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[Miscellanous / Other] UltraCraft: Battle of Darklands

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Battle of Darklands

Main Map Development Thread - UltraCraft Series


(50 WD/2038 AD, Sometime after the UltraCraft 1 sub-series) "The Shadowy minions of the Brotherhood of Nod, the Ballas Gang and the PsiCorps have been driven from the soil of Third Stormwind as the hulking remains of the Pyramid of Nod and the Ballas Crack Palace lay silent among the freed lands of Third Stormwind..The battered remains of the once mighty Shadowy Legion have rallied to defend their last bastion of hope - the Shadowy Portal. The Bloodfire Ultrakov Empire has decided to join our campaign against the Shadowy Legion and provide us with their Bloodfiery Dragons - a force to be reckoned with. You have been given the duty of leading the forces of the Great Alliance and the Bloodfire Ultrakov Empire to ultimate victory over the Shadowy Legion - a victory that lies with the destruction of the Shadowy Portal itself. . ."

There are numerous Shadowy Portals around the UltraCraft Multiverse. One of them is located in the land of Third Stormwind and another but destroyed one is located in Africa of Planet Earth.

Shadowy Portals are able to summon those evil shadowy minions of the Shadowy Legion, to launch shadowy bolts and are heavily fortified. They are also responsible for corrupting their respective areas, such as the former desert of Sahara being permanently corrupted into the swampland known only as Shadowswamps.


The Great Alliance


Main Leader(s): King Anduin Wrynn (Kingdom of Stormwind), Admiral Daelin Proudmoore (Nation of Kul Tiras)

Secondary Leader(s): Jaina Proudmoore (Nation of Theramore), Chancellor Ferris (Kingdom of Stormwind)

Ideology/Type: Hereditary Monarchy (Kingdom of Third Stormwind), Magocracy (Kirin Tor and Nation of Theramore), Capitalism and numerous other ideologies.

Subfactions: Nation of Stormgarde, Nation of Glineas, The Silver Covenant, Kirin Tor, Kingdom of Third Stormwind, Nation of Kul Tiras, Nation of Theramore, Khaz Modan, Nation of Darnassus (formerly)

Affiliations: United Nations (formerly), Global Defense Initiative (formerly), African Union (formerly), Bloodfire Ultrakov Empire (Allies)

Enemies: Shadowy Legion, Blackrock Clan, United Reich, New Horde, Dark Horde, True Horde, Brotherhood of Nod, Ballas Gang, Illidari Empire, Ultrakov Union (formerly), Ultrakov Republic

6 WA (1994 AD) - 26 WA (2014 AD): A coalition of mutual military and economic aid.

26 WA (2014 AD) - 42 WA (2038 AD): De-facto political and military superpower, incorporating the governmental functions of member countries.

42 WA (2038 AD) - 50 WA (2046 AD): Advanced supra-national superpower, but allied with the Bloodfire Ultrakov Empire.

6 WA (1994 AD) - 20 WA (2008 AD): To eliminate the Horde and to provide military and economy aid to any members of this organization if necessary.

20 WA (2008 AD) - 21 WA (2009 AD): To defend its territory from the Undead Scourge and (later stages) to defend the Planet of Azeroth from the Burning Legion.

26 WA (2014 AD) - 42 WA (2030 AD): To eliminate the Illidari Empire and the Ultrakov Union and protect its people from harm.

42 WA (2030 AD) - 48 WD (2036 AD): To eliminate the Illidari Empire, Ultrakov Republic, Kingdom of Fiore and the Guild of Fairy Tail with the cooperation of Bloodfire Ultrakov Empire.

48 WD (2036 AD) - 50 WD (2038 AD): To ensure the safety of the UltraCraft Multiverse from the Shadowy Legion, to establish an enormous economy and political world and to eliminate the Shadowy Legion and protect its and its allies' people.


The modern Great Alliance is the successor to the Second Alliance and the Alliance of Lordaeron, which was created at the behest of King Terenas Menethil II of Lordaeron and Lord Anduin Lothar of the kingdom of Stormwind following the First War, five years after the reckoning. The human, dwarf, gnome, and high elf races allied together to fight off the Orcish Horde. The Alliance was formed after the defeat of the kingdom of Stormwind in the First War. King Terenas Menethil II realized that the Horde was too powerful to be stopped alone and called all the seven human kingdoms to join forces, this is how the Alliance was created. Later the other races of Azeroth, the Ironforge and Wildhammer clan dwarves, The gnomes of Gnomeregan and the high elves of Quel'Thalas joined the Alliance as well. After a long bloody war, the Alliance managed to defeat the orcs, free the lands of Azeroth and send the orcs back to the Dark Portal. The result of this war was considered the Alliance's greatest victory.

14 years later, the Blackrock Clan launched an attack but fortunately the Alliance has repelled the attack. A rumor had started to travel around Lordaeron telling how a mysterious plague had gripped the northern lands, as the majority of Lordaeron's attention was focused on the Horde's flight and rebelling orc clans. When Medivh appeared before King Terenas telling him just as he told Thrall: to save his people, he must travel west, Terenas told him that he would defend his kingdom. To do so, he sent his own son Arthas Menethil, who was dealing with the rebelling orcs with Sir Uther the Lightbringer north to investigate. Jaina Proudmoore from the Kirin Tor was sent from Dalaran to aid in the investigation............

After the devastating Third War (20 WD/2008 AD), the Alliance of Lordaeron has reformed as the Second Alliance.........(for more infomation, please play the UltraCraft maps and read the UltraCraft lore)............the Great Alliance has formed.

Military Strength: Relies on light and medium units, modern and fantasy weaponry and arcane magics.

Their best weapons are the Prism Tanks Mk.II and the Gryphon Riders.

Bloodfire Ultrakov Empire

Main Leader(s): Blood-Pyromancer-Empress Laera Bloodfire (Nation of Bloodfire)

Secondary Leader(s): Chancellor Hermann Fegelein the Anticmaster (Schutzstaffel and Brotherhood of Fegelein), Champion Carl Johnson (Bloodfire Grove Families) and Lieutenant Tarnell (Bloodfire Grove Families

Ideology/Type: Mixed Government, Absolute Monarchy, Semi-Democracy, Blood-Pyromancy

Subfactions: Nation of Bloodflame, Bloodfire Grove Families, Brotherhood of Fegelein, Szhutzstaffel (aka SS, SS is shared between Nation of Bloodfire and Brotherhood of Fegelein), Pandarens' Nation of Huojin

Affiliations: Great Alliance (Allies), Ultrakov Union (formerly)

Enemies: Guild of Fairy Tail (Sworn Enemy), Kingdom of Fiore, United Reich, Illidari Empire, Ultrakov Republic, Ultrakov Union (formerly), Blackrock Clan, New Horde, Dark Horde, True Horde, Shadowy Legion, Brotherhood of Nod, Ballas Gang

35 WA (2030 AD) - 42 WA (2037 AD): A subfaction and a member of the Ultrakov Union known as Bloodfire Ultrakov Corps at that time.

42 WA (2037 AD) - 50 WA (2038 AD): An absolute monarchy political and military superpower and one of the two successors of the Ultrakov Union.

(Forever): To establish an enormous empire and to serve their Blood-Pyromancer-Empress -- Laera Bloodfire.

48 WA (2036 AD) - 50 WA (2038 AD): To ensure the safety of the UltraCraft Multiverse from the Shadowy Legion, to establish an enormous empire and to eliminate the Shadowy Legion and protect its and its allies' people.

Formed after Laera escaped the prison of Fairy Tail. The sworn enemy of this enormous empire is the Guild of Fairy Tail, due to Laera's vengeance of its guild members' torture and poor treatment to her.

Military Strength:
Relies on arcane magics, blood-pyromancy (aka affiliation-sensitive pyromancy), combat antics, fantasy and modern weaponry.

Laera's ultimate pets -- the Bloodfiery Dragons, are a force to be reckoned with. Bloodfiery Dragons use blood-pyromancy and arcane magics, and are far more speedy, successful and powerful than their Scorpion X, Soviet Union and Ultrakov Republic counterparts -- the Kirov Airships. They are in par with their Shadowy Legion counterparts -- the Nether Dragons.

Shadowy Legion


Main Leader(s): Kane the Shadowy Messiah

Secondary Leader(s): Seth (formerly, killed by Kane), Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris (permanently killed by Carl Johnson), Lance "Ryder" Wilson, Scorpius, Yuri the Psychic Madman

Ideology/Type: Demonic, Shadow-state, Religious, Quasi-state, Gangsterism, Necromancy, Demonology and Shadowmancy.

Subfactions: Brotherhood of Nod, Ballas Gang, PsiCorps, Blackrock Clan, Ultrakov Union (formerly) and numerous other subfactions.

Affiliations: Burning Legion (Allies), Koppa Empire (Allies), al-Qaeda, Big Smoke's Crack Empire (formerly), CRASH (formerly), Los Santos Vagos (formerly)

Enemies: Grove Street Families (formerly, as it was split into Chamberlain Gangster Families and Bloodfire Grove Families), Nation of Darnassus, Los Santos Vagos, Mushroom Kingdom, United Nations, Global Defense Initiative, True Horde, Ultrakov Union (formerly), Ultrakov Republic, Fairy Tail, Kingdom of Fiore, Great Alliance, Bloodfire Ultrakov Empire

-?????? WA (?????? BC) - (Forever): Mysterious and unholy legion that existed since Kane existed.

3 WA (1991 AD, original timeline) - 26 WA (2030 AD, original timeline): Global terrorist organization (Brotherhood of Nod) and African-American gang (Ballas)

-15 WA (1973 AD aka New World Order or events of C&C Reloaded by FS-21, UltraCraft Multiverse) - (Forever): A vast, innumerable army and political superpower of Nod terrorists, Nod shadowmancers, Ballas gangsters, PsiCorps psychic minions and corrupted races who seek to destroy any trace of order in the universe.

5 WA - 7 WA (1992 AD - 1995 AD, original timeline): All subfactions followed Nod's official goals to unite third-world nations under a pseudo-religious political platform with imperialist tendencies and to destroy the Grove Street Families and other gangs and mafias on Earth. In reality, the faction was an aggressive and popular anti-West movement vying for total domination of the Earth's people and resources.

42 WA (2030 AD, original timeline):To destroy GDI and embrace Tiberium as the future of humanity.

-15 WA (1973 AD aka New World Order or events of C&C Reloaded by FS-21, UltraCraft Multiverse) - (Forever): To destroy any trace of order in the universe and all of its enemies.

The Shadowy Legion was formed before 3600 BC. Originally, it consisted of Brotherhood of Nod, the Ballas and the Shadow Council. The Shadowy Legion was considered to be the most evil faction (surpassing even the Illidari Empire) during and after its formation. Its primary official goals are to destroy any traces of order and to unite third-world nations under a pseudo-religious political platform with imperialist tendencies. In reality, the faction was an aggressive and popular anti-West movement vying for total domination of the Earth's people and resources.

After the Great Sundering, the original Multiverse was split into multiple universes and Kane was also split and the Brotherhood of Nod also disappeared unexpectedly, leaving the Ballas alone.

The Ballas gangsters used to regularly communicate with Kane and other important Nod personnel via telepathic means. The Ballas gangsters worked hard in order to re-merge the split universes, re-bring the Brotherhood of Nod to their dimension and summon their master Kane.

It was the Ballas and the Brotherhood of Nod who masterminded events such as the War of the Ancients, World War I, the original World War II, the erasure of Adolf Hitler, First Red War, Second Red War, Psychic Dominator Disaster, New World Order, etc. Under the orders of Nod personnel, they also blessed and cursed Yuri the Psychic Madman and brought Tiberium to the planet of Earth.

The shadowy minions of the Shadowy Legion also used their unholy powers to corrupt various persons, such as Tichondrius, Big Smoke, Lance "Ryder" Wilson and Frank Tenpenny.

After Yuri was imprisoned at the Psychic Isolation Chamber, the universes are re-merged into the present UltraCraft Multiverse. Yuri did not lose his powers, instead his psychic powers was enchanted but he was under direct control of Kane.

At some point, the Ballas gangsters had successfully managed to purge GSF from the State of San Andreas. Later, GSF was reformed and instead the Ballas was forced into exile (fled to Africa).

The Ballas gangsters have finally re-brought the Brotherhood of Nod to this world (in 1973 AD, New World Order, event of C&C: Reloaded) and successfully summoned their master -- Kane (in 1993 AD).

The Shadowy Legion has rose to power after Kane was summoned once and its subfactions were planning to destroy any trace of order and to conquer the whole UltraCraft Multiverse.........

Military Strength:
The Shadowy Legion relies on light, medium and heavy units. In addition, the Shadowy Legion also relies on stealth, hit-and-run tactics (such as drive-by) and chaotic, shadowy and unholy magics. Demons and Fel Orcs are reported to be spotted among the ranks of the Shadowy Legion.

Its main subfaction, the Brotherhood of Nod, has significant WMD capabilities, including nuclear-equipped ballistic missiles.

Their ultimate siege pets -- the Nether Dragons, are a force to be reckoned with. Nether Dragons use stealth, shadowmancy and arcane magics, and are far more cunning, faster and sometimes rely on covert operations. However, the Nether Dragons is not as physically powerful than their counterparts, the Bloodfiery Dragons.

Ultrakov Republic


Main Leader(s): Grand Premier Volkov (All Subfactions, Primary Subfaction(s): Soviet Union and Scorpion X)

Secondary Leader(s): Deputy Premier Boris (All Subfactions, Primary Subfaction(s): Soviet Union and Scorpion X), Jack Chronosmith (All Subfactions, Primary Subfaction(s): Nation of Chronomidas), Godfather Lamar Davis (Chamberlain Gangster Families), Regent Lord Lor'themar Theron (Nation of Quel'thalas), Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner (Forsaken), Malfurion Stormrage (Nation of Darnassus), PacPac (Goblins' Nation of PacPacism)

Subfactions: Soviet Union, Scorpion X, Nation of Chronomidas, Chamberlain Gangster Families, Nation of Quel'thalas, Forsaken, Nation of Darnassus, Goblins' Nation of PacPacism, Grove Street Families (formerly, as the GSF was split into 2 after Laera betrayed the Ultrakov Union), Nation of Bloodfire (formerly), Brotherhood of Fegelein (formerly), Schutzstaffel (fomerly)

Affiliations: Nation of Bloodfire (formerly), Brotherhood of Fegelein (formerly), Schutzstaffel (was an enemy, temporary became allies after Laera Bloodfire joined them, formerly), Shadowy Legion (formerly), Brotherhood of Nod (formerly), Ballas Gang (formerly), PsiCorps (formerly)

Enemies: Great Alliance, Shadowy Legion, Bloodfire Ultrakov Empire, Koopa Empire, United Nations, Global Defense Initiative, Illidari Empire, United Reich, Blackrock Clan, Dark Horde, New Horde, True Horde, Kingdom of Fiore, Fairy Tail

-15 WA (1973 AD, UltraCraft Multiverse) - 42 WA (2030 AD, UltraCraft Multiverse): Known as the Ultrakov Union.

42 WA (2030 AD, UltraCraft Multiverse) - 50 WA (2038 AD, UltraCraft Multiverse): One of the successors of the Ultrakov Union after Laera Bloodfire betrayed the Ultrakov Union.

-15 WA (1973 AD, UltraCraft Multiverse) - 50 WA (2038 AD, UltraCraft Multiverse): To dominate the Multiverse, to eliminate all enemies and to establish an multiversal Ultrakovism society.

The Ultrakov Republic was formed after Laera Bloodfire and her followers betrayed the former Ultrakov Union. It is one of the successors of the former Ultrakov Union, the other being the Bloodfire Ultrakov Empire.

Its history can be traced back to -43 WA (1946 AD), when Albert Einstein used his Chronosphere device to go back in time and wrapped Adolf Hitler into the future, thus preventing the accidental destruction of the Shadowy Portal on the Planet Earth and the deaths of the members of the primitive Kaldorei Grove Families. Sometime before -35 WA (1953 AD), Kane the Shadowy Messiah has successfully entered Earth and corrupted the minds of Joseph Stalin and his Soviet people with his shadowy powers, thus making them as bloodthirsty as the orcs of the Blackrock Clan.

The corrupted Joseph Stalin had launched the First Red War, which was happening in Europe. During the First Red War, Joseph Stalin ordered the creation of Volkov, who was originally intended to be a perfect pawn for him.

The European Allies has managed to repel the First Red War and launched their counter-offensive on the red soil of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was forced to shift their offensive into a defensive.

Before they could proceed, however, the Allies had to investigate rumors of an even more powerful version of the Iron Curtain coming online. Supported by new Longbow gunships, the European military quickly intercepted and destroyed the device before it could become a significant threat. Tech centers captured during the assignment revealed the existence of a major underground weapons plant supplying the Soviet forces, which was quickly put out of commission by an elite commando team. This event, along with a brutal campaign in Siberia, aiming to destroy the remaining Soviet nuclear capability, paved the way for Moscow, the Soviet capital.

Occupying most of the European USSR landmass, the Allied Forces cracked down on Moscow and utilized its entire arsenal in this one final battle. Tanya Adams was sent as the harbinger of defeat and secured funds for the initial deployment of the Allied military, and as she succeeded, the bulk of the Allied expeditionary force arrived. Quickly, they established a base and, in a massive, bloody battle, eventually defeated the last Soviet defenders.

During the fighting, Stalin was heavily wounded and buried under rubble during the assault. The dictator was discovered by Allied infantry and later by Nikos Stavros. Stavros ordered the infantry to abandon rather than capture Stalin. With the intent of avenging his homeland of Greece, Stavros gagged Stalin and left the dictator to die.

With the defeat of the USSR, the Allied Forces managed to successfully defend the freedom of Europe, and ended Stalin's tyranny. However, the cost of victory was high, with an estimated 100 million people killed during the conflict.

What's worse, the Allies never found the Yuri-led Psychic Corps and their mind control project, which would allow Russia to recover and resume the conflict in the Great World War III. Stalin's Advisor was also nowhere to be seen.

After the war was over, America stepped in and aided in reconstruction efforts, which included appointing Premier Alexander Romanov, a distant relative of the ex-royal family, and a Communist figure who promoted peace, as the nation's new leader. This, too, would also be a costly mistake.

The surviving members of the Kaldorei Grove Families fled to America and formed the Grove Street Families.

Volkov realized that the people of the Soviet Union and the Scorpion X must broke free of the Shadowy Legion's corruption. Sometime after the devastating First Red War, Premier Alexander Romanov named Volkov his second-in-command and explained his strategy for liberating the people of the Soviet Union and Scorpion X from the Shadowy Legion's control and the dominate the Earth. Firstly, he appointed Yuri the Psychic Madman as his Chief Advisor. Clearly, Yuri knew what Alex was thinking about and also used him to liberate himself from the Shadowy Legion's control.

Premier Romanov did what the Allies wanted him to do: turn the Soviet Union into a benevolent force. It was benevolent, for a time, establishing relationships with other socialist countries, thus forming the World Socialist Alliance and giving humanitarian aid. But despite this seemingly benign foreign policies as secretly, Romanov seethed with anger and bitterness. He thought of his predecessor, Stalin and how the Allies destroyed his beloved motherland.

As such, Romanov made the decision to rebuild the Soviet Union as a military power. Unable to build MiGs, he researched Kirov airships and developed the technological marvel of tanks, being the most mighty and advanced tank of all: the Apocalypse tank. He also found other "resources", such as Yuri, a powerful psychic.

He also found General Vladimir, an excellent tactician. But best of all he formed, a very formidable navy ranging from Typhoon Subs to Dreadnoughts, the world would finally see the Soviets rival the Allies in terms of naval powers. Then, he made his move. Premier Romanov built up the "World Socialist Alliance", outwardly a loose alliance meant to distribute peaceful economic aid to other socialist nations. Iraq, Libya and Cuba joined with Russia in the new alliance.

Ultimately, socialist Mexico joined the WSA; the Soviet Union would then used a local revolution in Mexico as an excuse to move Soviet military forces from Mexico without arising any suspicions. In reality, the Soviets had moved a massive portion of their land army to Mexico, and was amassing amphibious assault fleets from Soviet fleets in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Until one day, American President Michael Dugan got a phone call from General Carville. Dugan received the news of a full Soviet invasion. Both coasts were under threat from Soviet Kirov airships and Soviet naval forces were staging amphibious landings, along the northeastern coast. In a masterfully coordinated attack, Soviet troops that had been deployed in Mexico were racing across the Texas border as well. Along at least the eastern and western fronts, Soviet planes deployed huge numbers of paratroopers to sow confusion and weaken American pockets of resistance.

In the face of such massive Soviet power and realizing that a swift victory was the only way to prevent a massive war on American soil, President Dugan ordered an American Nuclear response. However, he did not realise that the US military Nuclear command channels had been compromised, allowing Yuri to transmit a signal that mind-controlled its listeners.
The mind-controlled Nuke silo crews launched their nuclear missiles, while the silo doors were still closed, making them harmlessly for the Soviets at least: exploding underground. With its Nuclear arsenal disabled, the US had to bear the full weight of the invasion. During the early phases, Soviet forces benefited from both superior forces and the element of surprises.
Meanwhile, Soviet naval and aerial forces overran San Francisco and soon after that, the whole of the west coast fell with it. The Soviets then tried to capture New York, but although they were successful in destroying the Statue of Liberty, they were unsuccessful in capturing the city itself. Agent Tanya was present in New York and destroyed the poorly defended Soviet supply base which had been hastily assembled. The recapture of New York would have to wait until later.

However, to "conquer" the stubborn American people, Soviet forces also began deploying Psychic Beacons, developed by Yuri. Using the Mind-control powers of Yuri's PsiCorps, the Soviets converted American civilians in conquered territory to be totally loyal slaves to the Soviet regime, thus stamping out most resistance before it started. Psychic Beacons were also used to enable the rapid fall of Washington D.C.

President Dugan and the Pentagon's military command staff were briefly mind-controlled, before being rescued and evacuated from Washington DC. Before the city totally fell to the Soviets, the American government and military Commanders reallocated its HQ to Canada and struggled in a rapidly losing fight.

The main thrust of the Soviet invasion spread from the southwest across the Great Plains to the Mississippi, covering over a quarter of the country, while the amphibious Soviet salients in the northeast had spreaded in all directions. From Illinois, the Soviets mounted a drive on Chicago, an offensive which would cut the remaining free parts of the USA (in the northwest and eastern seaboard) in two.

The United States military staged an amphibious attack from across the Great Lakes to retake Chicago soon after the Soviets advanced into the city, where they discovered that the Soviets had installed a "Psychic Amplifier". If activated, it would mind-control the whole of North America. Fortunately, the Americans were successful in destroying the Amplifier and repulsed the Soviet advance into the city.

However, the enraged General Vladimir ordered a nuclear bomb dropped on Chicago, destroying the entire American relief army as well as a large portion of the remaining Soviet troops in the city. This was the only time in the war that a full-scale nuclear weapon was used, in order to destroy a major US city. With Chicago in nuclear ruins, a major remaining American army destroyed, and the nation cut in two, the United States' situation was a dire.

However, the Soviets seemed to have bitten off more than they could chew. European countries, such as the United Kingdom, France and Germany had up until this point been unwilling to enter the war, because they were afraid that, in response, the Soviet Union would attack them with Nuclear ICBMs.
However, the nuclear bombing of Chicago frightened the European leaders, and they later became receptive to American requests for aid. The European nations would join the war, contributing troops and funds, if a US commando mission led by Tanya Adams had succeeded to destroy two ICBM silos, located along the Polish border.

In one of the most important missions of the war, Tanya was successful in slipping her team past the border and destroying the missiles. The Soviets hid their remaining missiles deep inside Russia for safety. Even though, this meant that they were out of range of any European targets and strategically worthless after this point.

The European entry into the war divided the Red Army between the North American and European fronts, taking pressure off of the USA. Perhaps more importantly, Professor Albert Einstein who's working in his lab in the Black Forest of Germany was able to develop new technologies to share with the Americans, such as Prism Tower technology to counter the threat of Soviet Tesla Coils.

Using these new assets, American forces staged a large attack on Washington DC and in the ensuing battle, the capital city was liberated. The tide slowly started turning against the Soviets and American officials returned home afterwards. During this time, the Republic of Korea joined the Allies in fighting the Soviets.

The Soviet fleet then attacked Oahu, hoping to annihilate the US Navy at Pearl Harbor and capture the Hawaiian Islands in order to stage further attacks on the American west coast. While the Soviets were able to capture Kauai and Niihau, wiping out the American presence on both islands, they failed to capture Oahu and were eventually repulsed.

With battle lines fluctuating, the Soviets mounted a counterattack against St. Louis in the state of Missouri, using another Psychic Beacon to take control of the city.

However, Tanya's commando team infiltrated the city and destroyed the Psychic Beacon located in the bombed- out Busch Memorial Stadium. Conventional forces were then freed to enter the city without fear of mind-control. By this point, the Allied army had adapted Einstein's Prism Tower technology into mobile Prism tanks. They served as a highly effective artillery unit, whose long range and heavy firepower proved devastating against enemy base defenses. St. Louis was liberated and the Soviets were again forced into retreat.

With the capture of a west coast Allied base, the Soviets also captured a Prism Tower. Subsequently, they tried to reverse-engineering the technology at a laboratory in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, hidden in the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum. However, an assault by a crack team of American Navy SEALs was able to wipe out the lab. The Soviets had been completely removed from the northeast, and were rapidly being pushed out of the few areas of California, they still controlled.

Meanwhile, Volkov and his troops destroyed the Shadowy Portal located in Northern Africa. Yuri was nowhere to seen after the destruction of the Shadowy Portal, the reason is seemingly to be the destruction of the cursed Portal broke the shadowy psychic link between Yuri and his former master, Kane.

Teams of Allied forces were teleported in. Suddenly, Soviet forces found themselves fighting a battle within Moscow itself. Although surprised, they still had an operational Nuclear Missile Silo as well as the secretly rebuilt Iron Curtain device, both of which would prove extremely useful.

The Allies, eventually overran the entire city defenses and eradicated the Soviet superweapons. After eliminating Romanov's Black Guard, which included some of the finest, most elite and advanced Apocalypse tanks in the Soviet Union, Romanov refuses to surrender and swore Allied death in a shout from the Kremlin. Agent Tanya was brought in and her team stormed the Kremlin. She eliminated Romanov's guards inside and eventually found the great man himself - down to his boxers and underwear. This moment of utter humiliation was made public in the newspapers around the Earth for the Allied Forces.

Romanov was brought to the Parliament Building in Great Britain and forced himself to sign a treaty, proclaiming that the Allies were victorious and that the Soviet Union would stand down. After the treaty was signed, he was locked away in the Tower of London. However, in the chaos of the bloody Battle in Moscow, the Allies overlooked one critical detail: Yuri was nowhere to be found. This would prove to be a critical mistake on the Allied part, as now the whole world was in greater danger than the conflict had already began......

While the world celebrated its victory over the Soviets, Yuri and his PsiCorps set out on their own to create his own faction and with it, Yuri assembled his plans for world domination. Under supreme secrets, Yuri's forces constructed a series of Psychic Dominators across the globe, one of which was placed on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay.

After the American government discovered this, Yuri announced that he was about to take over the world: mind, body, and soul. Refusing a full presidential pardon, he went on to deploy his series of Psychic Dominator devices, which could release enough psychic energy to Mind Control the entire world.

Eventually, Yuri was defeated and was imprisoned in the Psychic Isolation Chamber. Shortly after Yuri was held prisoner, the universes which was split after the Great Sundering occurred, were successfully merged into the UltraCraft Multiverse as we know today via an unstoppable Chrono fusion. Kane restored his full powers, and gave Yuri a second chance to serve the Shadowy Legion. Yuri was granted extraordinary psychic powers while still imprisoned in the Psychic Isolation Chamber.

Kane has shadowy warped the location of the Psychic Isolation Chamber from an Allied battleship to the cold continent of Frostground of the Planet Lothedaze. Yuri was the forerunner of the Lich King Ner'zhul, as both of them has similiar abilities but different elemental powers.

The New World Order had started in that same year of different dimension. 5 factions battled at the same time. Volkov and Boris led a repel subfaction of the Brotherhood of Nod known as Scorpion X and also the Soviet Union. They had launched numerous repel activities against the Shadowy Legion.

Meanwhile, Jack Chronosmith and his Chrono Elves of the Nation of Chronomidas quitted the Allied Forces and the United Nations as their leaders are corrupt and show racism to the Chrono Elves.

On the day of 19 July 1973 AD of the UltraCraft Multiverse, the Soviet Union, Scorpion X and the Nation of Chronomidas has formed the Ultrakov Union, predecessor of the Ultrakov Republic and the Bloodfire Ultrakov Empire............(play the UltraCraft maps to find out more)

............Laera Bloodfire has betrayed the Ultrakov Union and thus splitting the former Ultrakov Union into two: the Bloodfire Ultrakov Empire and the Ultrakov Republic.

Military Strength:
Relies on all sorts of weaponry, be it heavy, light ,fantasy, modern, futuristic with the exception of demonology, shadowmancy and necromancy.

Will be written later...

Will be written later...

Will be written later...


* Command the forces of the Great Alliance and the Bloodfire Ultrakov Empire.

* Unique Commandos (aka Heroes).

*Various units ranging from the diligent Peasants to that evil bastard Kane the Shadowy Messiah.

*EVR extra interface warning and "specific (kind of)" quotes.

*SPECIAL: Face that evil bastard Kane the Shadowy Messiah......

  • Expand and defend your territories
  • Destroy the Shadowy Portal
  • Destroy all hostile forces




Progress Made

*Object Data: 25% (Based on UltraCraft 1: Frostground object data)
*Triggers (including Game Logics): 5%
*Imports (excluding Sounds): 80% (Most of the imports already incorporated in older maps)
*Sounds: 5%
*Terrain: 2%

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