De_GRIT HEro Survival

Level 7
Dec 26, 2006
Well the source of my idea kinda funny, I just have to done a homework from my teacher about great britain and I get idea to make an maps named great(GRIT) britain(GRIT-ain), this map was based on MooMoo and halfly completed

It has some adventage from MooMoo:
-MooMoo uses food but I use magic, buildings that we protect can cast from 11 magic and you must pay for it
-Some story, MooMoo does not has any story and I put some story, this is some of it: I make this when I found a picture named 'ss105' and then I make when in the past maiev and illidan are fallen in love lol, but because maiev was dissapear in the last campaign I make Illidan run from Ner'zhul after the battle and then Maiev join Ner'zhul... Love triangle inside my map :grin:
-New scroll, new items, new hero (this not special :p)

And my problem is I'm lack of heroes idea, its only provide you 13 heroes and 2 secret... I hope you will give me some king of heroes idea so I can publish it, howeve if you want to take a peek tell me and I will put it as 'beta test'