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Dwarf Miners/Workers

Showcase for every model in the Dwarven Clans Pack:
Dwarven Clans Trailer

Rest of the models will be available on:
CSW - Resource Section

Scaling Value: 0.9
Name: Miner (Ironforge), Stonemason (Wildhammer), Labourer (Dark Iron)
Role: Builder

Trolldaeron - concept art and unit icons
Mr Ogre Man - help with animation issues
ShadiHD - custom assets/textures
Tamplier777 - initial model assembly, animation
Moonman - animation/geoset edits

Dark Iron Miner (Model)

Dark Iron Miner (Icon) (Icon)

Dark Iron Miner (Portrait) (Model)

Ironforge Miner (Model)

Ironforge Miner (Icon) (Icon)

Ironforge Miner (Portrait) (Model)

Wildhammer Miner (Model)

Wildhammer Miner (Icon) (Icon)

Wildhammer Miner (Portrait) (Model)

Mr Ogre man
Great and super useful, workers are the pillars of any custom race. By the way, labourer is British English, laborer is US English.
Level 48
Apr 18, 2008
Actually it's
in proper English.
My friend, note Moonman's reaction to my post. The spelling error was corrected - my post still displays the old version, which was clearly incorrect by both English and American standards. :)