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Dungeon Walls [Icy Caves]

A simple texture swap + UW rewrapping version of my cave walls.


Edit: Sitting here participating in Mini-Mapping Contest #20 and having to make all the pathing textures anyway. Decided to add them to the map, as an "user-friendliness" improvement.

Edit 2: Thanks to ThompZon for fixing the inner corner model's normals.


Dungeon Wall Icy Corner Inner (Model)

Dungeon Wall Icy Corner Outer (Model)

Dungeon Wall Icy Half (Model)

Dungeon Wall Icy Transition to Left (Model)

Dungeon Wall Icy Transition to Right (Model)

Dungeon Walls [Icy Caves] (Model)

Path: Cave Wall Inner Corner (Texture)

Path: Cave Wall Narrow (Texture)

Path: Cave Wall Outer Corner (Texture)

Path: Cave Wall Transition Left (Texture)

Path: Cave Wall Transition Right (Texture)

Path: Cave Wall Wide (Texture)

Another set of dungeon walls that is useful for dungeon maps. Works in-game. Approved!
Like your other walls, an archway/doorway that suits the walls could prove quite useful. The doorway shown in the preview stands out a bit too much for all natural caves :)
Yeah, there is no cave doorways yet.
Will aim to get around to making some as soon as possible.
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Apr 13, 2008
Thank you for these! Can't wait to finish my current map, just so on my next map I can dig in these dungeon models you've been putting out!