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Defense of Stormwind

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Level 8
Jul 14, 2010
DoS Development Thread

Defense of Stormwind
Created by aiDer

!!!This is the Old DoS Development Thread!!!
Go to: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/defense-stormwind-v1-24-a-184213/ for the latest updates, news and comments! :D
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Map Info:
Defense of Stormwind is a mix of HeroDefense, a little TD, PvP and hopefully some interesting bossfights.

Stormwind is currently the humans greatest city. But now the Lich King have heard of Deathwing's arrival, and is
nerdraged to hear about the popularity around him. So now he has marched into the rocky mountains,
covering Stormwind's backdoor, which also is the least defended spot of the city. Reinforcements have to be called,
extra defenses have to be built, and heroes need to be summoned!

-Up to 4 players on Stormwinds side.
-Up to 4 players on the Lich Kings side.
-Upgrade your headquarter to either a Defensive HQ or Offensive HQ. Defensive HQ making tower building avaible. Offensive HQ making reinforcements and powerups available. Choose your playstyle!
-ALOT of undead units, with variety in unit types and looks. Don't get stuck!
-Special events and interesting boss fights. Boss fights with interaction of players is not so often seen.
-Undead units grow stronger each minute. Progression is a must!
-Mysteries and secrets. Why is even the Lich King attacking in such a rugged and rocky terrain?
-Imba models/spells made by masters of art from hiveworkshop.com
IconItem NameDescriptionEffectRequires
Glorenzelg, High-Blade of the Silver Hand"Paragon of the Light, lead our armies against the coming darkness."Glorenzelg enchances the wearer's stamina with +10 HP/sec and discipline in battle with +40 Strength. This blade is also incredible sharp, gives +50 Attack Damage.Titan Essence
Heaven's Fall, Kryss of a Thousand Lies"A lying tongue hates those it crushes, but a flattering mouth works ruin."This mighty sword connects itself to the wearer, giving +35 Agility, +35% Attack Speed and a +35% chance to Critical Strike for 2.5xAttack Damage.Titan Essence
Archus, Greatstaff of Antonidas"Let our enemies know that havoc calls and that with its song comes their end."Archus enhances the wearer's mind just like it did with Antonidas'. Gives +50 Intelligence, +100% Mana Regeneration and Spell Immunity.Titan Essence


Playable Map Size: 155x116
Trees/Destructible: 2084
Doodads (Other): 5216
Players: 1-8 | I have tried to balance the game triggers in a way, so the Defense of Stormwind can be played with only one player, or up to 8!

Main objective: The Stormwind heroes have been summoned to defend the Stormwind Gate, which is the only defense for the city. Use your gold to enhance your Hero, Army or Towers, or all of them. The undead units grow stronger every minute, so its important to find the source of this invasion quickly, move out!

There are four paths leading towards the Stormwind defenses (one for each player active). And there are total 5 undead bases pumping out units. But one base at a time, when you destroy the first base in your path, the next undead base gets activated, with even harder units, so you have to pull back to the main base to level and gear further up, in order to get to the next base.

Each tier base has one boss spawning ever 6 minutes. When Stormwind players kill this boss (which is very annoying), the boss respawns in the main base when the 6 minute timer is over again, for each time the boss spawns it gets more HP! So the Stormwind Heroes has to progress to the next tier base, to stop this boss getting too strong.

In order to destroy a base, the Stormwind Heroes has to destroy these Mystic Energy Forces (looks like a huge Whisp). The Energy Forces protect the surrounding spawning buildings (making them invulnerable).

Loss condition: The Stormwind Gate gets destroyed!

-The undeads have infested the mountains elite units in the south. They have been crazed by the undead invasion. Sooner or later, they have to be freed. Go into the mountains and destroy these mighty creatures of the nature, to get a high bounty.
-Gather Titan Essences and get access to the Legendary items. Titan Essences has a small drop chance from Rock Chunks around the map. They can also drop with a higher drop chance, from the two last undead bosses; Deadeye and the Icecrown Overlord.

The Lich King's special units is the kind of units players can controll. They are UNITS you can buy at a building in the main undead base. You choose between Infestor, Sneaker, Chiller and Remaker. One of these units will be avaible for 1 Food, and when you loose it, you can choose one of them again. (Undead players have max 1 Food).

The Lich King's SWAT unit, the undead players, is not here to only hunt down Stormwind Heroes. They need to help the undead forces damage and destroy the Stormwind Gate. Also, its the SWAT unit's task to defend the Mystic Energy Sources from Stormwind attacks. Your main task, as an undead player, is to make the Stormwind heroes isolate themself near the Stormwind Gate!

The undead players can also buy power ups for the whole Lich King army, buy own units and mass up and buy for example "Endurance"; which increase HP of their own units by 10%.

Loss condition: The Lich King dies.

Terrain Description:
I have been playing some HeroSiege/Defense, TD etc. and got really bored of all the symetrical and simple terrain. Its easy to path units and finish, but I really can't make my first map like that. Therefore I have used a couple of hours extra on terrain.

I also thought about the way nature dies. In some maps I have seen a undead invasion coming, so they have splitted the map in 2, one half green and full of life, and the other half with blight everywhere and no life. Anyway I wanted to make the nature die slowly. The trees for example is: Green, Orange/Brown and then blighted. So is the grass changes. The undeads has just arrived and the change from life to death isnt that quick. So the forest, grass and flowers is slowly getting swallowed by the blight, infestations and maggots. You have to save it!

Also, the nature near the water is the strongest. You see for example the lake have blight all around it, but is still fighting.

Some areas still is pretty open and with little doodads, but when all these
undeads mass towards the Stormwind gate you need a lot of space!

As for the placing of Blight, I would like to experiment with its effect on undead units' higher HP regeneration on Blighted Ground. Most of the undead units have higher HP regeneration on blight, and some units have MASSIVE regeneration on blight, which almost force you to find an unblighted spot, and drag the unit to that spot, in order to kill the unit faster, or kill it at all!

Other from that, I have just tried out things in the terrain editor. Doing what I can with my little knowledge.



The Stormwind Gate


Stormwind Lake


Stormwind Farming Village


These undead ghouls will at some point in the game chop all the trees down, opening a new path for the undead army


Refreshing spot and shops


Maggots have eaten through the woods efficient and silently, to open up paths for the undead invasion


The Stormwind Guardian is watching over the mountains


A Stormwind fishing village burned and infested by the Lich King


Two Stormwind heroes defending against a undead attack


Units Description:
There are 2 Forces in this map, The Stormwind Defense and The Lich King.

The Stormwind Defense controlls all the units that are sent towards the undead forces with the Offensive Headquarters, aswell as having up to 4 allied players on their team. TSD also have some units around the map fighting the undead, to make the map more dynamic. The humans and dwarves is the main protectors of Stormwind City, but since the great nature around Stormwind is in danger, the Night Elves have come to aid Stormwind, therefore there will be some Night Elf heroes aswell.

The Lich King controlls all the undead units sent towards the Stormwind Gate with the periodic waves, they also own the undead bases with the Mystic Energy Forces. The Lich Kings forces have up to 4 allied players, which can pick one special unit from a shop in the main undead base. So The Lich Kings forces is mostly everything hostile on the map for Stormwind, except for those 4 Special Units controlled by eventually players, and their other units.
The reason I haven't given the undead heroes, is because 4 undead heroes with all these undead units against 4 Stormwind heroes, would have been overkill. Therefore there are units with abilities instead that can work together to take down one hero at a time. Even if the undead Special Units don't kill a hero, they can slow them down in order for the game to progress longer, resulting in stronger units from The Lich King.

As for the TD part in this. I don't want towers to dominate the game. Therefore I currently have the number of total towers on 4 for each Defensive Headquarter. If you upgrade to the Defensive Headquarter, you will get the "Place Tower Foundation" ability which costs 50 mana (Defensive Headquarters have 200 mana). Tower foundations can be upgraded to either a Basic Frost Tower, Basic Fire Tower or Basic Buffer Tower. All these three types of towers, can be further upgraded.

There is 4 Strength- 4 Intelligence- 4 Agility Heroes.
Bolvar the High Commander: Bolvar began as a simple guard, but has proven to be one of Stormwind's finest warriors and commanders. This dwarf have done more honorable deeds for Stormwind than any other. He was raged to hear that the Lich King have come to destroy his beloved city.

Can learn Commander Aura, Ground Disruption, Heroic Leap and Shield Bash.

Special Passive: Bolvar's epic shield has a chance to block incoming damage.
Blood Mage
Tiara the Blood Mage: Blood magic have been something of cursed witches and evil from the start of history. But Tiara have broken the shackles of the evil powers controlling all blood mages, and is now in controll of her own magic. Sickened by everything evil, she turned to the good-hearted humans.

Can learn Crimson Curse, Mana Shield, Blood Orb and Emo.

Special Passive: Attacking enemy targets heal the Bloodmage for 25 damage.
Thulin the Sniper: Thulin have fought in countless battles in the name of King Wrynn for nearly 47 years. And with his eagle eyes, he have sniped with godlike precision, making him a known (very old) man to all human armies. Alittle crazy, but he's here to help atleast!

Can learn Eagle Eyes, The Great Escape, Marksman Shot and Multi Shot.

Special Passive: Chance to deal massive damage on each attack.
Ent Lord
Batuan the Ent Lord: From the creation of Azeroth, Batuan have been watching over the Stormwind's neighbour forest; Silverpine Forest. Now that his beloved forest and home is in danger, he is here to help, with the very force of nature as companion.

Can learn Splitting Boulder, Force of Nature, Seedling Aura and Purge of Nature.

Special Passive: Batuan is connected to the nature around him. Increased regeneration on grass. Decreased regeneration on blight and dirt.
Tharion the Archdruid: Tharion the Archdruid for the Eastern Kingdoms came quickly when he heard of the terrorizing plans of the Lich King. Tharion have used the time for preparation to meditate and call the powers of nature. "The nature is restless for revenge" - Tharion the Archdruid.

Can learn Entangling Roots, Magical Birds, Lightning Strike and Twister.

Special Passive: Tharion's armor is made of thorns, returning damage to the attacker.
Undead Hunter
Zerathul the Undead Hunter: Zerathul was one of the Night Elves most glorious warriors under The Great War, slaying countless undead monstrosities. The war ended and the Night Elf tribes worked together to clean their forests from taint and blight, except Zerathul. He was destined to hunt down every single undead creature in Kalimdor and The Eastern Kingdoms. Now he has heard of the Lich King's plans...

Can learn three passive abilities; Never Back Down, Evasion, Retaliation and the active ability Cleanse of Evil.

Special Passive: Zerathul's telepathic powers allows him to teleport in and out of combat.
Akriel the Lightbringer: The immortal Akriel once came to rescue from Heaven itself. To aid the civilians of Redridge against masses of undeads, under the Great War. After the war he saw something beautiful in humans, something Heaven didnt have... He made the biggest sacrifice an angel can make, trade his immortality for a life on Azeroth. Akriel have lost his immortality and most of his powers, but is still one of Azeroths strongest and most blessed warriors, fighting in the name of the light.

Can learn Judgement, Restoration Field, Holy Flames and Flash of Heaven.

Special Passive: His sword is infused with holy powers that explode nearby undead units with each sword strike.
Brute Lord
Ares the Brute Lord: Named Ares, from the war god, with good reason. This ruthless warrior just moved up in rank recently, from Stormwind's Elite Squad, after being the key to one of Stormwind's latest battles. The key was to charge the enemy, showing no mercy...

Can learn Thunder Clap, Heroic Strike, Cleaving Attack and Gamma Crush.

Special Passive: Ares is born with brute strength. He has an increased strength value for each level.
Griffin the Keeper of Wildlife: The young druid Griffin, named from the creature; Griffin, which is considered King of both beasts and birds, have practiced the art of mastering and controlling the wildlife for 674 years. Now, he wants to test his abilities in battle, and have come to aid Stormwind City.

Can learn Summon Bear Cubs, Summon Quillbeast, Bite of the Bear, Summon Griffish.

Special Passive: Griffin is the leader of the pack. Units around him increases their movement and attack speed.
Tyoril Sunchaser the Elementalist: Mystical Hero, adept at controlling the elements. Tyoril Sunchaser appeared out of thin air just before the undead invasion was a fact. He said he was called to defend Stormwind by a vision.

Can learn Ball Lightning, Pyroblast, Telekinetic Seizure and Living Inferno.

Special Passive: Tyoril's armor is enchanted with molten fury. There is a chance to release flames upon attacking units.
Support Hero
Dwenir Ironheart the Support Hero: Dwenir Ironheart has been an inspiration for Stormwind armies for many years, with his heroic tales of victory both before battle and around the campfire. Dwenir fights best with his comrades around him, and vice versa.

Can learn Flash Heal, Comradeship, Storm Bolt and Hoist of the Seven Conundrums.

Special Passive: Dwenir Ironheart inspires the heroes and soldiers around him, giving them an increased mana regeneration.
Master Rogue
Jack Sparrow the Master Rogue is the master and teacher of all rogues who is loyal to Stormwind City. But he is also an adept at maneuvering through battles with light blades and fast reactions. As most rogues, he grab every opportunity he gets in battle against his enemies, even the cheap ones.

Can learn Stealth, Ghostly Strike, Cutting Edge and Adrenaline.

Special Passive: Jack Sparrow always goes for cheap tricks if he can. Every attack has a chance to Kidney Shot the target.

The special unit Infestor is often usen by undead forces to prepare a zone for invasion, but is still very efficient in combat, with their diseases and enhancing undead units.
Got abilities like Aura of Blight, Raise Undead Tentacle, Black Mend and Source of Diseases.

The charger is an upgraded unit of the original Zombies. High movement speed and attack damage, but can only attack the Stormwind Gate.
Got abilities like Disease Cloud, Charge and Scourge Shield.

This mysterious and beautiful creature is made of ice crystals and chilled rocks. Exceptional for slowing down the enemy while moving against their target.
Got abilities like Frost Attack, Chilled to the Soul, Chilling Air and Frost Nova.

The Remaker can turn dust and bones to living skeletons, and turn undead creatures to even greater montrosities.
Got abilities like Summon Corpses, Raise Dead, Mutate and Desecration.

A ghoul specialized by the great Necrolytes of Northrend. Is made to fade into the shadows and use invisibility to ambush their foes.
Got abilities like Sinister Strike, Walk of Shadows, Desolate and Spell Immunity.

Death Mage:
Death Mages is infused with four deadly spells of black magic.
Got abilities like Death Pulse, Drag to Hell, Shadow Raze and Link of Horror.

All these units can be recruited for gold if you upgrade to the Offensive Headquarter!
-Footman - Simple melee unit. Got the Defend ability.
-Rifleman - Ranged unit with low HP and high attack damage.
-Priest - Light ranged unit with very low HP and Heal ability.
-Prot Warrior - Defensive unit with low attack damage, but high armor and HP. Will defend your entrance.
-Knight - Elite melee unit on the horseback.
-Mortar Team - Two crazy dwarves with a siege cannon! Siege unit with medium HP.

These are all the units that undead players can buy!

Available after 2 minutes:
-Skeleton Warriors - In different sizes - Simple melee unit
-Skeletal Orc - Simple melee unit, with high regeneration on Blight
-Skeletal Sorcerer - Light Ranged unit with Chaos damage. Got the Parasite ability.
-Skeletal Archer - Light ranged unit with longer range than Skeletal Sorcerer. (I may change this one)

Available after 10 minutes:
-Zombies - Charging-unit. Units with low HP, very fast movement speed and high attack damage, but can only attack the Stormwind Gate.
-Plague Treant - Medium melee unit that diseases opponents. Can cast Entangling Roots.
-Nerubian Guard - Heavy melee unit. Low attack damage and movement speed, but high HP and armor.
-Death Mender - Light ranged unit with healing ability.

Available after 20 minutes:
-Infernal Contraption
-Maggot - Ugly maggots with the highest HP of all the buyable units. It also has a very high chaos attack, BUT can only attack the Stormwind Gate. Moves very slowly.
-Misery Revenant - The strongest unit buyable. It has a lot of HP, armor and attack damage. The Misery Revenant also has an insane life regeneration on blighted ground.

Only sent from The Lich King:
-Wraiths - Etheral light units. High and frequent Chaos attack. Spell Immunity and Evasion.

These are some of the bosses that will appear in the map! Deadeye and the Icecrown Overlord can be rescued by the undead players, so you can controll the bosses!
-Meatball - Huge abbonimation with alot of HP and Armor. Have nasty abilities, but only have his attack available for The Stormwind Gate (charger boss). Every time he spawns, he increases HP a lot.
-Deadeye - This boss have a HUGE range, so he is able to shoot at the Stormwind Heroes far behind all the undead forces. Stormwind heroes have to push out of the undead masses and reach the merciless Deadeye!
-Icecrown Overlord - What makes this boss challenging is that when he reach 75% HP, he summons Icecrown Minions, which make the Icecrown Overlord invulnerable. The Minions has to be killed in order to make him vulnerable again, but they have to die within 4 seconds of eachother, or the one living will respawn the two dead, and so on.

-Basic Fire Tower. Can be upgraded to Flame Thrower
-Basic Frost Tower. Can be upgraded to Blizzard Tower
-Buffer Tower. Can be upgraded to either Tower of Knightly Deeds or Berserker Tower

Modes and Commands:

I have chosen to try out a different difficulty system than what I've seen before. No matter what mode you choose, you start with the same HP on the undead units, but the mode you choose will affect the handicap+ The Lich King's units get every minute. Mode also affect the amount of gold you get each fourth second. Mode does not affect gold bounty from units!
Gold income:
The Stormwind players get gold from killing undead units owned by any of the undead players. They also get gold each fourth second depending on the mode set.

The Lich King players get 2 gold each fourth second (+1 for each Stormwind player active). The Stormwind heroes also award 200 gold if killed.

Use your gold:
The Stormwind heroes can use their gold to buy Offensive Units/Towers, Upgrades for their units or buy several of the 58 items ingame, including 3 Legendary Items (Which also need Titan Essence).

The Lich King players can use their gold to buy units they can controll and upgrades for their units. But remember, the undead Special Units can alone cause much trouble for Stormwind if used properly.

-easy/-normal/-hard/-veryhard is the four difficulty modes in DoS.
-si | Shared Income. This command shares all your gold income by 15% for each player ally you have.
-roll | Roll. The roll command can be typed by all players. It allows for rolling on items or other things that can't be agreed upon.

  • Easy
    • Events
      • Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing -easy as An exact match
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Set Mode = 4
      • Set LichKingHPmultiplier = 1.00
      • Game - Display to (All players) for 10.00 seconds the text: (Game mode is now set to |c0000FF40Easy|r. The Lich King unit's HP will increase by 1% every minute. 4gold/4sec for the Stormwind Heroes. + ((String(ShowGoldUndeadGets)) + gold/4sec for Undead Players!))
      • Trigger - Turn off (This trigger)
      • Trigger - Turn off Normal <gen>
      • Trigger - Turn off Hard <gen>
      • Trigger - Turn off Very Hard <gen>
      • Trigger - Turn off Default <gen>
  • Very Hard
    • Events
      • Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing -veryhard as An exact match
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Set Mode = 1
      • Set LichKingHPmultiplier = 4.00
      • Game - Display to (All players) for 10.00 seconds the text: (Game mode is now set to |c00FF0000Very Hard|r. The Lich King unit's HP will increase by 4% every minute. 1gold/4sec for the Stormwind Heroes. + ((String(ShowGoldUndeadGets)) + gold/4sec for Undead Players!))
      • Trigger - Turn off (This trigger)
      • Trigger - Turn off Easy <gen>
      • Trigger - Turn off Normal <gen>
      • Trigger - Turn off Hard <gen>
      • Trigger - Turn off Default <gen>
  • The Lich King Grows Stronger
    • Events
      • Time - Every 60.00 seconds of game time
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Player - Set Player 11 (Dark Green) handicap to ((Player 11 (Dark Green) handicap) + (LichKingHPmultiplier x 1.00))%
      • Player - Set Neutral Hostile handicap to ((Neutral Hostile handicap) + (LichKingHPmultiplier x 1.00))%
  • Gold Each Second
    • Events
      • Time - Every 4.00 seconds of game time
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Player Group - Pick every player in (All enemies of Player 10 (Light Blue)) and do (Actions)
        • Loop - Actions
          • Player - Add ((StormwindPlayersActive + 2) - UndeadPlayersActive) to (Picked player) Current gold
      • Player Group - Pick every player in (All enemies of Player 11 (Dark Green)) and do (Actions)
        • Loop - Actions
          • Player - Add (Mode x 1) to (Picked player) Current gold
Author's notes: This is my first time with WC3 editor, under two months ago I didnt even know what was possible with the editor, so I still have a lot to learn. I want to finish as much as possible before WoW: Cataclysm release. Help and suggestions on how to make unfunctioning triggers work properly is much appreciated. Criticism on the project generally is also most welcome!

Hostile elite units can be found in the mountains south of The Stormwind Gate. These units give a high amount of gold when killed. They can be hard to kill, so only go for it if your base is defended properly. The undead players can also sneak in and try to defeat them for the gold.

The Lich King has built lumber camps in the woods to the north. The ghouls will at some point harvest all the trees, opening a new path for the undead forces into the farming village. Keep your eyes open!

Boulder the Mountain King has been trapped under the ground by the Lich King, behind the Stormwind Guardian. Bring three heroes to the magical runes and set him free.

The cave next to the spawning spot of Undead Players can be used to move fast to one of the two cave outputs, take a chance!

Q: What is and how do I get Titan Essence?
A: Titan Essences is immensely strong materials, which can be combined with magic of Mother Earth to create mighty weapons. Titan Essences has a small drop chance from Rock Chunks or the two last bosses from the Lich King; Deadeye and the Icecrown Overlord.

Q:What does the different colors on all the items mean?
A: Green colored items means that they are uncommon and a little better than white items.
Blue colored items means that they are superior compared to white items.
Purple colored items means that they are epic compared to white items.
Orange colored items are the strongest items in Azeroth and is called Legendary items.

Q: Why doesn't the undead players have Heroes?
A: Because they have the chance to buy a lot of undead units in the Slaughterhouse, a hero plus all these unit would've been overkill.

Special Thanks To:
-Blizzard entertainment for releasing only perfected products.
-"Maker" for customizing Mens Imperium for the Lich King fight.
-All the people below ((Number) is the number of resources the person has in DoS):

Models/Skins: Pyramidhe@d (Maggot), Suselishe (Chiller), olofmoleman (Trebuchet), Arch Angel (Akriel), General Frank (Icecrown Overlord, Lich King), jigrael (Deadeye), Tranquil (Bolvar), levigeorge1617 (Skeleton Lord)

Icons: Chilla_Killa (1), CRAZYRUSSIAN (5), BerZeKeR (1), FrIkY (1), KelThuzad (1), SKriK (1), bigapple90 (2) Anachron (1)

Spells: BlackHawk/Hanky (1), D4RK_GANDALF (2), Paladon (5), nerovesper (1), Deuterium (1), Pharaoh_ (1), MortAr (1), G00dg4m3 (1), Maker (2), BerZekeR (2), NFWar (4), MajorSonnwaitts (1), XAOS_WIZARD (1)

Check out all these artists' works on: www.hiveworkshop.com !

I have also made a template from the description of Defense of Stormwind http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/defense-stormwind-v1-24-a-184213/ , for all of the people who liked it ;) Enjoy!
[size=6][color=#CCFFFF][b]NAME OF YOUR MAP[/b][/color][/size]
[color=#CCFFFF][b]Created by YOUR NAME[/b][/color]
[color=#CCFFFF]I will be very grateful if you take time to read the description and test the map.[/color]

[hidden="NAME OF YOUR MAP Description"][size=4][color=#CCFFFF][b]Map Info: [/b][/size]


[hidden="XX uniqe items, including 3 Legendary items!"][table]Icon[c]Item Name[c]Description[c]Effect[c]Requires
[r][img]http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/resource_images/6/icons_5554_btn.jpg[/img][c][color=#FF6600]Glorenzelg, High-Blade of the Silver Hand[/color][c][color=#FFD700]"Paragon of the Light, lead our armies against the coming darkness."[/color][c]Glorenzelg enchances the wearer's stamina with +X HP/sec and discipline in battle with +X Strength. This blade is also incredible sharp, gives +X Attack Damage.[c][color=#FF6600]REQUIRES ITEM[/color]
[r][img]http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/resource_images/7/icons_6456_btn.jpg[/img][c][color=#FF6600]Heaven's Fall, Kryss of a Thousand Lies[/color][c][color=#FFD700]"A lying tongue hates those it crushes, but a flattering mouth works ruin."[/color][c]This mighty sword connects itself to the wearer, giving +X Agility, +X% Attack Speed and a +X% chance to Critical Strike for 2.5xAttack Damage.[c][color=#FF6600]REQUIRES ITEM[/color]
[r][img]http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/resource_images/9/icons_8755_btn.jpg[/img][c][color=#FF6600]Archus, Greatstaff of Antonidas[/color][c][color=#FFD700]"Let our enemies know that havoc calls and that with its song comes their end."[/color][c]Archus enhances the wearer's mind just like it did with Antonidas'. Gives +X Intelligence, +X% Mana Regeneration and Spell Immunity.[c][color=#FF6600]REQUIRES ITEM[/color][/table][/hidden]
[hidden="Choose between X Heroes."][IMG]URL FOR A PICTURE OF ALL YOUR HEROES.[/IMG][/hidden]

[hidden="Miscellaneous"]Playable Map Size: XxX
Trees/Destructible: X
Doodads (Other): X
Players: X-X 

[color=#CCFFFF]Main objective:[/color] MAIN OBJECTIVE FOR YOUR MAP.

[color=#CCFFFF]Loss condition:[/color] LOSS CONDITION FOR YOUR MAP.


[size=4][color=#CCFFFF][b]Terrain Description:[/b][/color][/size]

[hidden="Battlefield Map"]

[hidden="Terrain Screenshots"]



[hidden="Gameplay Screenshots"]




[size=4][color=#CCFFFF][b]Units Description:[/b][/color][/size]

[hidden="Heroes"]There is X [color=#6B4226]Strength[/color], X [color=#0099FF]Intelligence[/color] and X [color=#33FF00]Agility[/color] Heroes.












-[color=#CCFFFF]UNIT10[/color] - UNIT DESCRIPTION.
-[color=#CCFFFF]UNIT11[/color] - UNIT DESCRIPTION.
-[color=#CCFFFF]UNIT12[/color] - UNIT DESCRIPTION.




-[color=#CCFFFF]UNIT10[/color] - UNIT DESCRIPTION.
-[color=#CCFFFF]UNIT11[/color] - UNIT DESCRIPTION.
-[color=#CCFFFF]UNIT12[/color] - UNIT DESCRIPTION.


-[color=#CCFFFF]TOWER1NAME[/color]. Can be upgraded to [color=#CCFFFF]TOWERNAME[/color]
-[color=#CCFFFF]TOWER2NAME[/color]. Can be upgraded to [color=#CCFFFF]TOWERNAME[/color]
-[color=#CCFFFF]TOWER3NAME[/color]. Can be upgraded to either [color=#CCFFFF]TOWERNAME[/color] or [color=#CCFFFF]TOWERNAME[/color][/hidden]

[size=4][color=#CCFFFF][b]Modes and Commands:[/b][/color][/size]
[hidden="Gold"][color=#CCFFFF]Gold income:[/color] HOW TO GET GOLD IN YOUR MAP.

[color=#CCFFFF]Use your gold:[/color] HOW TO USE THE GOLD EARNED IN YOUR MAP.

[color=#FF0000]-CommandName1[/color] | YOUR DESCRIPTION HERE.
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Level 2
Oct 13, 2010
I like the idea but... the map is just too big. It will be hard to balance and besides, it’s really hard to complete. I myself have never managed to complete a map because of the fact that I keep overextending myself. I don’t know exactly what you have in mind for the map but… it’s just impossible to have action all over the map with just four players.
Therefore, I’d really recommend you to make the map much, much smaller… If you don’t want to do that, (But please, a bit smaller at least! :clol:) then design the gameplay so that the fights only take place in one territory at a time. This will give the map a more intense and (hopefully) exiting play style. An overwhelming amount of things you need to do is never fun...

Other than that, I like the map. Your ideas with the units and the way you divide them into specialists look pretty cool too. Keep it up!

One last thing, how about adding a player or two to control the forces of the evil side? It could spice the game up a bit, almost making it into a custom game where you have to micro your own of forces and try to win as many battles as possible. After all, you maybe don’t have to lose as the good side only because all of your heroes die. Resurrecting them before the next fight commences while the undead players gain some kind of reward may keep the game’s momentum up, especially if you finish the game with a big clash in front of the gate for example*. (Whoever wins the final battle wins the game, you get it.)

*That sentence is probably really weird, but I'm lazy so I'm going to keep it :cgrin:

Level 8
Jul 14, 2010
Thanks for replying!

Yes its pretty big, but don't know how to make a finished terrained map smaller :p
But there is alot of space in order to make the way to the undead bases longer, so you have to fight more undeads before you get there. I have also thought about giving the Stormwind Heroes some kind of teleportation when they take down a undead base. In order to get back to the base quicker if something happens.

And another thing, to give the undead Players more to do, is to maybe give them 1gold each second(?) and give them a shop, where they can buy units or events in order to damage the Stormwind Defense and Heroes. They can also buy alot of units instead, and mass up.

And maybe give the Stormwind Heroes a Scoreboard for kills, and the undead Players one for number of abilities cast on Stormwind units and Heroes.

EDIT: Also Im planning to make the bosses that come from the bases every X minutes Rescueable, so the undead Players have the chance to controll the bosses! If the boss isnt rescued within 1 minute, he will go for himself, in the name of the Lich King computer.

- aiDer
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