Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.49b

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Everquest 2 - Distant Shores v5.49b (Map)

Level 5
Oct 3, 2005
Welcome to Everquest 2 by Lom109
Distant Shores - Ver 5.49b


- New Heros(3)
- Made all creeps less challenging
- Fixed Items
- New Preview picture
- Removed Loading screen
- Fixed Save/Load code (a new save/load code has been issued. loading has no problems.)

Warmage's in it ability "storm bolt auto"'s bug (name is something like that) will be fixed.

Beastmaster's charge bug will be fixed.

Rifleman needs feedback.

~~~Game Website: www.distantshores.co.nr~~~

2 hour limit is still intact
to disable start quest by killing MG
once quest starts, repick is disabled.

Hope you enjoy it as much as i did making it.

Forward any bugs to [email protected] or [email protected]

No affilations to unchartedlands-v3.3
Level 1
Jun 10, 2005
Hey Lom, I can't find the Mountain Giant, me and my friend are pissed off we can only play 2 hours at a time... and when you say town do you mean like the starting town? All I see in the bottom right is gates... so wtf!? Could use some help here!! :cry:
Level 2
Sep 9, 2005
is the save codes all lost? by the way, i finish the whole damn game, by defeating the illidan like thingy and gave you some uber star wars sword like thingy
Level 1
May 4, 2006
yo this game is too ez, make it harder like version 5.45, many heros canot save and beast master cannot load. shaman is rigged with wolf form and vamp and locust thing, sorcerer should not have perminent special rock throw... make more quests. make the strong monsters actualy drop items because the spiders are the only ones who drop items while everything else u just kill and get nothing. make the game a bit longer, dont make it end on just illidan. make the spells on the spellcasters stronger cause they are weak and useless heros. the teleport spell on the wizard only works once per game. assassins agility gets increased too much. Dark knight kills corpses. make some mini bosses in a few areas. make sorceress actualy have spells cause all her spells are like crap, not one offensive spell. and again game 2 ez and fix some of the save/load codes on heros.