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Dragon Turtle Shell

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
My second model. The sea turtle shell. This is an attachment.

turtle, shell, turtle shell, dragon

Dragon Turtle Shell (Model)

Dragon Turtle Shell (Model)

General Frank: Too minor edits. Stop submitting that easy edited crap. Rejected for reason.




General Frank:

Too minor edits. Stop submitting that easy edited crap. Rejected for reason.

General Frank

Model Moderator
Level 81
Nov 19, 2005
How can you call yourselves moderators when you don't even try the model? I mean, all I've noticed is that you guys glance at the model and say, "This is cool, but, it goes in the trash just because this guy's a noob." I'm sorry if I seem harsh, but that's because none of you guys are willing to give some advice, just complain. You know who you are, so just think to yourselves, is this model worth rejecting just because he's a new modeler?

No, but you really have to read the freaking modelling site rules. You'll see that your model is kinda too poor edited. Else you won't have posted this model if you have read the rules, but again, you're someone who doesn't.
So Stop complaining about that.
Feel free to post me and I can give you advices with modelling. And never ever call us moderator narcissistic or self-blended...Don't do that..