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Empire Spawn Tech Tree

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Level 9
Oct 23, 2006
This is arguably the largest of all of the tech trees, and took the most time to map-out and balance.

I'll do it in this order, forts,whiteshire,roke,abbey, and lastly the capital city districts. *This will be explained later*

Fort Tarin*formerly fort terenas*: Village Militia *unlocks militia spawn for Tarin*, Bow Construction*unlocks archers for just Tarin*, Siege Workshop *Unique: unlocks spawning of Empire Ballista.*

Fort Lorgen*formerly known as Fort Lothar*: Village Militia*same as Tarin*, Bow Construction*same as Tarin*, Order of the Rose and Cross *Unique:Unlocks Knights of the Rose and Cross*.

Fort Darkleaf: Village Militia*Same as Tarin and Loren*, Animal Husbandry *unlocks Empire Knights for Darkleaf*, Inquisitorial Chapel *Unique: Unlocks Inquisitors for fort Darkleaf*

Whiteshire: Demon Slayers*Unique: Unlocks Empire Paladins*, Village Militia*same as Tarin, Darkleaf, and Lorgen.*, Animal Husbandry *Unlocks Empire Knights for Whiteshire*, Bastion of the Empire*Adds 50 Gold permanently, every turn to the total amount gained by the Empire*note: this is ridiculously expensive upgrade, it's required to even build royal towers by the way*.

Roke Sanctum: Pyromancy*unlocks Pyromancers for Roke* Hydromancy*Unlocks Hydromancers*, Geomancy *unlocks Geomancers*, Cult of Nag'hullak *This is a very unique upgrade in that it does not appear unless all these conditions are met A) Sigmar is dead. B) Inquisitor is dead. C) Lightmage is Dead. D) Darkmage is Alive. E) Kul'namoth is alive F) Roke is alive *duh*. What it does is this, upon researching it The Cultist techs become available, but there are extremely negative consequences to doing this, you lose Whiteshire, your government aura at your capital becomes Anarchy. Anyway, there are of course several benefits, you gain two new minor heroes, and you gain a new major hero *Avatar of Nag'hullak*"For those who are curious the model is the Void Walker*, as well as new cultist units, you really only lose the unit types of Whiteshire as the Cult is not known of by the public, it is secretive. *Lore Addendum*: During Sereg D`or 2: Sigmar III is the Cultist Leader of the Cult of Nag'hullak, the Empire is destroyed during his reign, and he is converted into a Vampire King by Nag'hullak who returns in material form.*

Northshire Abbey: Hymn of Sigmar*Unique: Unlocks Empire Priest*, Royal Guard*Unique: unlocks Sigmarite Royal Guard*

Kul'namoth, now I have to explain a few things before I begin upon the entry of Kul'namoth. Kul'namoth upon entering in this new version will be divided into five Sections, The Royal Palace, The Prison District, Bern University, Commercial District, and the Memorial District.

Each of these districts will have a special purpose, building, and upgrades.

The Royal Palace: Animal Husbandry*unlocks Empire knights at Royal Palace*,Rites of Sigmar*Unique: Unlocks Priests of Sigmar*. The Royal Palace is where the Government aura of the Empire Resides.

The Prison District: Jailer Guild *Unique: Unlocks Empire Jailer*, Prison Draft *Unique: Unlocks Orc Raiders for Empire. *Lore*: Some captured Orc Raiders would fight for the Empire in exchange for their freedom. Mini-Quest: "The Raider King" The Raider King is imprisoned inside the Prison District of the Empire, should this building be destroyed, the Raider King will escape and make his way back to the territory of the Pirates of Nalestor*light blue*. New Minor Hero: Name: Orvak Huin, Class: Empire Prison Warden.

Bern University: Military Discipline*Permanently increases the hp of all empire units by 75*, Officer Training* Unique:Unlocks Officers for Bern University Spawn*

Commercial District: Trade Investment *Permanently increases income by 25 as long as the Commercial District is intact*, Assassin Contract *Gives Assassin Minor Hero to Empire, this is extremely Expensive*.

Memorial District: Chivalric Past *Unlocks Chivalry Aura on Monument of Ashan, increases move and attack speed by 5% globally*
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