The Time Between Eras

Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
So you may know that Sereg D`or and Sereg Nen occur during the same Era, but do ye know that D`or 2 *Sereg 3* takes place twenty years after the end of the events of the first Conflict for Sereg D`or.
The High Elf Empire lies destroyed, it's people are slain, and raised by Khaine the god of Death to form a race of Undead Elves known as "The Undying". The Dark Elves, willingly embrace their now Undead brothers, into their worship of Khaine, and the Elven Empires are re-united. The Dark Gods Blakoth and Nag'hullak declare war upon each other, and upon Khaine. The Forces of Nag'hullak and the Forces of Blakoth, Control most of the Lands, and yet when all seems lost there is but a glimmer of hope, Ashan and Gurth'kano, have reclaimed Whiteshire, and made it a citadel once again, a place of Religious worship, and the last bastion of humanity in a region beset by a war of the gods. The Pigmen and Ogres of the city states have long laid dead, and those who did not die now pledge their lives in service to the Dark God Blakoth. The Dwarves and Pirates are uneasy of one another, and although they control most of their old lands, even in the face of such adversity, they question which side their "ally" truly is on.
The Chaos Dwarves of the Black Mountains to the North of Pandaria, have begun to leave their caves, their service to he dark god Blakoth, must be fulfilled by taking the blood of his foes.
In the Dark Forests of Vureen Nag'hullak's Troll Cultists have entirely converted the troll populace, they are now known by many as the corrupt race of Chaos Trolls. To the West in the Wastes, the Fel Beasts have awakened, and march to aid their mighty dark god Khaine, for they are the true incarnation of his ambition.
So begins anew the Conflict for Sereg D`or, the fate of the world itself may be determined in this region alone.