Dragon Fortress v1.1

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Dragon Fortress v1.1
Created by Naze

Map Info:

This is an asymmetrical, unbalanced melee map that is supposed to be played 2 versus 3, 1 versus 2 or even 1 versus 3 - you decide!

A vivid farmland which had its feudal lord killed and his castle ruined. The castle was never touched in hope that the lord would return to it one day. However the farmland outside it wasn't destroyed and it thrived, becoming a pleasant and rich rural area.
Now the villagers and farmers fled with the rumour of war, leaving the only few bandits of the area and the flooded crops behind.


The team starting inside the fortress and is going to be outnumbered but will count with several advantages:

  • Castle walls/elevations for strategic use
  • A mighty Black Dragon Roost (guarded by high level wizards)
  • Richer Gold Mines

Map summary:

  • 13 Gold Mines
  • 3 Taverns
  • 2 Goblin Shipyard
  • 2 Goblin Laboratories
  • 1 Mercenary Camp
  • 1 Marketplace
  • 1 Fountain of Health
  • 1 Black Dragon Roost

Author's Notes:

This is a very unusual melee map and is meant to be unbalanced - I was getting tired of the "kind of" predictable experience with the old symmetrical maps. I made this one inspired by very fun matches played in asymmetrical maps in games like Stronghold and Company of Heroes.

The Gold Mines outside the castle have significantly less gold, but they're more numerous. Take advantage of the walls to build towers and position your units. There is also an old side gate leading inside the castle that is now blocked by trees. Some siege waepons have range enough to attack the castle from outside the walls. The vast flooded crop in the middle serves as a important delaying component of the gameplay - without it the game tends to end quicker and with much less turnovers. See the Screenshots section for more tips like these.


Castle team positioned at the entrance in early game


Outside team constructing defenses at the farms


Castle team defending the entrance in early game


Catapults attacking castle team from outside the walls


Docks and Goblin Shipyard


Outside team starting base


Castle team army and secret waepon: the Black Dragon


Castle team troops healing at the fountains


Outside troops secretly healing at the fountains of the castle


Outside units are then buying troops from the inside


Outside units are now attacking castle team from behind with the recently bought mercenaries


Conflict at outside player's advanced defenses


Conflict at windmills


Warden sneaking in at early game



Added suggestions made by StopCampingNoob and users, such as
*Creep camps with regular item drops are now present;
*Neutral buildings are now distributed more evenly;
*Added version number for map.


Special Thanks:
Company of Heroes (the game series by Relic) and Stronghold (by Firefly Studios) that features awesome asymmetrical maps

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

unbalanced, asymmetrical, siege, castle, fortress, stronghold, fortification, farm, farms, village, crops, cottage, defend, defense, defence

Dragon Fortress v1.1 (Map)

22:12, 5th Feb 2016 StoPCampinGn00b: The map works as an unorthodox, asymmetrical melee map. It isn't recommended for competitive play, but it does meet all the standards. Map approved with no rating! 17:17, 20th Oct 2014 Orcnet: await update...




22:12, 5th Feb 2016
StoPCampinGn00b: The map works as an unorthodox, asymmetrical melee map. It isn't recommended for competitive play, but it does meet all the standards.

Map approved with no rating!

17:17, 20th Oct 2014
Orcnet: await update: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/2603126-post4.html
Level 18
Jun 15, 2012
I really like the idea, but this kind of map is really hard to balance in w3
The main flaw in the map is the fact that the 3 players can just wait to get 300/300 supply, and outnumber the opponents.
Maybe you could try balancing things like gold, wood, xp, item drops, creeps, neutral buildings, height..
I think that the 3 players on the outside are really advantaged, because they got 100 more max supply, same number of goldmines per player, almost same wood.
The addition of creeps could benefit the map a lot, this way you could balance xp and item drops to favor the 2 players aswell (the big items dropped by the hard camp will hardly be taken early on).
Also, i find leaving the mines unguarded is bit of a mistake (especially the 3 players ones).
More mercenary camp in the fortress could help the 2 players even more, allowing them to get instaunits in case of need

(Maybe you could rework the fortress part of the map to make it some kind of "map into the map"? just an idea)

I rly like the map, looking forward for new versions of it

and sry for bad eng
Level 4
Sep 12, 2014
I have tried your map and i can say that the field is very beautifull and that it is nice to play on this map but as AYE said, the only problem and a big problem is that their is no creep on gold mines, having creeps on the way would be good but on gold mines, it is necessary because it is too easy to go on and because of this, few places have advantages about gold.
Level 32
Apr 2, 2013
This following review is outdated and cites outdated rules :)

Map Review (complete)

Dragon Fortress
by Naze
Gameplay & Entertainment: 10/25
Terrain & Layout: 8/10
Doodads & Scenery: 8/10
Bugs & Consistency: -/5 (Melee map's don't get bugs. I think.)
Total Score: 26/45
Gameplay & Entertainment:
Hmm, using standard blizzard melee gameplay in a lopsided map is interesting. It's unique how you designed the map to play an imbalanced scenario, some people are just scared of making a non-symmetric melee map. There are a few minor issues, please keep in mind I cannot rate a melee maps gameplay extremely high due to how it uses blizzards gameplay. It depends on how it is implemented via creep camps, drops, passive buildings, and many more factors.

The creep camps in this map... wait there are 2 and a half including the towers guarding a shop. There are only three creeps that drop items, located in the top right. Okay, the problem with this, is that heroes will take an extra amount of time to gain EXP. I understand you want the fortress heroes to get the most EXP/items, but the fortress players should be the pro ones anyway. There is no need to over compensate the imbalance, as crazy as that sounds. If you spread them across the map, you can make it competitive to fight over creep camps as "regular" melee maps make it. You have the same problem with the passive buildings, you are overcompensating to make the ones who play fortress to get extra advantages they do not deserve. Blizzard emphasizes fair opportunity in their map, and it has been proven that that system works. I don't think you need to give dragons (most overpowered units in the game) only available to the players meant to fight of more enemies.

The AI heroes remains level one for a while, the towers they kill don't give exp and they don't bother with it after killing one. The AI also do not intentionally cut trees to get to an enemy and kill gates.

So I believe I have a valid argument in what is 'wrong' with the map's gameplay. This melee map is very different, so it was difficult to compare my ratings to other melee maps, I would gladly have a discussion about melee map criteria if this is way off than you think you deserve, so I can get better at reviewing these (of course, I won't swing to easily). I noticed AYF weeks ago is pushing to make the fortress stronger. AYF's way, in my opinion was the wrong way to go for a melee map unless it is altered melee. I don't think you can balance a game with it's purpose to be imbalanced.


Terrain & Layout:
The tile use in this map is not beautiful, but it was very consistent and the tiles compliment each other for the most part.

Height leveling is better used than in a blizzard map.

Lastly, the way the map is laid out isn't really special, but not bad at all. The few chokepoints, especially in the fortress were great ideas. The terrain also allows large spread out battles in the shallow water.

Doodads & Scenery:
This isn't the best looking scenery in a melee map, but it's pretty damn good in some areas. Not over the top, but great for in-game models and standard techniques. Anything related to farming in the map is decorated nicely. Like terrain tile use, your doodad placement across the map is very consistent.

The back side/right side of the fortress is just odd in many ways, it's not necessarily bad quality. Ramps leading into tree walls and gates leading into tree walls. Err what? I get the gate part, cut down trees. It just looks weird, but I'm not taking off any points because of it.


Bugs & Consistency:


These suggestions are optional and some of these may be repeats from the above section.
- Add more creep camps, gold mine creep camps recommended
- Give fortress players an advantage, but do not over compensate
- Spread out passive buildings more evenly
- Add a version number to your map
- Get some AI scripts so they can destroy gates/destroy trees, this is an over the top suggestions :S

The only way a map can be approved is if it follows the map submission rules, two rules are not met, therefor I vote to leave the map to await update. I shall vote for approval when these are followed. These are taken straight out of the official rules.
- "Protected/Open Source? Let the community know in the Hive description."
- "The Quest Log should contain the essential information about the map's gameplay."
Overall the map is unique but not necessarily good. Please, if you have anything to say about my debatable gameplay rating I've given, post it here. Feel free to contact me about this review, or to say hi! (+2) Reputation points for taking your time to upload this map to Hive.
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Level 28
Nov 12, 2007
Even though its been more than a year, I decided to update it as you guys suggested. I hope you can enjoy it better now!

Updates made, version 1.1 uploaded.

*Creep camps with regular item drops are now present;
*Neutral buildings are now distributed more evenly;
*Added version number for map.
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Level 2
Mar 19, 2011
I have played it several times and have fun! Nice to play 1 vs 4 AI.
Good idea, need more such maps.