[Altered Melee] Dragon Bait

Level 17
Mar 29, 2020
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-Dragon Bait-
Legends tell of Heroes past, who dared arouse the temper of Anacalagon the black, in a desperate ploy to unleash his wrath upon their enemies, damning themselves in the process.
You dare poke the Dragon?

Dragon Bait is an altered melee, where the unique feature is the option of attempting to bait Anacalagon into destroying your enemies for you.


suggestion size - 8-12 players.





Author's Notes

In the center of the map lies the sulfurous lair of Anacalagon the black, Dragon monarch of old. On a cliff side besides his lair he displays his most precious treasure, a fiery crown, stolen eons ago from elder beings long forgotten. This powerful Artifact is coveted by many greedy adventurers. Once stolen, Anacalagon will chase the crown across the map, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. When this happens, all other players are notified and granted vision of the thief. This mechanism adds new strategic dimensions to an otherwise standard melee map.

12 starting points
10 additional gold mines


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goblin lab.png


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[4.23.2020]first upload.
[4.27.2020] revamped the map presentation on hive, and removed one testing trigger that was accidentally left in. (one known glitch - the item tables for creep drops don't work right -low level creeps are dropping items from the high level tables- even though everything in editor seems in order)
[4.30.2020] fixed creep drops (and slightly changed tables). Added in-map Info on map. fixed taverns that for some reason were not offering all neutral heroes. slight changes to terrain.

  • Thanks to whoever made the Awesome cover pic - I do not own it and could not find its original source. If the artist finds his way to this map and wants me to take it down I will gladly.
  • Thanks to @Warseeker , @Macadamia , @Planetary, on all the help with triggering on the forums.
  • Thanks to @Rufus for the map description template in his guide.
  • Thanks to @-Berz- for the berserker boots icon.
  • Thanks to @WTii for getting me back into the game, keep up the great content.
  • Last but not least, thanks to @deepstrasz who has been extremely helpful in a bunch of ways since we had a really long and philosophical troll-off based on my username.
  • map creation and voice acting by @Ender Wiggins

Hey all,

the Idea behind this map is to offer very different strategy than standard melee, while still keeping all the basic building blocks, Thus allowing very natural gameplay, and not demanding a lot of time to "learn" the map.

The map was made with 4V4 RT in mind, but should be fine with any kind of game with 8+ players. I think it's kind of big for less.

I intend on creating a functioning AI for this map and finding someone to re-terrain it before release. also I'm making a lot of the triggering more efficient.
would be happy for any input.



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