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External editor for units?

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Level 6
Dec 5, 2007
I guess you could convert them into .slk and then edit them using excel.
I extracted the war3map.w3u, where the unit settings are stored, but how to convert it? I tried to open in iwith excel and wordpad, but it was always somethong like:
"  hmil  upgr Rguv,R001,R002 hmilurac naga Hpal  umdl units\human\Uther\Uther.mdl Hpalurq1 Hpalurq2 Hpalubpx Hpalubpy Hpalusnd Uther Hpalupro TRIGSTR_261 HpalHamg  urq1 Hamgurq2 Hamgubpx  Hamgubpy H"
Level 21
Aug 21, 2005
It's just the raw data id's...
hmil is probably the Human Militia, which indicates that everything following this concerns the human militia unit.
'umdl' for example stats for Art - Model File, followed by the path of the model. In this case, you probably changed the model of the militia into Uther.

To see what raw data stands for what, press Cntrl + D in the object editor.
Level 11
Feb 18, 2004
the widgitizer converts all object data in a map to WC3's native formats. those are .SLK files and text files. SLK files can be edited with notepad, but using MS word is much easyer. Note that these files over-write the default unit / item / ext data within WC3, and thus contain the default units as well as any custom units.

By default, the world editor uses a format which contains the changes to default units. (Esentally containing all data that displays as purple in the object editor) The game then uses that data alongside the base units data to create a full set of object data for an object.

However, the native format (SLKs and other files) contain full sets of object data. the widgitizer takes the object data from a map, and combines it with the default SLKs to create a set of SLKs containing all the needed units for a map.
Level 4
Nov 22, 2006

but: i read the descriptions and some postings and still don´t understand how to extract the unit data of a map to .slk and what to do after editing.

It seems to me i can only extract the default units and when i put them into the input folder the widgetizer will use this settings. I also don´t know how to edit the descriptions - the slks don´t contain them.

EDIT: Ok, found some files like "HumanUnitStrings.txt" in the input folder, that´s what i´m looking for. But how to convert/extract that and what settings do i need to save the changes to the map?
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