Elf Battle Priestess

Change Everything and Remove Non-Material Texture
Credit for me if you use it to your map

I am too lazy to fix my ATU Models so, I wait the right time to fix it

Elf Battle Priestess (Model)

Elf Battle Priestess Portrait (Model)

General Frank
Fixed are done. Works in-game and performs well.
Level 8
Aug 18, 2015
Oh Gosh! I've been looking for a model like this one for so long <3
Thanks man! I especially enjoy the amount of details brought to the armour, the colour of the skin and how non-polygonal it looks! Superb!
The only thing that would make it better is a couple more animations, perhaps original ones O:)
Anyway, let's not be greedy! 5 stars man! Thanks a lot!
Level 13
Mar 11, 2017
If my eyes don't fail me, this is a model based on Jaina. Some time ago, along with a modification of a variant of Jaina originally made by the russian user Klarnetist, at the request of Stein123 I added a channel animation to that modified Jaina model.
If the author GreyKnight wants to add a channel animation to this beautiful and cleverly-designed night elf model, he may transfer the animation I made ina very straightforward way.

General Frank

Model Moderator
Level 79
Nov 19, 2005
A fine model, but there are some mayor geometry and material issues with it that you might want to fix:

Please fix the normals of the model and set the materials to 'Transparent'. Many of your vertices are inverted and point in the wrong direction.

The left hip armour is not correctly attached to a bone and looks weird.

The hood looks very bland and you might want to make a better wrap for it.