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Custom Grid Hotkey configuration for Quick Cast

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.

There's actually QuickCast feature hidden in Warcraft 3 Reforged but it wasn't properly implemented. Apparently, to get around it you just need to change certain values in the Preferences file but you needed to go Grid options in the settings. That's why I decided to make a workaround such that you can still do QuickCast while in Grid, but not really in Grid configuration.

Main changes:

MSHA - the first row of actions (move, stop, hold position, attack)
PDFG - patrol, and the second row for abilities
QWER - the bottom row for abilities
UIOJKL - inventory slots 1-6

Tool in action:

How to use:
  1. Make a backup copy of the War3Preferences.txt in the Documents\Warcraft III folder
  2. Run Warcraft 3, change the Hotkey settings to Grid, and then exit Warcraft 3
  3. Download this file and paste it on the Documents\Warcraft III folder to override it
  4. Run Warcraft 3 again
  5. Enjoy !
There seems to be a bug where the settings will force the 00 Grid button back to Q so you should try setting the Grid option first before pasting the .txt file, but anyway: this can be very useful on certain ORPG maps if you want to save yourself a click like just point the cursor and press the hotkey


23/06/2022: added the inventory changes
23/06/2022: changed inventory hotkeys such that they won't clash with 1-0 unit bindings

Custom Grid Hotkey configuration for Quick Cast (Binary)