Do you think...

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Level 7
Mar 22, 2010
Do you think,

~a 3rd-person camera

~an attack system(specifically, when you press "attack button", the hero will attack the closest enemy.

~a duel system


~a Death match system(or pick from other modes.)

Will be good for an multi-player, rpg map?

(well as for the attack system, all level and heroes' life will be set into 100 or 1000, attack damage is 50 below. to make the game more exciting for the players, unlike, some rpg games, when a player just got an ultimate weapon or special weapon, some players will think it's unfair, and sometimes they got 1-hit by the enemy, and decide to quit :grin:, well that's what i'm thinking.).

~!also, I'm glad, I'm back at hiveworshop hehe...
Level 30
Jan 31, 2010
A third person camera would be nice to bee seen in a Role Playing Game, but I am not sure of effectiveness, plus, many Wc3 models really look awful in the close-up look (Example is Dark Ranger, or maybe Sorceress).
Attack system (Press hotkey to attack nearest enemy) is highly ineffective, since in RPG games, a team must decide who to take down first. Nearly impossible to do when you keep attacking a tanker instead of distant, healing mage. I would definitively say no to this one.
A duel system is a new innovation, and you should definitively consider of doing it. Since this is an RPG, if there is only one team of heroes, a friendly arena with small or no rewards will be a nice refreshment. Quite a good idea, actually.
Modes for an RPG are tricky. You can't do it with Random, if you simply need at least one tank and one healer. But the "Team Random" (-tr, seen in D.o.t.A.) mode would be quite interesting, where, for an example, a team of five players randomly acquire a preset of heroes (I.E.: 1 Tank, 1 Rogue, 1 Mage, 2 Healers).

I hope this post has been helpful (=
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