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Dark troll brute

big dumb troll, based on this concept art https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/wowpedia/images/a/af/Dark_troll_concept_art.jpg

all my resources, past, present and future ones, are free to use and edit and do whatever else you want with them

Dark troll brute (Model)

General Frank
A very well made custom model with great use of in-game textures and smooth animations. Great job!
Level 14
Feb 2, 2011
This texturing is insanely cool! The thing I really like is after so many years of different people using default WC3 texures on their custom models, someone still manages to create something really stunning and unexpected, so you have no idea they've made it only with Warcraft 3 stuff.
Level 4
Nov 16, 2019
Really awesome model, and good animations too.

I'd change the walking animation a bit though, so it 'swaggers' a bit more with its body. Also, I think you should add a spell animation and/or a spell-slam animation. Then this model would be flawless!