Damn music!

Level 17
Aug 13, 2007
Well. I import a music file, delete the war3MapImported/ part and use it as a music variable. The Sound Editor cannot play it, it says it is a zero-sized file. However, when I open the Object Manager, I can play it from there. Note that the very same file was and still is able to be played in the Sound Editor in a map I made several months ago. But now it cannot be rendered for some reason in newer maps.

Any ideas?

I'll test the map ingame and edit my post to say if it, however, works.
Level 5
Mar 21, 2007
ummm, well it sounds like this is something to do with either the actual mp3 file or your world editor. (unlikley to be world editor).

best thing to do is export the music file, kick and beat it until you feel its just another normal good music file. delete the music file in your map, re-load it, test.

and btw, you don't need to delete the \war3MapImported. i have imported lots of sounds and music files and kept the \war3 and it works. try that aswell.

hope that helps ;)