Epic Events By Thurne

Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
Hello, everyone, first post on this board, so I decided to suggest epic events, because I like them.

Ascention of the High Elves: The powerful High Elves, old and noble, have reached a state greater then that of mortal races, becoming a people beyond this world. Through great magic, they have drawn themselves past the gate of ascention, and are gone forever, leaving merely tools to pick over. However, drawn to the ruins as moths to a flame, a strange people have settled near the once-mighty High Elven stronghold, calling themselves the Varsesh. Exiles from their homeland, this new people wishes to study what remains of the elven culture.

All High Elf buildings are sold, all High Elf units drop all items they are carrying, and all remaining things-belonging-to-yellow vanish. Yellow Player gains the Varsesh in the area just to the east of the High Elf base. The Varsesh use Draenei models, and have three heroes.

[Vrenn] [Exiled Leader] [Akama model] [Agility-based hero] [Abilities are Critical Strike, Command Aura, Battle Cry, and [Ultimate] Avatar]

Vrenn is a noble commander who has come to lead his people to a brighter future. Sensing the power of Elven artifacts, he has taken the Varsesh to Sereg D'or to find themselves a power of their own.

[Calesis Elar] [Elven Explorer] [Blood Mage model] [Strength-based hero] [Abilities are Darkness Wave, Storm Bolt, Evasion, and [Ultimate] Mass Teleport]

Calesis Elar is one of the few Elves who managed to not get carried away in the spell. He has joined with the Varsesh in order that he might learn more about the magic that took his people away.

[Skipbolt] [Mercenary Leader] [Peon model] [Intelligence-based hero] [Abilities are Summon Goblin, Far Sight, Pillage, and [Ultimate] Mass Haste]

Skipbolt is a Goblin leader of mercenaries who, in search of fame and fortune, has joined the Varsesh along with several mercenaries.

The Grand Redemption: Viceroy Lohun Darkhammer has at last been granted forgiveness and mercy for his crimes against Sigmar. With his return to the Light, comes his desecrated home, and a swarm of new followers for Sigmar. This clear sign of the light of Sigmar brings followers to rebuild the destroyed and conquered colonies, to show the glory of Sigmar.

Empire gains a 'Redeemed Paladin' Viceroy Lohun Darkhammer, the purified Darkholme Manor, eight Priests of Sigmar at each spawn point, and gains control of / has ressurected each destroyed spawn point.

Troll League: The trolls, previously scattered among Vureen and Quipsen, have come together in a nation of their own. This nation pledges loyalty to any who will bring it the Shield of Achilles as a sign that it has power enough to protect them against the other nations of Sereg D'or.

The Troll League base appears east of the Elven base, north of Darkholme Manor, and has every troll unit and every troll hero currently in the game teleported there, along with another hero, below. Whoever brings the Sheild of Achilles to them gains total control over the Troll League, including a new spawn point.

[Rez'jir] [Trollish Warlord] [Dark Troll Warlord model] [Strength-based hero] [Has abilities Endurance Aura, Darkwave, Royal Slam, and [Ultimate] Troll Conscription.]

By Thurne