[Defense / Survival] Darechom

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Apr 24, 2014

Hello everyone, I hope warcraft fans will engoy its, i was working on the project since last summer and now has approached to the end.

Darechom - you have one life to survive,you will not get another chance.
Once when you lost everything, you will get free, all that was valuable to you, those whom you
loved,they all dissapiered, and all that surrounds you become void.

Purpose: You need to know who you are (the main character) learn at least some information about yourself, who you are where you are, and why you can not remember it, find out what happened that villages were empty and abandoned people everywhere why there are no known creatures that kill all life around and read through it all happened.The game will be a cult who are first will solve all the puzzles and realize what happened wins the prize, it will have the right to come up with the lead character, and will come down in history as the player who passed the first part Darechom. Winner will be posted on Wikipedia, and on all future projects and present "Darechom", and on official site.

Map information:

Project Manager: Mark Mocher
Language: Eng,Russ
Genre: Survival
Game card size: 256x256
Number of Players: 1-12
Tileset: Own
The current version of the card: Beta
Warcraft 3 version:;
Defense: No
Weight: 100 MB
Progress: 83%.

It was originally planned to make the map for 12 players,as a test version for a future project on a new engine. Now it is designed for one player as the evaluation version. This is my last project for Warcraft 3.

The essence of the game:

You appear in a random location on the map 256x256. You have nothing,only bagpack on your back with 15 slots for items. Gradually you begin to feel hunger, energy and health also fall. You have to survive.
Initially I was planning to create a "black mode" - hidden minimap put fog and created landmark - your position on the map. Chip was that you should have been "blind", without a map, look for the settlement with the food or the lake to replenish water. There had his troubles with the camera, which would spoil my idea, so I had to leave the minimap and coordinate system.
In the villages you can find food, water and weapons, but dark enemies surround them. Where did they come, you will find in the game latter.

  • Freedom of choice. The player decides for himself what he should do, make friends with anyone or kill someone.
  • Gloomy gothic style. Making map was altered more than one month.
  • Simplicity and convenience. Enough to play once, that to understand the easy system.

I think you will be interested to play in the my mode, which I did for almost nine months, as the teams I did not have. All systems and 70% import files made ​​by me alone, the other 20% is also altered in different models and graphics editors.

The main sweets in game:
  • 100 MB of non-standard content ( user GUI, custom models, tilesets, and other sweets).
  • Huge beautifully designed world with a special atmosphere where you need to understand what is the main character, to understand what is happening around, learn the causes of troubles and survive.
  • Full package of my ideas implemented in the game : running, the system of death,three-tier system equipment,a unique set of themed items, non -target attacks and archery, horse riding, mining resources ( wood and ore ) ,kraft, system objects ,alchemy and collecting herbs, hunting animals and much more interesting things.

Problems in the development:
Working on the map 9 months , I'm not able to do everything that I wanted.
Yes, the system i maded many systems like buildings system, doors opening system and a lot of other things, but not the way like i wanted.Many of which had to be abandoned (somewhere between 20% and pans).Perhaps this is due to old age Warcraft 3 engine, as well as with small its capabilities. Had a lot of problems already and want to throw this thing, but takes its motivation .
Compared to how I imagined card supports a large part. If we take the general idea and the game that I see on a new engine , I probably approached to 10%, maybe less . Mode that gave me a lot , the main thing : the experience and assessment of its own forces . Future project will be in the same style , the same essence , the functional area and the plot .We can say 10 % of the game is already done.
About the future of the project is still early to say Something has already been done. I think those who played in the first part on Warcraft 3 , I'll show you my plan for the project , tell you what it will be different and what innovations will be waiting for you.

There are a few special locations, i tell you abaute them latter.

Interesting facts:
GUI is made on the basis of a standard interface Horde.
Half the clothes and weapons taken from Dota 2 .
First, the game was developed for me and my brother to play together and support multiplayer.
Many names are taken from real life.
The very first version of the map was a desert.
This is not my first project in Warcraft 3 , but the first that I brought to an end .
Many systems that were used such as the possibility of two players sit on one horse is not available due to lack of multiplayer.
A lot of textures taken from ordinary photos.
In earlier versions was set thematically grim music from the game Requiem Online 40 mb.
For a long time I'm working on a remake of the game on the new engine.






Bald mountain:

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Apr 24, 2014
Original http://postimg.org/image/wl7bvsksd/

Only survival, full information aboute mode i will write soon. Now i can said that i was creating this map as pvp map vs 12 players. But now its only for 1 player, i havnt time now to create multiplayer, this map i was creating for test map for my future project on kickstarter on UDK, or SC2. I will see what to do after i finish this project. Its will be very soon, in map was many very strong systems like mountin by 2 heroes, when i started to creating map i want to create map free map where u can do what u want - crafting,killing,hunting,creating buildings and other other...
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Nov 17, 2010
The screenshots have me interested in this one. They look good, nice models and details. I'd like to know more about the story and what your map entails. But for now I'll subscribe and check in from time to time.
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Jan 18, 2010
Though it is just color correction and it gives you an idea of how to edit the in-game to match that somewhat.
Eg, you could make a similar in-game look using a gradient similar to the first pic and setting it as a fade filter with modulate 2x blending.
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Apr 24, 2014
All thank you for your interest in the project,about photoshop - I did not change something with objects or else,Talavaj was right, all what i do im making dark image with 2 dark colors its all, i think its better for Location screenshots, u can feal atmosphere better, other gameplay screenshots will be not photoshoped.

I added gameplay screenshots, u can see my custom UI 20% based on Orcs UI,House system,door system,shot system,bag,attack,items,run,eat and drink systems for survive. :goblin_yeah:
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Apr 24, 2014
Cool. Will you make a custom inventory (or did I miss it?). Also please don't double post/ bumps are only allowed after 48 hours though. Merge your posts/ the rules.
Use the edit button on your other post then advance and then hit the delete button to erase it.

Already deleted, my system include 3 other systems - include 15 slots - 6 standart slots, 6 standart slots (bag easy system), 3 slots for clothes and one for weapon.12 standart slots items they are on hero, 6 active on hero, 6 other in bag, active items u can saw on hero like bow,sword,axe,pickaxe, they are all included on hero like the sword behind, axe, sword and dagger on his belt.

Hero havnt attack, u must have weapon in his hand to attack,every weapon has attack speed,dmg,collwodn, energy for using, and radius of damage.