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  • Greetings Daniel. You've been replying on your own profile which isn't the way to notify the user.

    That's all, -SCN :D
    model edit mdlvis milk shape to edit some models but i want to create characters of game morenatsu. and apply animation
    No, its not the details, lets say I made the model, the model will need colors on it "Textures", and it will need a UVW unrap, and bones, and animations, and am not good at any, plus am busy with my own stuff, sorry
    Well, Daniel, Am not that good modeler, I can't make the model, I never made a charachter model, only basic weapons..., sorry
    Hello Daniel, I Think am interested in helping you with your map, but first I would like to know more about the map, see some progress, know about the team member, and so if you please
    I want to introduce myself .... My name is Daniel and Bravert pseudonym, I'm from Argentina and I really like The entries of WC. I CREATE maps like the rest but I am very newbies. I want to learn more about it. Well, I'll be here all the time reading their tutorials and making maps tests, and I would like some of you can try it and tell me what else I tune things so that it made ​​a map worth playing, well that's all .. ..!! :)

    Quiero presentarme.... mi nombre es Daniel y seudónimo Bravert, Soy de Argentina y Me gusta mucho Las Partidas de WC. yo créo mapas igual que el resto aunque soy muy nobato. quiero aprender mas del tema. bueno, estaré por aquí todo el tiempo leyendo sus tutoriales y haciendo pruebas de mapas, y me gustaría que alguno de ustedes puedan probarlo y me digan qué mas cosas debo afinar para que quede hecho un mapa digno de jugar, bueno eso es todo....!!!!! :)
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