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Dwarven Buildings (Wildhammer)

  • Building models for the Wildhammer clan inspired by the Clan's settlements in the Twilight Highlands. After the fall of Grim Batol the clan splintered into small groups fighting for their survival. With great courage and perseverance they will defend their lands from any threat specially against the Dragonmaw clan. With their loyal Gryphons and their friends in the Alliance victory is ensured.
  • Altars, Aviary, Mystic Den and Forge have Pixies particle effect in their birth animation. The idea behind this is that the Clan uses stones from dried out fountains of life to construct these structures.
  • Watch tower is based on the concept of the Orcs watch tower, its up to you on what upgrades to add to the structure.
  • Instead of a Town Hall, Keep and Castle, the pack have Long House, Mead Hall and Great Keep.
  • If you imported any texture that replaces the "TerrainArt\Ashenvale\Ashen_Grass.blp" the model's roof texture will also be affected.
  • Special Thanks to HerrDave for making the Eagle head and Wildhammer symbol geosets. Follow him on his Youtube account to learn wc3 modeling!
  • Removed the Watch Tower's stone base and extended the wooden foundation.
  • Fixed the Long House's Birth Upgrade First animation.
  • Added an alternative version of the tower with three upgrades.

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Altar (Model)

Altar (Icon)

Barracks (Model)

Barracks (Icon)

Forge (Model)

Forge (Icon)

Gryphon Aviary (Icon)

Gryphon Aviary (Model)

House (Icon)

House (Model)

Long House (Icon)

Long House (Model)

Long House Upgrade First - "Mead Hall" (Icon)

Long House Upgrade Second - "Great Keep" (Icon)

Lumber Mill (Model)

Lumber Mill (Icon)

Mystic Den (Icon)

Mystic Den (Model)

Tavern (Model)

Tavern (Icon)

Tower - Cannon (Icon)

Tower - Guard (Icon)

Tower - Magic (Icon)

Tower Upgradeable (Model)

Watch Tower (Model)

Watch Tower (Icon)

Workshop (Icon)

Workshop (Model)

General Frank
Another very beautiful pack of building variations. Good job!
Level 41
Feb 11, 2020
Oh wow, I hoped these would be coming soon since I saw the Wildhammer Catapult, I had no idea they would be out this soon. You have been reading my wishlist <3
This is supposed to be a side project while I put the buildings for the Human Kingdoms on hold. So I guess I'll complete the three clans first before finishing all the Human kingdoms.
Level 4
Jul 11, 2016
Nice pack! Thanks! But do we have unit models for Wildhammer? Please, think about Trolls. There are a lot of unit models.
Level 41
Feb 11, 2020
These are really nice, love this integration with foutains of life and a goldmine especially 💛 While the textures create an unusual feel, I find the geoset to be great 👍 Good to know you had a little coop with HerrDave here, never knew you can create new mesh via Mdlvis 🤯
His vids in yt are very helpful I don't even know that you can paste parts from one geoset to another using it. It made geomerging easier for me.
Level 41
Feb 11, 2020
Oh man! This is awesome. I'm definitely gonna be replacing my Wildhammer buildings with those. Nice job.
Edit: Looks great!
View attachment 398740
I'll be updating the watch tower, I only tested it in flat terrain but it looks like the stone base is not good in general specially in uneven terrain.
Level 6
May 29, 2013
Can you please make a team coloured roof version of the longhouse? It's hard to distinguish between other players' buildings.