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Dwarven Trio

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Hey folks!
I recently replayed the legendary Dwarf Campaign a while ago and wanted to make some Dwarven models. Enjoy.

Please give credits if you use it in your campaign/map.
Don't edit, repost or share my resources without my full and written permission.
You are not allowed to monetise your maps in any way if you use these models.

If you wish to edit my resources, please write me a personal message on the Hive or on Discord and we can discuss your wish.

If you use the resource(s) in bad faith I have the full right to take away the ability to use this resource.
And if you have questions about the model, feel free to contact me.
All models are based on the Rifleman model from Ujimasa Hojo, because of the integrated portrait. The mesh, animations and further optimization has been done on top of that.
I used Milkshape3D, Oinkerwikle's tool, notepad++, various RMS builds and War3Model Editor for creation of these models.


Worker unit. Inspired from my own model that I made in 2007.

Wild and rowdy elite melee unit. Inspired by the Warhammer dwarven unit/miniature of the same name.
Storm Caller

Mystic spell caster and melee unit. Inspired by the Thane unit from HOMM V: Hammers of Fate.
Have fun with the models!
Constructive comments and fair ratings are always welcome.


11th June 2024 - Initial upload

Dwarven Artisan (Model)

Dwarven Artisan Icons (Icon)

Dwarven Berserker (Model)

Dwarven Berserker Icons (Icon)

Dwarven Storm Caller (Model)

Dwarven Storm Caller Icons (Icon)

I've been going back to WC3 Recently and giving the World Editor a shot and coincidentally I'm currently trying to make my own Dwarven Race to play with.
These are quality models and I'm hoping for more dwarves lol
I can't guarantee, but I might do more in the future.

These look fantastic! My only thought is that the Stormcaller's and the artisan's legs are a bit long long for dwarven proportions. I think the berserker looks perfect though.
I took them off the rifleman and made them less broad. Maybe that's it.
Great effects. The fire and lightning ones, I'll have to try and learn how you did that.
It's not that complicated. The wonderful @Vinz wrote a very good general tutorial on it:
Level 18
Jun 4, 2023
It's not that complicated. The wonderful @Vinz wrote a very good general tutorial on it:
Sure, I've got a fair few on the candle priest I'm doing, but sometimes people come up with particularly good texture choices (Blizz's Firelord uses blood as a fire effect which I wouldn't have ever guessed) or Vinz's next-level effects like void disk. Or that math wiz whose name escapes me, did a nanobot cloning spell or something?

BTW do you remember a recent female dwarf model? I did a basic search but nothing came up.
I swear Tilingghast or someone did a melee female dwarf, probably Dark Iron, in the last 6-12 months.
Or maybe I just dreamt it?



Model Reviewer
Level 29
Jan 9, 2004
Nice models. The weapons, the beards, and the choice of texture are good. The miner does have long legs and rather tight-looking pants, but the backpack, the hanging lantern, the pick, and the helmet are fantastic. The bare-chested slayer with the mohawk looks cool, and the storm caller looks awesome. It makes me want to experiment more with animated texture.
I think what Bleeq might be talking about is my dwarf hellion (female warrior). It's pending a fix, and no one has pressured me to finish :p.
Level 18
Jun 4, 2023
Not sure, but are you thinking of PROXY's "Stormheart" model?
I think what Bleeq might be talking about is my dwarf hellion (female warrior). It's pending a fix, and no one has pressured me to finish :p.

Turns out what I was looking for was this "foehammer", which was hard to find coz: 1) not labelled dwarf 2) not labelled female 3) awaiting update status so didn't come up with default search options :thumbs_down: