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Background Music/After cinematics

Level 8
Feb 20, 2007
  • Sound - Stop music Immediately
Stops all music playing.

  • Sound - Play Night Elf Defeat
stops the default music and immediately starts in this case Night Elf Defeat - however when we reach:
  • Cinematic - Turn cinematic mode Off for (All players)
The night elf music stops and the "default" game music starts ups again.

One can link a music file to a region - lets say I have regulated Night Elf Defeat to a region where I have a night elf city - it will play as long as the camera is within the region (no units necessary I discovered) however beneath that or with that the games default music is still playing.

Is there a way to permanently shut off the default game music for the whole map so I can play music per region and per events only?

Is there a way to keep the cinematic music playing until its end even if the cinematic is over?