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Level 40
Jun 9, 2011
I got no idea where to post this but i post it here.
So i am learning how to make spells so i want to know what you think about my spell ideas, good, bad , anyway to improve the spell idea etc

Spell 1.
Name: Horror
Spell type: aoe target
Info: the unit targets a arena and all enemys in the arena will be stuck into a nighmare dealing X dmg+int per second. if the unit is attacked while in nightmare it will spread over to attacked unit.

Spell 2.
Name: Counter bash
Spell type: passive
Info: the unit got a X +str/10 chance to make the attacking unit be knocked back.

Spell 3.
Name - Multi ambush
Spell type - unit target
info - the unit cretes X illisions of himself and make them attack the unit at same time wich makes a powerful attack. deals X dmg + str/2 +agi/2 and bleeds over X seconds
Level 5
Jun 10, 2010
Well, the Horror spell looks like the one of dotA, but is in area. So it might spread faster... I like the idea. But is a "too good" spell, maybe you should use a small area, or a "Chain Horror" of just 1-3 targets, or untargetable on Heroes. Unless it is going to be an ultimate.

The Counter Bash one remembers me of a spell that I created once, it was an ultimate. You could add a ministun. Anyway, I like it.

The last one, Multi Ambush its realy interesting... A little odd but isn't a bad idea.

My first spells were like Firebolt, Frostbolt, lightning bolt.... xD
Level 7
Jul 3, 2011
The first spell is Atropos' Nightmare from DotA and the second is basically Tiny's craggy exterior mixed with Barathum's greater bash. The third spell certaintly sounds unique if they are attacking at the same time, however you will need to make it look good too.
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