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Dalanar RPG

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Hi everybody on the hive!


Everybody, its x-omg-x speaking.
I've totally quitted modding and playing wc3.
I will now give this big project to another member of dalanar.
They can discuss who gets the lead.
I just wanted to say goodbye before leaving thw.

I will remember you all and our time here. Goodbye.


For months ago i started this project called Dalanar RPG.
There was quickly people that was interested and wanted to help me.
And as you see, this project is growing bigger and bigger.
Many things is done, but there is still alot of things to do,
and thats why i have this fantastic team to help me.
We will be very happy to hear what you guys think,
feel free to post a comment here in the thread.
Also im glad to say that the beta version is released!
Download link in the botton of the thread.
Thanks for the all the 20.000 views, comments and interested people!

Our hosted website: Dalanar RPG - Home - Thanks to naitsirk
Our new uploaded teaser: Youtube - Dalanar RPG - Thanks to x-omg-x

Current team:
+ In work
+ On Break
+ Not in work

  • Krigekongen
  • cyper95
  • naitsirk
  • Pippo
  • Mjllonir

*mjllonir is working on it

About the map:
This rpg is a bit different than other rpg's.
It is based on around 25 stages of enemies, and in each stage there is 2 types of enemies and a boss. When you kill the boss you will be teleported to the loot area and you will be able to take a loot item from the boss, or keep you current items. When you get to higher levels you will be able to enter special places such as the blacksmith, hard stages, world of dalanar, hell and other places in this epic rpg. There will be 12 slightly different heroes, all with custom models, with 4 spells (all is triggered) and they will be able to choose another 2 spells (passives) when they get to level 30. There will be more than 100 items and all the items will be customized and with detailed tooltips. Some of the items will require a specific class to wear it and that will also be noticed in the tooltips. There is also a damage detection system wich means, when a unit attacks the damage will be shown overhead of the target. This rpg features its own hero choose system, with a detailed story and alot of information about the selected hero. The portal/stage system is inspired by Robbepops Monster Master RPG!

If you have any questions about the gameplay or other just post it in the thread, and you will get an answer within 24 hours.

We have done:
  • Terrain - 75% Reworking terrain
  • Creeps - 100% Finished
  • Heroes - 95% Balancing, searching icons
  • Spells - 50% Creating spells, balancing
  • Items - 25% Creating items
  • Overall - 70% Beta released

Because the project almost was dead, we decided to make a list of things to do.
The list shows what to do and the one that is going to do it.
Members of the team can say me if they have something to add.

To do:

Statmenu System (??)
Bug fixing (meOme)
Terrain improvements (??)
Spells for 6 heroes (??)
Development Updates (??)

  • Battle System (showing dmg dealt)
  • Up to 7 spells for each hero
  • Max level 70
  • Custom models/icons/skins
  • All Houses enterable
  • Equipment System
  • 12 unique classes
  • Stages with req level
  • Guild/Class req items
  • Guild houses
  • Hospital
  • PvC Arena
  • PvP House
  • PvP Arena
  • Long story on each class
  • Items with reqs
  • Training dummies
  • Save/Load system
  • Special Abillity System
  • All spells trigger enchanted
  • Intro
  • Beginner tutorial
  • 25 stages of enemies
  • Epic world +60lvl
  • Loot system
  • Item Purchase system
  • Unique quest system
  • Special drops
  • Unique Hero selection
  • Custom minimap preview
  • Custom loadscreen
  • Alot of small features
*More features is coming soon

Upcoming Features:

  • Auction House
  • Item sets
  • Passives Shop
  • Statmenu
  • Alot of small features
*More features is coming soon

  • Assasin (Damage dealer)
  • Paladin (Tank)
  • Warrior (Damage dealer)
  • Ranger (Pet charmer)
  • Hydromancer (Magician)
  • Pyromancer (Magician)
  • Druid (Hybrid)
  • Cleric (Healer)
  • Priest (Buffer)
  • Berserker (Damage dealer)
  • Dwarf (Mechanical)
  • Guardian (Tank)

NOTE: Only heroes wich is totally finished is listed here.
Poisoned Dagger

The assasin throws a poisoned dagger at a target enemy wich slows the movementspeed and attackspeed of the targeted unit, and deals 15/30/45 damage per second.
Blink Strike

The assasin instantly blinks to its targets back and strikes the target from the back, deals damage equalt to 1/2/3 x agillity of the assasin.
Silent Murderer

Instantly turns the assasin invisible and makes it undetectable to its enemies for 10 seconds. If the assasin attacks, casts a spell or uses a item it will be turned invisible again. If the assasin attacks an enemy while invisible it will damage the target for 1.25/2.50/3.75 x agillity of the hero. There will also be a 5/10/15% chance to do a critical strike wich deals 2 x normal damage.
Dagger Hurl

The assasin hurls small daggers in different angles, dealing damage to nearby enemy units. Everytime the assasin attacks there will be a 5/10/15% chance to cast the spell automatically without any manacost and cooldown.
Essence of Divinity

If the paladin gets attacked, there will be a 25% chance to create a divinity shield around the enemy unit, that makes the enemy unable to move or attack. Lasts 1/2/3 seconds.
Mass Holy Light

The mighty paladin heals the targeted unit and all nearby friendly units in 400 range for 200/400/600 hitpoints.

The paladin starts praying, and shining flares of heaven light falls down and damages all nearby enemy units.. The units that is being damaged, will have a slightly slower movementspeed and attackspeed for an amount of time. Each Light deals 50/75/100 damage and lasts for 10 seconds.
Holy Taunt

The paladin taunts nearby enemy units wich makes them attack the paladin. Friendly units in 450 range is also healed by 0.5/1.0/1.5 x intelligence of the caster.
Fire Bolt

Fires a fire bolt which stuns a unit for 1/2/3 seconds and does 300 damage. You gain bonus damage if Magma Shield is activated.
Magma Shield

Activates a Magma Shield around you. Enemy attackers recieve 25 damage, each time they attack you. Your Fire Bolt gains bonus damage in form of your intelligence while you are under effect of Magma Shield. Magma Shield costs 5 mana everytime the pyromancer gets attacked.
Fire Jump

The pyromancer smashes the ground and knocks all nearby enemy units back with the massive flames. Then he disappears and after some seconds he comes out of a big explosion of fire wich deals damage to all nearby enemies in a 200 aoe. Damage is calculated in intelligence.
Fire Nova

The pyromancer fires 13 orbs of flames around himself wich explodes and deals 100/150/200 damage in a small area.
Frost Bolt

Charges a target enemy with the elements of ice and when the hydromancer fires a bolt of frost at the the target, it explodes and deals heavy damage to units within 400 range.
Aquatic Blast

The Hydromancer creates a hole of water at the target area wich pulls nearby enemy units into it. When a enemy unit reaches the center, the hole implodes and damages nearby enemies. Because of the unstable power the hole will dissappear after some time of no enemy contact.

The hydromancer uses his powers of water to call an elemental down and make it fight for the hydromancer. If the hydromancer moves, casts a spell or attacks the control of the elemental will break and the spell is over.

Hurls cold stars of ice in all direction around the Hydromancer, dealing 70/140/210 damage and freezing enemy units hit by the icecold winter stars.
Hand of Might

The cleric sorrounds a target allied unit with the mights of holiness for 10 seconds. The target unit will have a 30/40/50% chance to heal 3/4/5% of his total hitpoints, everytime it is being attacked.
Dispell of Life

The cleric uses its holyness to call light down from the sky, wich removes all buffs from the target and heals the targeted ally for 60/120/180 x buffs of the target.
Healing Aura

Whenever a nearby friendly hero cast an ability, with this aura the unit have a 30/50/70% change to gain an amount of mana equal to his intelligence. If the caster isn't an hero, he will heal 20 hitpoints.
Holy Power

Heals all the units in the area by 25/30/35 hitpoints every second, and damage enemy units for 150/300/450 hitpoints. Lasts 20/25/30 seconds.

Heals yourself or a friendly unit of your choice, healing him over time while giving hima temporary boost in armor and mana regen.
Entangling Roots

Traps every unit in a radius with entangling roots, and deals damage over time, while trapping them for a certain amount of time.
Wolf Form

Transforms the Druid into a wolf, gaining a new set of abilities. Each level you put into this skill will increase every skill the wolf has by one.

A negative buff placer on an enemy unit that will give damage and take away his attributes slowly, but will give it back when the spell is done.

  • Alpha: Never
  • Beta: Download
  • Final: Not released

Hi everybody.
You all have been waiting for long time.
And now, here it is: Dalanar RPG Beta version!
Because i have some problems with my newgen, i havent been able to work on the map, so there is some small things that lacks a bit.
Anyways i hope you still enjoy the map!
The playable heroes is the following:
Assasin, Paladin, Hydromancer, Pyromancer, Cleric, Druid
And now for the bad part of the map.
Known bugs:
  • Pyromancer can jump into unpathables
  • Some item-descriptions is wrong
  • Item requirements disabled
If you find any bugs that isnt on the list above please contact me.

You are free to comment our project and ill answer your questions as quick as possible!
and ofc i'll credit if you help my team with the project ;)

The earlier project leader, x-omg-x



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Level 8
Nov 29, 2008
:wink: Please don´t dubble post. Use the Edit-Button.

Back to Topic:

Sounds interesting, maybe you can post a Test-Version, so we can have a look at. Story would be interesting too.

Good Luck with it.
:wink: Please don´t dubble post. Use the Edit-Button.

Back to Topic:

Sounds interesting, maybe you can post a Test-Version, so we can have a look at. Story would be interesting too.

Good Luck with it.
Ohh sory for double post.
I'll add a story soon, and when the map is ready to a test version i'll release a test too :)
I'm down for writing down your storyline. I'm a writer, I mean I write stories, but not officially, just for fun :). You will have to let me know what you guys got of a story up to now, and I can take it from there if you wish.

Sounds good! :)
I'll send u a private message with more information about what you will need to join our team, and what to do.

Thanks for all the feedback, interests and help! :thumbs_up:
Level 9
Jul 20, 2009
Do you have any particular icon that needs to be done?I'll be posting some icons that I did maybe by the end of this week..
Do you have any particular icon that needs to be done?I'll be posting some icons that I did maybe by the end of this week..

Yea i need some tiger icons. they will have to match the spells and this two icons:
Icons made by CRAZYRUSSIAN

Roar of Rage
The Ranger's white tiger begins a very load roar of rage, that hits nearby enemies and makes them attack the tiger. When the tiger becomes invisible or runs the targeted enemies will begin attack another nearby unit.

Tiger Evade
The Ranger's white tiger has alot of agillity that makes it very quickly and able to evade some of the fastest attacks. Gives the white tiger a chance of 20% to evade an incoming attack from an enemy.
I made a part of the storyline. Sadly it doesn`t exactly follow the terrain, so I might request an addition to the terraining, or I'll switch the story up so it fits in pretty well.

Okay:) how can i send you the map, since we arent on msn at same time, most of the time ;p

Because i log off msn when i log on my pc i dont like being bothered while gaming >.<

Okay but could u pls stay online when i write to u? ill give u something to do(;
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Basiclly I coud probelly Help with Triggers - GUI if KrigeKongen Needs a second one BTW i'm norwegian too:p :smile:

Sounds fine, but i think you have to talk with krigekongen:grin:
Just pm him and he will answer today i think

can't you just pm me instead..? then i will find some time

Okay. Ill send the latest version of dalanar to you and give you information about what to do:)
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It would be preferable if you just send it to me by e-mail.

Alright guys, I've got a part of the storyline for you, and tell me what you guys think of it. Do not worry, I will update myself.

Omfg its great!:thumbs_up:

But i think you should cut it down to 2 sides of story.
It goes pretty fast if you remove many of the places where they speak
Normally they doesnt speak in storylines, but else its great! I like the idea with the dark king attack, but could you give him a name?

@naitsirk: ill ask krigekongen, and send you a pm (;
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Level 8
May 31, 2009
Two pages...? You wanted it to be long and you want two pages? Sure I can do that, obviously, but I'll tell you now it just won't be as long as you'd like. I'll take off the speechs. It'll go quicker that way, but it defenitely won't be as long as you would like.

If you want it long, I can make the whole thing in about 10 pages or so, with all the dungeons and a good storyline would come out of it.
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