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Bern University

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Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
he University of Bern was named after the first steward of the Empire, Gohurn Bern. Gohurn Bern adeptly managed the Empire, while Sigmar was young and unable to rule, and after he passed away Sigmar created the University of Bern in honor of him. The university of Bern is the chief military academy of the Empire, training all of the officers who serve in the Empire military as well as serving as a place of learning for the scholars who dwell within the Empire. These scholars are responsible for much of the written history of D`or and of the Empire, without them there would be almost no written history for the citizens of the Empire to read.
Also, the university of Bern is home to the greatest scholar of the Empire, Felix Bern, the son of Gohurn Bern. He is renowned not only as a wise scholar but also as the headmaster of the university of Bern and Steward of the Empire. His advice has served many emperors including Sigmar I, and Sigmar II. During the destruction of the Empire by the Vampire King, Felix Bern escaped along with many of the tomes of history about D`or, and fled to the citadel of Whiteshire, where he also met with Gurth'kano. This greatly pleased Ashan who readily welcomed the son of his best friend, and greatest ally.
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