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Dungeon Run 1

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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The Music used in this Map is from Vangaurd: Saga of Heroes

Updated:Yes i posted it today, but just took it for another test drive with another player, and discovered many bugs, they have been fixed, here are the results:
-Centrius heals less with Tranquility.
-When Ne'zeal dies the gate will be destroyed
-fixed a few typos with the Shaman
-Added Fountains of Mana into the dungeons for quicker mana regen
-Bosses drop gold now
-Item shops sell more than Mana potions
There may be more bug fixxes in the future or later today.

-July 19th, Update number 2:
-fixed the Shadow Knight Shadow Veil ability, where his affected targets would look look like they are on fire.
-Shadow Knights Decay ability does more damage now.
-Added ability to Centrius, Entangling Roots.
Small update, may make more, i Don't know, I'm hard at work on Dungeon run 2

Update July 21st, More fixes and tune ups, this time with heroes mostly:
-Shamans Healing rain increased amount healed
-Explosive Arrow, Damage reduced
-Mana drink, amount Mana drained reduced
-added 8 second cooldown for teleport
-Shadow knights Decay ability has been fixed, it will now do full damage instead of 50%
-Added 4 second cooldown for Shadow Knights Decay ability
-Shaman's Endurance Aura increases movement speed by 15% at Max level, instead of 30%
-Sorcerers Blizzard ability has its Max damage increased
-Summoners Curse ability has its cooldown increased to 30 seconds.
-Summoners level 3 shadow minions no longer cast frost armor, and their damage increased
-Anta'sul's Lightning sphere should no loner damage him or his adds
-Rangers Serpent sting should work properly
-Item shops sell more than just potions (had a mix up in the previous update, they should sell more items now)
-Druids Tranquility heals more, but lasts 2 seconds less
-Modified Druids Anti-Magic shell, now absorbs 400 magical damage instead of just one magical ability
Might still be more to come, tell me what you think of my map so far if you've tried it : )

Dungeon Run 1 features two detailed dungeons, Grove of the Ancients and the Temple of Tides. If your familiar with my previous work you will find that this map has been completely redone, 9 different heroes that have 6 abilities each, old bosses remade with new abilities, you will find that these 2 dungeons go very in depth with there own unique "free roam" style design, and objectives, some optional. What i mean by "free roam" is that you don't go along one direction, there are many you can take to reach your destination with in these 2 dungeons. Again if you have played my previous work, you will find that this is not a World of Warcraft like dungeon, you will find it actually has a Vanguard feel to it instead.

-Shadow Knight (not so similar to Death Knights as you might thing)
This is a 6 player game, you try it out on Battle.net, I'd like to host it but my comp can't : (

The development of this map was quite unpredictable, bosses i intended to be hard turned out to be easy, some bosses i thought were gonna be easy turned out very hard. Krakus the Devourer for example, was actually not a boss originally, I found he could actually make an excellent boss...with the proper triggers of course. I think this is my best map, and I will begin developing the next Map shortly, Dungeon Run 2, You can keep your level and your gear from this map, and bring it to the next one, the next map I'm thinking will be a 10 man raid...maybe

Dungeon, DnD

Dungeon Run 1 (Map)

13:49, 1st Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 18
Feb 28, 2009
Here is my full review of the map:

The idea is nice to connect dungeon with teamplay. Alone you cannot do anything. You must have well builded team to do something, or even finish the map. I really enjoyed it.

The terrain is very well done. There are many cliffs/doodad/bridges/etc. They were used very well. Overall the terrain fits the map and is well done.

The gameplay was sometimes becoming slower. I think that was because of the fact, that heroes have no ultimates. And it was kinda too much WoW-style (tank/heal/kill/run forward), but it`s not big problem.

The map is nice, but not very well done at all. The biggest point of the map is terrain/idea. Skills are sometimes basic and don`t fit the heroes. That`s big minus for the map.

The description at Hive is mostly changelog, but it has the main info about the map too. And the music used in the map makes size bigger, but is great add-on and fits the map. So:
+1 point for the description
+2 points for the music used in the map

So let`s count:
4 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 3 = 18/25 = 72% = 3/5 and vote for approval.

Overall it`s nice map, which still can be better. I hope you will make it so.

- Add some bosses
- Add ultimates to heroes
- Fit more the skills with heroes
Level 6
Dec 13, 2007
Thank you for your feed back, though i wish to know, which skills did not seem to fit with the heroes? And how do you mean by add some bosses, i got about 9 bosses total in the entire map. As for ultimate abilities, I'll need to think how i can ass those, don't know how I can add an ultimate to all 9 heroes, especially the healers.
Level 18
Feb 28, 2009
The ultimates will be good add-on believe me. There are bosses, but sometimes it is just running through dungeon and slaying little creeps. In the forest was nice protectors. To the skills, I don`t know why Arthas with sword (don`t remember his name) had drain mana.
Level 18
Feb 28, 2009
Learn what does Fail mean...
But if you want here is the small list: teleport doesn`t fit the same hero, druid one skill has tooltip missing (rejuvation), blast wave for defensive hero, summoner has only one summon, and I think, that he should have mana drain, and shadow knight should have life drain.
Level 6
Dec 13, 2007
While developing this, i had similar ideas to your Krisserz, had to change a few things up through out development. Now the summoner can actually summon 2 different creatures, using Curse and his Shadow minion spell. at first, i gave him Mana siphon, but i felt it didn't really portray his overall concept too well, hes a summoner, he uses his minions to augment his own powers, that's why i gave him dark ritual, to sacrifice one of his minions to fill his Mana back up.
The druid rejuvenation, well i completely missed that tooltip, didn't realize, I'll have to fix that.
and for the Shadow knight, in his development, i found that he was a total mana hog, as were most heroes, he had to have a way to regain mana, at first i gave him a Devour Magic skill, which didn't work out too well, made him seem too magical, he was a warrior that used magic yes, but that was not his main power. in the end, i had to give him a Mana siphon, he steals Mana, hes more of trickster you see, that is why he also had mirror image, and Shadow Veil, that's why he could also teleport, though the tool Tip was messed up on that ability, i can't fix it, object editor won't let me.

The Ranger Class was a Mega fail on my part : (

I'll make these changes in Dungeon run 2, a bit more to add, and I'll see of i can add more bosses in, got about 9 ATM, my ideas aren't limitless, it was hard enough thinking up 6 of them, hell I can't seem to make them Challenging enough either, gotta lota work ahead of me, dont expect #2 until...i dunno, January-February
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