DotA Allstars v6.54b

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Made new spells
Example: Phantom Lancer's spirit lance is changed to the type of obsidian destroyer's arcane orb and creates a clone near the target u shot...

Skills are now better and balanced.....

Map is protected

Update: I am icefrog's friend...

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DotA Allstars v6.54b (Map)

Level 12
Feb 23, 2008
lol, i am pretty sure this will be binned. but who knows, but the admin wont be that nice and will let people post here lol.

Sorry but i am pretty dang sure what you did isnt allowed, and at least isnt cool.

not to say i dont like dota. :)

But i could be wrong, i am no admin.
Level 5
May 6, 2008
Sorry, Dota is not allowed. There is a couple of haters here and will be willing to Flame you.

Sure, I like Dota; but Hate the Story line.
Like why did the Sentinals recruit a Fel orc?
How did Lina Inverse Get there?!?!?
How did Zeus Interfere (and Die)?
A pause Skill? Broken.
Why do a Night elf Betray its own kind?
Hydralisk mutation? Wtf.
TerrorBlade? looks Like You ran out of Idea. lol
Furions here...then Where is Tyrande, Illidan, Maiev, etc.
A Abombination with a slow aura skill.... doesn't make sense, And the Sentinals Have no Warfare on the Scourge in Wc3, only The Burning Legion, And The scourge should be in Lordaeron, and Northrend.

Aganham's sceptor? Then where is he if he's in? Also Ganon. And Link.
Divine Raiper? Should that Be Excalibur?
Wow, look at all the broken Stats.....

These is some questions I want to ask Icefrog.
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