Desolation Skrimisher

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As a celebration for the 10th skin uploaded by me :p (although it's actually 11th because of the last bloom couple). I present to you the dark star of Blademaster, just don't tell rito about it.
Small disclaimer: It's best not to use the Chaos Blademaster path because for some reason C.Blademaster portrait have original blademaster beads.
Version 1.0Released.
Version 1.1Change the "beads" to purple/blue hue.
Blademaster is now have fingers properly.
Major details adjust for visiblity.
Added edge shadow for the sword.

Desolation Skrimisher (Texture)

Skrimisher Icon (Icon)

Interesting skin. Approved :)
Wow 10th texture already, you've came a long way Shido and I'm glad to see you contributing to this section:

The Good:
It is always impressive to see how much you can change one model/texture into something completely different and this is probably one of your most extreme examples (in a good way). I don't know what a "Desolation Skirmisher" (there's a typo in the name of the resource btw) is but looking at this texture I get a pretty good idea. So colour choice is great, we have solid layers of purples with pink highlights to contrast each section from his abs to the leg armour as well as blue highlights on the arms and beads. His face is also incredibly cool looking with that shell like visor over his eyes. It looks alien/futuristic and I love it. Not to mention after your Prime Wolver this is a return to your bold, cartoon style which is great. Also I'd be remiss not to mention the sword, with its blotches and crystaline edges it looks amazing.

Areas for Improvement:
Not really much to say here, there's nothing that really looks bad or needs improvement.

Really cartoony, really different, bold and bright. This skin has Shido written all over it and has the quality to match. A really cool skin that I'd love to see people use somewhere in their maps. 5/5!