Corruption of Angador-Epic Event

Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
Corruption of Angador

The Dwarven kingdom of Angador, once a proud member of the City-States, has fallen to the will of Blakoth, joining it's corrupted brethren in the service of the Dark God. The Dwarves, encouraged by the pairing of knowledge that their new allies give them, begin work on rune-forged effigies of Blakoth, which soon begin production at the hands of the Satyrs.

Satyrs give Corrupted Dwarves to the Dwarves, Dwarves ally Satyrs and unally the City-States (If they are still allied), Traitor trigger is disabled, and Satyrs begin production of new units, which use the Blakoth model, but are basically just Golems.

By Thurne