Escape The Demon Cinematic

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A humorous cinematic about clichés.
Four characters fight their way through 5 levels in order to defeat the mightiest demon of all.
Length: about 9 minutes 45 seconds

UPDATE: The cinematic is now working with 1.24 and you can now watch it on with several other people.


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Escape The Demon Cinematic (Map)

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Level 5
Jul 20, 2008
HAHAHAH, me and friends loved it. Great that it works on bnet with more players. Comedy was just great, i loved final boss scene, but i wish it were longer. The special effects prob took a while but the fight is soo short :X
Level 16
May 1, 2008
Seas =)

First of all: I watched it the 3rd time now and it's still funny ;)

Jeah you get the perfect Dota-Player in your cinematic. That's the (poor) reality. I never understand, what the Roleplayer dude was always talking about, but I know what Roleplayers talk about so.... The noob was the best! and the pro was ... Jeah as the name said - the uber pro =D.

Jeah this was not really a story, but as you said: No needed - and you are right! =).

Also you created very cool effects, everything matches and it was perfect =)

So what we got now:
+ The Dota guy was reality ^^ THAT IS DOTA!
+ The Roleplayer just talking roll playing stuff - in this case "..Jeah what ever" was cool^^
+ The noob get them all =D
+ The Pro knows the full game and owns everyone.
+ All effects was cool
+ I watched it 3 times and there will me some more times I will look this.
+ Making me laughing more then 10 times
+ Best -kick command I ever seen before
+ All the answers the noob said, for trying to answer the question.
+ The door =D

* Not easy not hard to create
GZ! It's 10/1/0 <--- the perfect! cinematic. I use the neutral point, because this my own opinion, nothing against you or the cinematic - so it can be 10/0/0 and this are 5/5 ( if I can give more I will - trust me! )

++ You should get a price for this super funny cinematic! The best I seen since the first Wc3 cinematic
++ The cinematic should get a special place on the Hive main page
++ The option, that more player can see this cinematic. I will host it on Europe =)
That was a wonderful cinematic.
To players who couldnt read some of what the roleplayer said: YOU WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO, but you can easily get the idea of what he was probably saying.
This cinematic had great special effects in the last battle, used music perfectly, was very funny, and gave my friends and I a good laugh. I give this a 5/5, as it is the best cinematic I have seen (although I have not seen many)


Hosted Project: SC
Level 14
Jul 1, 2010
So, here is my result about this cinematic.

4/10, ok

Good sides:
- The music was good, in some parts
- The end battle was also good, and the music fit with it. It also has nice made spells and you have made it well.

Bad sides:
- Text went too fast
- I didn't see any funny in between gosu and noob players, or the other guys
- I didn't laugh at all during this cinematic
- The terrain was flat with couple of flowers
- Too common. You can see this every day you play in, why need to see separately in cinematic?

Please guys, don't think I'm negative guy, but I really didn't like the cinematic &quot;so much&quot; and everyone has own opinions.

This is worth of Ban =)
Cinematic is too good, and i can see that you don't play in battlenet, or something like that.
Too bad DotA player left the game, but, they allways do that =DDDDDD
Level 2
Oct 15, 2011
Lolz had to laugh a few times. Great idea, and: true story... haha. I suppose the terrain could be improved. Anyways, cool Map!