The Alliance knows that the Dark Union is preparing an attack, so they used all their knowledge to create an artefact which should push its enemies back to hell. The Dark Union found out about that artefact and now have to attack immediately although their forces are not completely ready....
The Alliance has limited forces and can only revive their heros if they die, the Dark Union has almost unlimited resources, but can only hold a specific number of Units in this world, cause they had not enough time to link the 2 worlds completely. The artefact is locked in a mountain stronghold whichs gate can only be opened by a hero carrying three magic keys. Those are hidden in the 3 Mainbases of the Alliance. The Dark Union has to smash these strongholds and destroy the artefact before it is activated.

Alliance: survive 30 minutes
Dark Union: destroy Alliance arefact within 30 minutes

Things i need help with:
- check if i forgot to translate anything
- balancing
- any more ideas on special effects/tricks/traps...
- ideas for terrain (especially the water and desert areas)


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