The Rise and Fall of the Empire

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Oct 23, 2006
he Empire of D`or was ruled by the blood line of Ashan. Those who have come from this glorified line, are the line of Sigmar. The acctual deeds of this line are shrouded in darkness. This can be seen in the gradual corruption of the Empire's goals and it's cataclysmic demise at the end of the first century of the D`orian Calender. The Original territory of the "Old" Empire, exteneded from the barren region of Civus, to the Sea City of Nalestor. This Massive tract of land included a vast majority of the continent of D`or, and majority of it's peoples served the Empire. The Imperial Influence was quite limited in lands beyond D`or, having only a handful cities beyond the continent of D`or, and only one fortress not located directly on D`or.
As vast as the Old Empire was, it was ripe with riots and power hungry leaders. This worried Ashan who was the first Emperor, and as such he made the "Council of Eight". Each Council ruled over a portion of the land, and they had sub-council members beneath them to administrate the various cities and towns. This system would have worked would it not been for the ideals of the Dwarven Lords, who set out to slander the image of the Empire. These Dwarves had a great disastisfaction with the fact that all of the council members were human, and that the laws passed by these council members were extremely racist.
After the suppoused death of Ashan and the fall of Civus to Orcs. The Dwarves,Buiknatal, Pigmen, Ogres, and Humans of Nalestor revolted in what would be known as "The Great Cataclysm". The turn of events included the assassination of every member of the Council of Eight, and the rise of the United Nations of the City States. This massive loss of regions led to the emergency "Declaration of God-hood by the People" upon Sigmar I - in reality the people had absolutely nothing to do with this decree. The nobles and Sigmar I himself, viewed it as a needed measure to stop the remaining regions from revolting.
During the Reign of Sigmar I the Empire continually weakened. Even though the fabled "Spear of Tiber" was indeed found by Sigmar I this had a very minor effect on the morale of the residents of the Empire. A near total revolt occured during the death of Sigmar I, and the crowning of Sigmar II as the new Emperor.
The Iron Reign of Sigmar II took away majority of the freedoms the Empire had experienced under the rule of Ashan and Sigmar I. The people were oppressed and with this oppression Sigmar II sought to keep the Empire alive.
In the year 97, the Empire Forts of Tarin and Loren were destroyed by marauding Satyr forces under the command of the now materialized Dark God Blakoth. The Empire was on a state of Collapse as the only two regions that remained in control of the shattering Empire were those of Kul'namoth,Whiteshire, and Fort Darkleaf. To make matters worse Sigmar III was assassinated by the Cult of Nag'hullak by none other then Sigmar III, the son of Sigmar II. The Empire unknowingly crowned Sigmar III the killer of their former ruler, as their Emperor.
This turn of events led to the creation of the "Cult of Nag'hullak", whose leader was none other then Sigmar III, using the great demonic places of power Sigmar III was able to open a dark portal and through this portal Emerged the Spirit of Nag'hullak, who entered unto Sigmar III and forever changed him into "The Vampire King". The City of Kul'namoth was consumed in flames as demons emerged from the portal, as the Dark God Nag'hullak in his Vampire Form laughed as he had at long last achieved revenge against those who had destroyed his original form.
The remaining humans fled across the sea or to the fortress of Whiteshire, which had allied with the remnants of the High Elf Empire, which was earlier destroyed by Blakoth.

So Ended the Empire
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