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Diablo 2 - Act 1

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Level 9
Oct 24, 2007
These are some screenies from a side project of mine that aims to emulate Diablo 2 act 1. Thus far the map has been completely terrained and had abilities done so I thought I'd show some shots here. I didn't intend for these to be 'terrain' works but I still thought they'd be interesting considering the huge fanbase of this game, and the lack of good Diablo 2 maps.



  • barracks.jpg
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  • black marsh.jpg
    black marsh.jpg
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  • blood moor.jpg
    blood moor.jpg
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  • burial grounds.jpg
    burial grounds.jpg
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  • cold plains.jpg
    cold plains.jpg
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  • dark woods.jpg
    dark woods.jpg
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  • dungeon wip.jpg
    dungeon wip.jpg
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  • forgotten tower.jpg
    forgotten tower.jpg
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  • inner cloister.jpg
    inner cloister.jpg
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  • moldy tome.jpg
    moldy tome.jpg
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  • monastery gate.jpg
    monastery gate.jpg
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  • rogue encampment.jpg
    rogue encampment.jpg
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  • stony field.jpg
    stony field.jpg
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  • tamoe highlands.jpg
    tamoe highlands.jpg
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  • the cave.JPG
    the cave.JPG
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  • tristram.jpg
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  • underground passage.jpg
    underground passage.jpg
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Level 12
Aug 19, 2007
Im guessing that the first screenshot is the Smithy and the fourth is the Sisters Burial Grounds. Though you are right there are not any good maps of diablo and that is because Diablos world is to big i think.
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
Well I don't know my Deiablo well enough, it's been a long time. It looks good for an RPG. Terrain wise, it's good for playable, but as terrain art, not so great.
Level 9
Oct 24, 2007
Cheers for the criticism, and the custom unit response... not enough room to host it and join fast. The size is only about 2-3 mb at the moment with music also.

As for floating doodads, I noticed them just then and fixed them and well the sky wont be seen in game :p

The game uses a locked camera behind the hero too which will add to the amount of terrain you can see.

As for hero/ability progress, I've basically completed the sorceress and the assasin but I'm having trouble balancing the frozen orb (as the spells can be spammed diablo 2 style). May possibly remove frozen orb, even if it is such an awesome spell.

For those familiar with the game, I've basically made the assasin a trapsassin, and am now trying to finish off a shapeshifting/elemental druid. The necromancer has been complete and uses a combination of summons and bone spells, the barbarian will have battle orders, whirlwind and possibly a jump spell if it can be used without glitches (unlikely). I still havent quite decided what build to make the amazon, but im leaning towards a bowzon with lightning spells. When I've done more of this map I'll create a map thread about it.
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