More Lore Events!

Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
That's right I'm going to add in the following lore based events into the game. Grin
Redemption of Gurth'kano: If Gurth'kano obtains the Crystal ball of Ashan * now located in Duin Bar itself*, and the Imperial Seal, He gains Ashan and control of Whiteshire. Also, the Empire is automatically thrown into Chaos All the Forts Revolt, and all Orcs are slain. Unlocks "New Empire" tech tree path and all orc tech is obsolete. *note this also gives the barbarian nation 500 warfunds and 500 materials*
The Undying: If all High Elves heroes are slain, and all their bases destroyed, they will gain control of the Shrine of Khaine, re-ally the Dark Elves, and unlock the Undying Tech Tree, as well as obtain a new hero "Karek, Champion of Khaine".