Dwarven Towers

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
This is Dwarven Tower with 3 tiers.

  • Dwarven Tower (tier 1 - default animations)
  • Dwarven Scout Tower (tier 2 - upgrade first animations)
  • Dwarven Cannon Tower (tier 3 - upgrade second animations)

In-game textures used.

Special Thanks to @General Frank for advice related to animation of the turret.


  1. Texture of the cannon tower changed.
  2. Teamcolor Added to the rooftop of the tower.
  3. Flag is visible in the upgrade second animations.

Dwarven Cannon Tower (Icon)

Dwarven Scout Tower (Icon)

Dwarven Tower (Icon)

Dwarven Towers (Model)

General Frank
Works in-game, performs appropriately and is a good addition to the model section.
Pity that the model preview bugea me, and I can not see the tower well. I can vouch that it's great. If I can see the safe tower I give you a +5.

Yeah, it happens with just your models. Maybe @GhostWolf could say what could be wrong.

I presume you used mdlvis since you're an easterner. Maybe canonization can have something with it, but that's just blind guessing.