Dwarven Buildings (Dark Iron)

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  • Buildings for the Dark Iron Clan
  • Instead of an aviary there is the Lair that serves as a beastiary-ish structure for the Dark Iron's where lava spawn and core hounds can be summoned
  • Just like my Bronzebeard pack small towers called "bunkers" replaced the regular towers. But this time I did not merged them into one to keep the relative height of their hit points. [Change their "Art - Projection Launch Z" to "100" and use the mortar missile for the Gun bunker]
  • The Tavern will serve as the replacement for the shop where heroes can purchase items.
  • I am aware that there is an issue with the team color.. but this pack is so complicated and stressful for me to make forcing me to create different iteration per model before coming up with the final design. So I will not touch this pack for a while except for some fixes for it to be approved but no changes for designs for the time being.
  • Please give proper credits when using any model/s or icon/s from this pack.
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  • Do not upload any part of this pack to other sites

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Altar (Model)

Altar (Icon)

Arcane Hall (Model)

Arcane Hall (Icon)

Barracks (Model)

Barracks (Icon)

Bunker (Cannon) (Model)

Bunker (Cannon) (Icon)

Bunker (Guard) (Model)

Bunker (Guard) (Icon)

Bunker (Gun) (Model)

Bunker (Gun) (Icon)

Bunker (Inferno) (Icon)

Bunker (Inferno) (Model)

Bunker (Scout) (Icon)

Bunker (Scout) (Model)

Forge (Model)

Forge (Icon)

House (Icon)

House (Model)

Lair (Model)

Lair (Icon)

Mill (Model)

Mill (Icon)

Tavern (Model)

Tavern (Icon)

Townhall (Model)

Townhall (Icon)

Townhall - Castle (Icon)

Townhall - Keep (Icon)

Workshop (Model)

Workshop (Icon)

I love how massive and tanky the castle looks and this workshop literally looks like a real factory, I also like many other elements and the texture choice, as if these buildings are actually lit up and look like they're underground next to floating lava. Although the level of detail seems more than just SD to me (the statue, for example), but the whole implementation is pretty neat and there's a lot of effort to be seen here. Should we wait for Blizzard to add new themed textures and buildings? No, we have bakr. Good job, man 👍
Level 9
Jul 20, 2022
Thanks for another great full building pack, man! The Dwarves are complete.

It is quite an interesting take on Dark Iron architecture.
I think there is another new dwarf race can be added to the roster before it can be said to be completed. What I mean is the Frost Dwarves ✌️.