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Energy Shield

This is my energy shield.It has very good texture animations of energy movement.If you use it in your map please give me credits.You are not allowed to change and distribute this model without my permission.
EDIT:I made it spherical
EDIT II:I made it change colors
Enjoy !

shield,barrier,energy,energy projection

Energy Shield (Model)

15:18, 25th Feb 2009 shamanyouranus: Looks better. Works ingame.




15:18, 25th Feb 2009
shamanyouranus: Looks better. Works ingame.
Level 8
Oct 1, 2010
I know this is an older model, but hopefully you're still subscribed and active Champara.

Is there anyway I could get a non-changing purple only version of this model??

I'm working on Outland RISK and this would be perfect for the eco-domes in Netherstorm if the model was purple only. I tried using them but it gives me a headache o.o please :) I need purple only!!

Thanks either way. :thumbs_up: