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Enabling Occlusion in WC3?

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Jun 8, 2010
Does anyone know a way to add transparency to doodads/trees/destructables that is similar to the occlusion -data field in the Galaxy Editor?

I know two different ways to achieve this:
1) Use the 3rd-Party W3Z Editor: The editor allows the edit of doodads and apply a Non-Solid tag as an indicator for transparency. Sadly the editor makes the process very long and painful. The edit also removes Tooltip and any other custom string values from imports and other Data Edits.

2) Use the Tree Transparency System: This is a pretty basic system that calls for a local unit of a player, given a specific radius. When a player unit is close to a tree/destructible it will morph into its alternate form.

Sadly this method needs model editing adding animation and adding a 50% Alpha mapping to its "Alternate Stand" animation. I have no problems with model editing and modifications. With simple amount of triggers, the number of imports and edits I require would nearly double the size map as I am using quite a load of custom imports from my own edited models.

Anyone have any alternative to this or know a way?
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