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Dungeon Wall Wide Entrance [Cave]

A set of three pieces of Cave wall that allows you to make as wide holes in your cave wall as you want.

Icy Caves coming as soon as is convenient.

Cave walls can be found here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/dungeon-walls-caves.335815/

Update: Fixed extents

Edit: Sitting here participating in Mini-Mapping Contest #20 and having to make all the pathing textures anyway. Decided to add them to the map, as an "user-friendliness" improvement.

Dungeon Wall Cave Entrance - Left (Model)

Dungeon Wall Cave Entrance - Middle (Model)

Dungeon Wall Cave Entrance - Right (Model)

Path: Cave Entrance Left (Texture)

Path: Cave Entrance Middle (Texture)

Path: Cave Entrance Right (Texture)

General Frank
Useful cavern-building set. Works in-game and performs well.
How do you set the black backgrounds? I'd like making HD walls as well, but I suck as a mapmaker and would like to know the common approach
It is a seperate mesh using texture/black32.blp and the unshaded flag.

If you use milkshape (Which is unlikely if you're aiming for Reforged.):
To make them fit squares I just fit them perfectly in the default milkshape grid, and the scale them by 3.2 on each axis.
Generally, my walls is 3 by 1 in size (3 grid tiles tall, 1 grid tile wide.). If you want to make them fit together.

Feel free to pm me if you have other questions. More walls = more better
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General Frank

Model Moderator
Level 81
Nov 19, 2005
A lovely model for terraining, but there are some small issues that might make use of it a bit less hassle.
The number extends of the model do not match the number of geosets. That might be fixed with recalculating the extends or fixing them by hand.
Please fix this if you are able to.