Cruiser Command v0.93g

This bundle is marked as director's cut. It meets all expectations and excels in every regard.
-Cruiser Command-

As crew of a heavily armed battlecruiser, you must work as a team to destroy the enemy. Each cruiser features an arsenal of powerful weaponry, advanced equipment and launchable strike craft, as well as the surprise element of using a teleporter to board enemy cruiser.

Player Roles:

The captain must lead his crew to victory. He can manually steer the battlecruiser and fire any armed missiles. The captain must ensure each player is pulling his/her weight and instruct new players on what to do; good communication is therefore essential for this role.

Pilot: The pilot can fly one of the two launchable vessels within the cruiser. The mining vessel is the most important of the two ships, as the battlecruiser cannot function without a steady mineral income. The fighter vessel is useful for assisting battlecruiser assaults or harrassing enemy miners.

Engineer: The engineer has access to some of the more advanced battlecruiser technology, including the refinery and the molecular constructor. and other consoles which he can build. An engineer will need to refine any minerals delivered by the mining vessel, and use the product to construct missiles and other equipment. Engineers can reroute power to different areas of the ship to enhance shields, weapons or engine speed.

Computer AI support:

The AI can perform simple and easy tasks currently. If a players stays inactive the AI will take control when players enters afk mode. So far AI can only support the human players. AI Added in 0.90

Current AI capabilities
  • Pilot Miner AI
  • Performing Refining tasks
  • Missile Loading
  • Using Repair Matrixes and First Aid kits
  • Engage in close combat
  • Can join teleport assault team
Lacking AI capabilities
  • Cannot control the cruiser
  • Cannot use the fighter
  • Cannot make any engineering tasks (creating items and upgrades)
  • Sometimes bugs, the AI miner might stop up


This map was created by Callex ([email protected])
This map was continued development by TKF

Special thanks to Blizzard for the SC2 battlecruiser model (Edited by Blodmon)

jk2pach (hive) for the weaponless marine model
epsilon (hive) for Energy Rifle, Energy Backpack, Medical Backapck and Green Dual Plasma
Champara Bros (hive) for Bazooka model
Suselishe (hive) for Both Plasma weapons and Bolter weapon
Sunchips (hive) for the black horde armor model
Anvil (hive) for Hidden floor gun model
Trollschnitzel (hive) for console models
ZippeR (hive) and Sean Beeson (Soundcloud) for the music.
killst4r (hive)for the SCV and Wraith starcraft model
syc (hive) for the Colonian raptor model
olofmoleman (hive) for the starforge model
Kofi_Banan (hive) for "Wasp and piranha" missile model
Ham Ham (hive) for the "Sabretooth" missile
Mc ! (hive) for the "Laser burst" model
anarchianbedlam (hive) for the SHIVA nuclear model (deleted from hive)
WILL THE ALMIGHTY for explosion models
RedShift? for asteroid model
_-nexXxor-_ (hive) for the interior ship doors

Vexorian for the wc3 map optimizer

Dont worry if I left you out, there is many who contributed
to the map with many suggestions and inputs! Also I some resources don't exist anymore so I lack the names of those who made the floor terrain and space (maybe eleandor?)

If you enjoyed this map, then be sure to try out 'Space Rogues' by Laosh'ra!
This map was partially inspired by Space Rogues


Beta Debug Commands:
-unstuck: Fixes most bugs that for some reason makes your crew member unavailable
-cam: Fixes the camera view, if its mispositioned or bugs during boarding
-rec: Recall computer miners back to the cruiser (Captains only)

-Youtube videos-

By MegaFuzzyGuy - Edited video of Cruiser Command 0.85d with music
By Vidya Only (Youtube) - Shows the gameplay from start of Cruiser Command 0.93e version from a miners perspective












v0.71 onwards kindly updated by TKF!

- Detailed Changelogs -

This map is protected!

v0.60b First release version on hiveworkshop
v0.61b Numerous bug fixes and balance tweaks, added mercoxium and yamato cannon
v0.62 Cruiser movement redesign, camera rotate function added, hull repair system changed, speedometer added, slightly more start minerals, colliding cruiser repel eachother, and a mining exploit fix
v0.63 New cruiser model (by blodmon), cruiser interior changes, laser damage tweaks, 3 new battlecruiser upgrades added.
v0.64 Disabled teamkilling, added hull, speed and escape pod upgrades for launchable spacecraft, changed collision damage/repel ability slightly, optimised triggers + bug fixes
v0.65 New docked vessel system, changed pricing on ship upgrades, changed promotion system, tweaked hotkeys, reduced power cooldowns + other bug fixes.
v0.66 New survey scanner, shield upgrades and shield boost ability. Redesigned upgrade tooltips, fixed a laser exploit, fixed numerous other bugs & balance tweaks.
v0.67 New turret system with dual firing modes, new sabretooth and hellfire missiles, updated cruiser model, many bug fixes and balance tweaks.
v0.68 Numerous bug fixes, and a serious exploit fix. Asteroids are now controlled by the neutral passive player.
v0.69 Redesigned the tracking system to prioritise nearest targets, added two space mines and counter-missiles. Added terminals in the wings to retrieve items, added an armament drone that automatically loads the cruiser, and other bug fixes/balance tweaks.
v0.70 Doubled the size of space, added asteroid cluster generator, added refinery drone, fixed ai bugs, added sensor nodes and mining stations, remade survey scanning ability, added autostore to the cargo hold, various other bug fixes/balance tweaks etc.

v0.71 by TKF
Added automatically loading bays upgrade for missile hatches (6 levels)
Added cruiser laser upgrades (5 levels, 20%+ pr level)
Increased the fusion core max level from 5 to 6
Increased the item drop range
Greatly increased the damage done to the cruiser when overriding the speed limit
Slightly increased the shield regeneration to balance power settings
Increased the starting resources of the ship, giving more starting tactics
Repair kits repairs 50% more on miners/fighters
Fixed a missle count bug when you loaded missiles
Captain does now aquire qualifications from those he promotes
Fixed an unbalancing issue with the laser causing cruiser 2 to do more damage
Reduced the damage done by beamlaser attacks against vessels by 20%
Added minor teleport ability to crew members
Increased the speed of the cruiser drones by 35%
Power drain caused by sabertooth and yamato is reduced when shields is online
When using assign captain ability, you do other crew member skills
Added 1 unigue ability for every rank
Renamed Cruisers Force Names
Minor fixes

v0.71b by TKF
Added a -eject command if anyone is stuck in the fighters/miners
Made a counter fix to reduce the missile loading bug
New unique abilties: First Aid, Power Specialist
Changed the cost of repair matrixes from 15 vel, 4 nont -> to 12 vel, 5 non
Changed the color of missile boxes
Missile boxes autoloading system should work properly now
Increased the missile damage against vessels
Made the missile boxes Armament Drone friendly
Reduced the energy drain by refinery drone from 15gw to 10gw pr second
Increased the view distance of space view when controlling the ship
Fixed a bug that caused the cargo consoles on wings to work only once
Minor Changes

0.72 by TKF
Added Merculite Heavy Missile - Deadly mercoxium based missile
Added First Aid Kit - revives dead crew members
Added new crew rank: Officer - They can only control the ship
Added new panel for Captain at bridge: Access Console
Added 1 starting repair matrix in cargo console
Crew does now automatically lose control over consoles when they die
The team do now also lose if entire crew is dead or has left the game
Crew Members do now drop items on death instantly

0.72c by TKF
Fixed a severe zooming bug that caused camera to hang up
When zooming into your ship, you will now zoom on your crew member instead
-cam should now also fix camera bug inside the ship
typing -cam no longer gives you way to close view
Added worker classification to fighter/mining controls in order to regain control
Fixed a trigger bug that caused the a leaver captain to not distribute captain ranks
Fighter laser cells do now also get improved by laser upgrades
Fixed a bug that caused dead crew members to stuck panel permanently
Fixed a region size bug with the refinery conveyor belt
Reduced lifetime of merculite missile from 45 to 35

0.73 by TKF
Added Overcharge Laser ability to power generator (20k energy cost)
Added combat music theme, and removed silent themes to lower filesize
Removed the new intro music and reverted back to 0.70 intro music
Improved the Refinery Drone AI
Sensor node should now pick up enemy missiles with purple ping color
Implemented a failsafe to player 11 or 12 if it's a human player to exit game
Increased the chance for Devastator mines to create fires from 50% to 75%
Yamato cannon creates more fires on impact
Greatly improved the missile loading trigger, only 1 missile is removed now
Fixed a bug that caused captains adapted repair ability to not work
Fixed refinery station AI bug
Fixed a severe leaver bug when captain left the game
Fixed a bug that caused the wing cargo panels to sometimes malfunction
Fixed several other bugs

0.73c by TKF
Added turn of drone ability to power specialist engineer
Attempted to fix the missile loading bug
Slightly increased the starting resources
Reduced the casting delay on vessels and consoles
Players is now informed that they need qualifications to use panels
Fixed a bug that caused captain sometimes not being able to adapt ability
Added a couple of help nodes to help players understand what telepads are used for
Help nodes should now appear to those players after watching tutorial

0.74 by TKF
Added a new missile: Wasp Light Missile (Can overload enemy power useage)
Added teleporters on the wings so crew can teleport between wings
Made a counter fix to prevent control loss bug
Impacts on engines will now slow the cruiser
Opposer mine cost 5 less nontrium now
Opposer mine does now slow cruiser even if enemy cruiser has shields up
Fixed a bug that caused the captain unable to adapt pilot abilties
Fixed a Dock panel leaver bug that made it to laser console
Fixed a leaver bug that caused sometimes the crew member to not vanish
Fixed the annoying stop bug that caused channeling spells to be cancelled

0.75 by TKF
Changed the Battlecruiser Model - Thanks to Blodmon
Added engine boost ability to bridge console
Added fighter scanner ability to fighters
Added slightly more start nontrium
Fixed a refinery AI bug. Made a counterfix
Fixed asteroid ownership bug
Fixed several minor bugs
Minor changes

0.76 by TKF
Added Yamato cannon and Overcharge laser to cruiser abilties
Added -afk command to allow your team to control your crew (only inside)
Added autoidle system that removes afk players from panel controls
Increased the ombite costs of Predator from 20 to 25
Predator Heavy Missile does now 25% more hull damage
Using -eject will now recreate your vessel faster than normal
Crashing while overboosting do now cause devastating hull damage
Cruisers in speed overboost mode won't be slowed down when crashing
Slightly buffed the fighter scanner and decreased its cooldown
Overboost ship speed is now shown in green
Improved the refinery AI a little
Reduced collision sizes on refinery drones that are turned off
Added collision blockers near power generator
Fixed a bug with the officers losing access to bridge
Made an attempted counterfix to regain control after losing control
Minor fixes

0.76b by TKF
Fixed a glitch with the refinery AI
Fixed a glitch with the wing consoles
Added drop/pickup all ability to crew members

0.76c by TKF
Fixed a fatal bug which allowed abuse of -eject command
Removed the teleport ability from the pilot to prevent abuse
Added Pilot Ace passive ability which replaces Teleport ability
Fixed a minor bug with promote captain ability
Fixed a bug that caused Engine Boost to be used rapidly

0.77 by TKF
Implemented hull damage events too add more realism into the game
Damage events is not triggered by ship lasers, it varies from minor to fatal
Using chat should now prevent a player from going auto-afk while not moving
Added first aid kit on the multiboard list when extracting items
Fixed a bug that caused the Engine Boosting only to be used once
Fixed a combat music bug which maybe it disappear sometimes

0.78 by TKF
New Asteroid Collision System
Asteroids do now reduce shield strength when hitting the cruiser
If asteroids hits a cruiser without shields it will deal hull damage
Asteroids will now lose some minerals upon collisions
Reworked the minerals pr asteroid from 45 to 49 on average pr size
Fighters do now have a permanent pulse gun
Hellfire Heavy Missile does now about 25% less direct hull damage
Wasp Light Missile power drain effect has been reduced by 25%
Refinery will no longer work when power is down
All consoles except main console and power console will not work when power is down
Fixed a bug that caused you not being able to retrive wasp missiles from wing consoles
Fixed an officer promotion bug that caused is to sometimes never work
Fixed a damage bug that caused the hellfire to do more damage against team 2 cruiser
Fixed an event bug that caused a crew to be killed at wrong cruiser
Minor changes

0.79 by TKF
Added a new cruiser upgrade: Carbonite Deflector Cruiser Ability
Drones can now be turned on/off from captains personal Access Console
Asteroids in high speed does now damage vessels and stations
Asteroids do now 25% more damage to cruiser shields
Crashing with mercoxium ores do now cause even more damage
Asteroids will now stop instead of being bounced instantly on high speed hit
Fixed a permanent camera lock bug on cruiser when mining and selecting F1
Fixed the wing console bug for Epsilon Crew
Minor fixes

0.80 by TKF
Added 3 new energy class console construtions at molecularic constructor
Added Cereberus Shield Console (must be built)
Added Antimatter Power Console (must be built)
Added Mass Replicator Console (must be built)
Added new systems along the new consoles
New system: fusion core stability
Added a new power console ability: Inertial Nullifier Field
Yamato cannon ability to bypass shield reduction is now mentioned
Yamato cannon is now a perfect counter against carbonite shields defense
Engine Boost no longer requires lv1 Stabilisers to be activated
Cruiser Hull Repairs no longer instantly repairs the ship
Overcharged laser does now do 20% more damage (cuz yamato pierce hard shields)
Decreased the engine boost cooldown from 150sec to 120sec
Carbonite does now have proper cooldown settings
Carbonite energy cost for use increased from 12500gw to 17500gw
A team with a leaver will now gain 50+ movement speed bonus for crew
Fixed an upgrade bug with hardened shields
Fixed a space camera bug
Several minor changes and bugfixes

0.81 by TKF
Added new vessel item: Small Shield Battery
The vessels at right side starts with a shield battery at start
Added a simple Vessel Status Multiboard when you are using vessels
Added a new vessel upgrade: Improved Mining Laser
Antimatter Power Console has a new ability: Engine Energy Blast
Antimatter Power Console has a new ability: Teraflop Shields
Reduced the energy cap for antimatter core from 500tw to 400tw
Cerberus Shield Console has a new ability: Pump Shields
Cerberus Shield Console has a new ability: Harden Shields
Reduced the energy cost on all abilties on replicator
Using the replicator quite much will now reduce core health
Cruiser Laser upgrades will now also decrease the cruiser turrets cooldown
Increased the cost of cruiser laser upgrades
Using cruiser laser do now have minor effect on core
Sabretooth missiles will now also damage the enemy cruisers core on hull hits
Laser beams are now in 30% shorter beams, but also stronger (bit less lagg)
Laser beams does now more damage against hull now
Laser Bursts and fighter laser does about 20% less damage against hull
Nerfed the overboosted Yamato Cannon effect against hull
You can now change the cruiser name with "-team <name>" command
The victory end game delay is extended with 20 seconds when battle ends
Doubled the core reactor hitpoints, preventing to fast decrease
Core drop when the capacitor is unstable does drop much less now
Inertial Nullifier can now also be used to recover some core health
Improved the missile loading system a bit
Fixed a selection bug with the new consoles
Fixed a bug that sometimes enabled miners the ability to fire wasps
Fixed a survey scanner bug that did freeze asteroid colors when you docked
Fixed some minor bugs

0.81b by TKF
Increased the damage of missiles against vessels
Changed the mining laser upgrade level limit from 5 to 6
Reduced the mining laser bonus from 7% to 6% pr level
Asteroids do now 30% more damage against shields
Anti Matter production upgrade bonus decreased from 90gw to 60gw
Anti Matter energy cap limit decreased from 400000gw to 300000gw
Anti Matter core adjustments increased from 10gw to 30gw
Refinery Robot inventory slots increased from 2 to 4
Slightly improved the refinery AI (but still bit bugged)
Increased the speed of armament robot from 420 to 470
Doubled the amount of mineral contents in asteroids, but halved refinery income
Refinery upgrades do now reduce the amount lost instead of amount produced
Docked vessels do now repair 3 hp pr second if they are damaged
Damage events may now occur when hull is below 60%, instead of 45%
Increased the proximity mines speed from 200 to 300
Fixed a bug that caused overpowered yamato cannon to do full dmg vs shields
Fixed a fatal desync bug with the wing consoles
Fixed 1 point leak with the pickup ability
Minor changes

0.81c by TKF
Added a new 70 seconds background soundtrack to the game: Through the asteroid field
When the cruiser is decelerating, 40% of the unused energy is recycled
Opposer mine does now also cause core damage if it hits a cruiser with shields offline
Core damage drop speed induced by energy usage and special weapons increased by 50%
Unused repair points will store at maximum 18% if cruiser is overrepaired
Halved the amount of collision calculations when cruisers do collide to reduce lagg
Improved the bumping system a bit when cruiser crashes, which should reduce lagg
Readjusted the hints
Fixed a fatal bug with the repair system distrupting the cruiser 2 ability to repair
Fixed an energy display bug when replicating materials
Fixed a false sensor alert bug that regonized enemy miners cargo batches as missiles
Other forgotted unlogged fixes and edits

0.81d by TKF
Fixed a fatal bug with replicator repair which caused core meltdown
Improved the mining laser mining speed upgrade from 6% to 7%
Slightly reduced the energy cost of all replicator abilties
Reduced the energy drain and mineral costs on robots

0.82 by TKF
Added a new system to vessels: Energy
Vessel shields will now slowly regenerate if below 100%
Mining vessel do now have a new ability: Turbo Jump (5500gw)
Mining vessel do now have a new ability: Accelerate Mining (2000gw)
Return minerals do now cost some energy (500gw)
Fighter do now have a new ability: Energy Blast (5500gw)
Fighter Pulse Burst do now cost some energy to shoot (400gw)
Fighter Pulse Burst cooldown halved
Vessels might suffer from power failure if they lose their power
Vessels might take energy damage from Sabretooth and Wasp EMP missiles
Vessels engines will drain energy
Replaced the journey soundtrack with "Though the asteroid field" soundtrack
Slightly reduced some of the vessel upgrade costs for balancing
Decreased the fighter hp from 3000 to 2500
Increased the miners hp from 2000 to 2500 (hp is same to prevent swap repair abuse)
You should now get a notice when your mining station has been destroyed
Fixed a bug with the vessel shield which made it malfunction
Fixed a bug that caused a destroyed robot to drain power after 4 minutes of death
Fixed a vessel hull upgrade bug that caused the vessels max hp to drop when docked
A few typos is correncted

0.82b by TKF
Docked vessels can now connect to the cruisers energy grid
Slightly increased the starting minerals
Increased the cost of vessel energy core upgrade
Fixed a bug that caused the Epsilon Cruiser burst laser to only fire 2 shots
Fixed an order ID conflict that rendered the mining laser upgrade useless
Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the miner to keep the engine trail after a jump
Fixed a bug that allowed a vessel to accelerate when suffered from power loss
Fixed an exploit that could cause the core to become overstable
Minor edits on the refinery AI

0.82c by TKF
When a cruiser dies, it will now cause explosion damage (might cause the other cruiser to explode)
Reduced the cost of fighters laser blast from 5500gw to 4500gw
Also nerfed the fighters laser blast damage a bit according to energy cost reduction
Rebalanced the laser weapons damage vs cruisers, nerfing burst and fighter laser
Slightly buffed the cruiser laser beam so 2 beam rounds is now slightly stronger than 3 bursts
Reduced the cruiser beam count from 8 to 6 for each shot (buffed 33% accordingly)
Cerebeus shield system will now also drain some core when recovering shield
Fixed a bug related to the replicator that caused the core to always display 100%
Fixed a miner stop bug that made all vessels stop in space suddenly
Fixed a bug that could cause the miners turbo trail to not disappear
Fixed an info bug that showed your station as destroyed instead of recovered
Fixed a cooldown bug with inertial nullifier
Reworked the refining pathing AI so it should pickup the refined minerals first
Turned off a AI debugging system near refinery which made it often drop items

0.82d by TKF
A proximity alarm should alert your if the enemy cruiser is close to your cruiser
Slightly nerfed the yamato cannons damage vs hull
Fixed a mismatched location bug which affected the refinery robots on cruiser 2
Nerfed the insane power drain from the overpowered yamato cannon
Fixed a vessel power failure bug

0.82e by TKF
Fixed a fatal annoying bug with proximity alarm
Properly fixed the annoying perma vessel power failure bug upon death
Readjusted a core damage event on cruiser when taking fatal hits

0.83 by TKF
The new console features 4 new torpedoes: Plasma, Photon, Energy and Lightning
The new console can now strengthen the shot of each overcharged laser significantly
Added a AFK dialog which appears when you are in AFK mode (more noobfriendly).
A cruiser will get a warning message when wasp missiles does quite much overload
Decreased the cruiser proximity warning alert range by 15%
Fixed a bug that could cause you to get negative nontrium values when doing cruiser upgrades
Fixed a bug with stalemate victory condition not working when both cruiser explode
Fixed a bug that caused an officer if promoted to captain to retain old rank

0.83b by TKF
Added a new turret fire mode: Plasma Shots (You must have energy based weapons console)
Each Plasma round costs 1500 turret energy
Made some adjustments to the latest energy weapons, both nerf and buffs
Removed the abilties events which causes leaks and laggs
Fixed a realtime loading bug for the new energy weapons console
Fixed a deselection bug with the newest console

0.83c by TKF
Added a new ability to the replicator: Replicate Core Health
Greatly reduced the minerals costs of the Mass Replicator System
Added restrict door access ability to Access Console
Hangar Consoles can now tranfer energy to vessels and energy from vessels to cruiser
Photon Torpedo does now cause random effects upon impacts represtented by a color
Photon Torpedo does now have one of 4 random colors: Red, Purple, Yellow or Blue
Greatly reduced the fast recovery rate of cereberus shield system
Energy Torpedo does more shield damage if the enemy cruiser has cereberus shield system
Slightly reduced the energy costs on torpedoes
Slightly buffed the Overcharged Laser damage vs everything
Nerfed the power distruption ability of wasps against cruisers
Set the correct energy costs for robots for Cruiser 2
Added a liftetime to the constructor, which should remove it in case triggers don't
Changed the AI priorities when it's less than 4 refined ores to prevent stuck
Greatly reduced the stuck delay of the refinery robots

0.83d by TKF
Added a new ability to the anti matter energy console: EMP
Cruiser engine trails will now disappear when they are without power
Fixed a player group bug that still restricted promoted captains to use the cruiser
Fixed the credits settings to blizzard for the SC2 Cruiser model
Fixed the AI bug which made it not working in 0.83c version
Refinery AI should now be much faster than before and less buggy
Fixed a bug that made the engine overdrive spit flames from wrong cruiser

0.84 by TKF
Added a new constructable console: Tractor Beam Console (Bridge)
Tractor beam has 2 modes: Slowing and Draining Effect
Tractor beam can also be used to redirect asteroids
Added -unstuck command if you happens to be completely stuck on a panel
If someone is watching tutorial, noone can use vessels or cruiser until its finished
Mines released by vessels will now spawn behind the vessel in opposite facing direction
Pressing ESC should no longer toggle tutorial when you operate a panel
Hints will now only occur for that player if the tutorial settings is enabled
Increased the chance of damage events by 20% (Internal explosions only)
Most damage messages inside the cruiser is now given local except for status
Increased the asteroids collision damage vs shields
Increased the opposer mines slow effect when hitting shields by 40%
Tweaked the energy costs and cooldowns of the miner vessel abilties
Added a visible sprint buff to running crews
Fixed a bug that caused the cruiser 2 to not lose core when the core is leaking
Fixed a bug that gave the cruiser 2 less damage when crashing into asteroids
Fixed a loop bug with the combat music
Fixed a bug that could cause you to get stuck behind the power console after explosion

0.84b by TKF
Decreased the starting minerals by about 40%
Default refinery efficiency is now increased from 50% to 75%
Refinery upgrades costs has been reduced from 30/15/15 to 20/10/10 Vel, merc, non.
Fixed a refinery AI script which did not run properly
Fixed several local scripts which multiple seperated game splits

0.84c by TKF
Added wormhole jump event
Fixed a level text bug when upgrading refinery
Fixed a fatal bug which made instant desync when cruisers was taking hull damage
Fixed a bug that did make the loading text not appear during preloading

0.84d by TKF
Changed the default refinery efficiency from 75% to 70%
Increased the refinery upgrade effeciency upgrade from 5% to 6%
The lumber does now show the amount of time in minutes game length
The gold does now show the main cruisers hull health at all times
Made attempts to fix fatal error occuring by the tractor beam

0.84e by TKF
Fixed another FATAL ERROR damage issue with the hull impacts
Fixed a lacking message bug which didn't alert the 2nd team

0.85 by TKF
Sensor console can scan a large area around the cruiser
Sensor console can also scan for important data from the enemy cruiser
Sensor console has a radar ping ability with low cooldown
Sensor console will automatically detect enemy missile launches
Mines will now once activated pursue the enemy cruiser through the map edge
Mines will fly accross the map when active if there is no nearby enemy targets
Mines will no longer deactivate itself once active
Activated mines can now only last for maximum 120 seconds, instead of 25 minutes
Cereberus shield pumping ability duration increased from 8 to 12 seconds
You no longer requires engineer qualification to access wing consoles
Your screen will turn red for a few secon ds once you die
Readjusted the afk detection timer
Anti-Matter core will radiate a strong purple light from inside the cruiser core
Changed the tutorial intro text for the refinery (outdated)
Fixed a bug that didn't cause the opposer mines to do core damage
Fixed a bad angle with a vessel upon spawning
Fixed a text bug which appeared for the wrong team
Fixed a bug that made the sensor to sensitive for cruiser 1 missiles
Fixed minor bugs

0.85b by TKF
Yamato Blast and Overcharged Laser should no longer stopped by counter-missiles
Transferring energy to vessels do now strain the cruiser core a bit
The sensor console advanced radar ping does now have a 50 seconds radar cooldown
Slightly increased the cooldown of area scanner
Reduced the Sensor Consoles automatic vessel detection from 6000 range to 4500 range
Greatly decreased the area revealed caused by the Area Scanner from 8000 to 6000
Greatly decreased the sight range of the caster dummy
Fixed a bug for cruiser 2 when loading opposer mines, making it not appear for captain
Fixed a bug that caused the missile sensor to accidentally ping enemy vessels
Fixed a bug with the area scanner revealing the area at wrong cruiser
Fixed a bug with toggling the tutorial

0.85c by TKF
The captain will now always get the leavers qualifications, even if it's only 1
EMP do now cause less 70% core damage and energy minimum is set to -30000
Fixed a bug that caused you to drain negative energy from the vessels
Fixed a bug that caused opposer mines to afflict odd values in enemy cruiser speeds
Fixed a bug that caused sabretooth and energy torpedo to cause unlimited negative energy
Fixed a bug that could cause medivh in crowform appear in the docks
Fixed a group leak with the Mining Station
Fixed a bug with the "-unstuck" command, making it reset custom unit values on consoles
Also fixed a bug with the unstuck command related to hangar consoles
Minor starting resources adjustments
Minor adjustments
0.85d by TKF
Fixing rubbles will now also repair the cruiser with 0.7% for each
Removing fire will now only fix 0.2% instead of 0.5%
Increased the initial shield regeneration by 15%
Reduced the regeneration bonus from Cerebus upgrade from 25% to 10%
Increased the core damage caused by Cereberus shield energy drain
Energy torpedo energy costs increased from 9kw to 10kw
A engineer or pilot leaver will now give all their abilties
Mining station will no longer benefit from improved mining laser upgrade
Improved Mining laser costs reduced from 15/20/15 to 10/15/10 (vel/omb/non)
Fixed a leaver bug regarding promotions
Reverted the fix in 0.85c which disabled the mining station (but laggs)

0.86 by TKF
Medical Console (Hangar)
Cruiser Mining Laser Equipment (Hangar)
Teleporter Console (Hangar)
Crew Weaponry Console (Hangar)
You can have 2 hangar type consoles
Changed the base crew model to customized marine model
Consoles can now be disabled by damage events
The crew can now shoot on rubble piles to blast them away
Sensor console operator do now have free cam in space
The cruiser acceleration/deceleration rate is increased
Cruiser collision will now more likely break through
When the cruiser loses power, it doesn't completely loses shield
Miners mine slightly faster
Increased the speed of the Miner vessels cargo drone
Overcharge Main Laser cost 25% less energy now
Replicated minerals do now have correct text info
Replicator uses about 10% less energy now to replicate
Battle Scanner ability should now provide correct scan info
Fixed a bug that gave the epsilon cruiser unfair emp advantage
Fixed a bug that caused sensor to ping teams 2 cruiser
For each player a team lacks the crew member gains +50 max hp
Reduced the default max hp of crew from 400 to 300
Yamato max overload level decreased from 5 to 4
Fixed a point leak when using consoles
Missile doors should no longer bug and not open
Overcharged laser will now temporary disable shields
Lots of minor bugfixes and tweaks

0.86b by TKF
Fixed a fatal variable misplacement for player 8 and 10
Fixed a misplace bug for weapon console
Adjusted the recall range to be at same range as proximity sensor

0.86c by TKF
Fixed a fatal bug that gave the cruiser "phase shields" (immune to attacks)
Fixed the starting laser cell in hangar to give 50 shots, instead of just 1
Fixed a bug that caused the hangar console to drop items

0.86d by TKF
Added new command console ability: Laser Barrage
You should now get message when your cruiser is in teleporter range
Improved the sensor triggers pings to distinguish missiles only
Emergency Recall ability do now benefit from Amplification factor
Range check should now also display a calculated teleport success chance
Removing unnecesary dead invisiblle dummies after death
Anti-Matter energy limit should now be at 200,000gw
When a vessel is destroyed, it will take 1 minute longer until its rebuilt
Replicator Panel can now be used to restore core even with no power
Fixed a bug with the doors which made it bug
The armament robot should now be inactive when missile bays are full
Robots should now be hit by crew weapons
First Aid kit can now only be used on a single crew member at the time
Fixed a teleporter bug

0.86e by TKF
Added survey scanner ability to cruiser mining console
Fixed death bug on ships doors
Damaged doors will now stay damaged even when used
Repair matrix should now repair damaged doors to full strength
Increased the range of personal teleport recall a bit
Fixed a condition shield bug that sometimes prevented you from teleporting
Fixed several minor bugs

0.87 by TKF
Added a new vessel feature: Cruiser Boarding (fighter only)
Added a ability: Escape pod (Hangar tele pads for boarding crew)
Added new crew weapon: Bolt Minigun
Reworked predator missile and given it special close range homing
Reworked the pulse rifle to be haltable with stop command
More detailed damage info added on missiles
Slightly buffed phasewave rifle due to its costs
Fixed a bug that caused phasewave to move vessels in hangar
First aid ability does now only give 140 hp to the revived crew
Buffed healing kit a bit
You should now experience shake effect of sabotage bombs
Fixed a fatal periodic leak regarding homing missiles and cargo drones
Added a missile load fix which moves missiles near autoloader boxes
Properly fixed a bug with the doors not taking damage
Removed friendly fire restriction on cruiser doors (removes most door bugs)
Fixed a serious bug with teleport ability which caused massive trigger hangup
Screen will stay red until you are revived
Some bugfixes and minor changes

0.87b by TKF
Fixed and order id conflict which prevented you to get battery pack
Reduced the events created by Merculite missile impact from 4 to 1

0.87c by TKF
Increased OC laser energy cost from 15k to 20k due to new ability
Recalibrated the shield regen formula which makes shield regen a bit faster
Properly revmoved the 4x event multiplier by merculite missile
Made a fix which prevents bombing your own cruiser
Fixed a fatal bug with escape pod which resulted in fatal error
Fixed a boarding camera bug for epsilon fighter team
Fixed a bug that caused both team to die when cruiser had hull breach event
Fixed a bug which caused permanet blackout screen when boarding and cruiser lost power
Fixed a bug which allowed a player to leave ship when power was down
fixed a autofire bug with bolt minigun
Fixed a bug casuing crew member to vanish using escape pod
Fixed a bug that removed the vessel from play when usef for boarding
Reduced damage to hull of Merculite and Devastator missile by 1%
Reduced damage to hull of Predator missile by 0.5%
Minor adjustments

0.87d by TKF
Added new command: -balance (can make 4v2 to 3v3 ingame)
Added a new item in medic console: Medical Backpack
Medical Backpack abilties: Medical Treatment, Protection Field, First Aid
Added visual armor model when marine carries Heavy Armor
Disabling Access Console will enable enemy boarders to use doors
When boarding using fighter, it will respawn in 4 minutes instead of 5
Reduced the slow pernalty of armor and energy backpack by 5%
Increased Rocket launcer damage from 120 to 150
Increased rocket launcher energy cost from 8 to 10
Fixed a bug that didn't stop autofire shooting when you moved
Fixed a bug that killed entire Cruiser 1 crew when Cruiser 2 died
Minor adjustments

0.87e by TKF
New feature: Autobalancing when a player leaves
New command: -autobalance (disables or enables autobalancing)
Fixed a bug with command console for boarding team
Boarding team can now adjust enemy cruisers power settings
Undid some variable changes in 0.87d which caused bugs
Added a condition which should prevent mining station to overmine
Fixed a bug with feature if random player had a dead crew nothing happened
Rebalanced laser damage to be same against shield vs hull ratio
-cam command should enforce camera fix view in boarding
Added a camera debug trigger to change camera bounds if mismatched
Fixed a critical bug with escape pod from enemy cruiser
-unstuck command should now fix the problem with bugged escape pods
0.87f by TKF
Added slow healing medic pads on Cruiser Wing Section
Medic pads only heal 1 friendly unit at the time, boarding team can't use those
Minor crew weapon cost adjustments
Fixed a boarding bug
Fixed minor bugs
Fixed a bug with access console not properly allowing you to control cruiser
Fixed a bug mining bug that sometimes gives 1 stacks of ores
Fixed a bug which removed units special abilties when returned to the cruiser

0.87g by TKF
Added a periodic check to change back ownership of bugged units
Removed hp regen bonus from Heavy Armor
Added info which shows how much weapons slow crew member
The Phasewave rifle model is now bigger (visual)
Put a fix against multi vessel bug, fix removes the 2nd vessel when used
Fixed a bug with the crew which could turn into cruisers team
Fixed a bug with autobalance function, it should now only run once
Fixed a bug that enabled you to use enemy vessels

0.87h by TKF
Fixed major door glitch not taking damage
0.88 by TKF
Added starcraft UI
Added new crew weapon: TX2 Sniper Rifle
Added new cruiser upgrade: Security Floor Defense Turrets
Improved Tutorial to include use of teleporter, combat and medpad
Crew members should no longer decay
Removed asteroid spawn hull damage at start
Changed the fire sound of Bolt minigun to a more realistic sound
When using enemy cruisers escape pods, camera should now lock on escape pod
Most hull damage text message now only appear for crew on the cruiser
Removed local alert sound at hull impact which could create player desync
Slightly adjusted camera distance
Fixed a bug when walking near enemy vessels their hp dropped
Fixed a bug with disabling the Access Console
Fixed a bug with crew ownership to Delta/Epsilon bug
Fixed a balance bug which didn't allow a player to gain leaver benefit bonus
Fixed a camera point bug

0.88b by TKF
Reduced the mining speed of mining station due to a fix earlier
Undid hull damage fix in 0.88 due to trigger loop bug not ending
Asteroids spawned on the cruiser will now be bumped away during tutorial sessions
Fixed a bug which accidentally made you able to fire cruiser missiles remotely
Fixed a mining station bug which made it mine up to 101 minerals
Fixed a bug with Floor turret which natural AI made it popup when not needed
Fixed a bug which did hide help nodes for those who watched tutorial
Speeded up the he Refinery AI a bit

0.88c by TKF
Added an experimental vote mode: Rush Game or Normal Game
Slightly increased normal starting resources
Fixed a fatal loop bug in wing teleporters which crashed the game
Fixed a bug with autoloaders
Fixed a bug with help nodes, they should work now

0.88d by TKF
Renamed Rush to Fast Game - Gives you more starting minerals
Greatly increased the cost of floor turrets upgrade
Disabled Autobalance due to many bugs, -balance command remains for bug checking
Increased energy cost of Phasewave rifle and TX2 Sniper rifle by 1
Delayed AFK detection because it triggered right after tutorial
Fixed a boarding bug which removed your weapon in backpack sometimes
Fixed a bug that allowed vessels in hanger to fly around inside
Fixed a debug glitch on vessels inside hangar
Fixed a glitch where you didn't get resources until vote was over
Fixed a bug where boarding players did lose their secondary ability when boarding
Fixed a bug when returning with stolen minerals it reduced to 1
Fixed a bug which sometimes didn't allow you to build crew weapon armory

0.88e by TKF
Halved the cost of fighters pulse burst ability from 400 to 200
Readjusted Cruiser Damage message to appear only for crew inside
Reduced ombite cost of hellfire missile from 50 to 40
Fixed an accidental bug in 0.88d which readded starting resources

0.89 by TKF
New asteroid system: Asteroids can be hit by weapons
Removed refinery upgrade, it operate default at 100% efficiency
Flying asteroids can now damage vessels and mining statios
Mines can now be hit by cruiser laser weapons
Doubled Asteroids hp to match up with missiles damages
Asteroids will now by pushed away when hit by weaponry
Access console door restriction no longer affects dead doors
-cam command should now lock on cruiser when used
Fixed a desync bug on hull impact
Fixed a bug which caused negative shield regen
Fixed a collision size misadjustment on crew
Fixed a bug with Huge ombite asteroid only containing 150 minerals
Fixed a bug with cam debug which could cause pilots to lose control
Fixed a bug which allowed a player which swapped to to -eject even in cruiser

0.89b by TKF
Increased the collision size of asteroids a bit
Fixed a medical console requirement bug

0.89c by TKF
All missiles can now be hit by lasers and other missiles
Missiles may now collide with each other
Added Cruiser upgrade view info options on Access Console
Reduced the HP of floor turrets from 250 to 200
Reworked the missile cruiser loading system working in laggs
Fixed a bug which resulted the red player do die if a dead player leaves
Fixed a camera debug bug which should now work properly using fighter boarding
Fixed a debugger bug which remove missile when to many missiles were loaded
Fixed a bug which sometimes reduced the GW limit when anti matter was installed
Fixed a bug which allowed dead crew to regain vision after power restore
Minor bugfixes

0.89d by TKF
Fighters Laser Cell do now have a small spread when fired
Fighters can now use laser even when laser cell is consumed, at cost of energy
-zoom command does now set a permanent distance to camera
Fixed a fatal bug which caused the Epsilon Cruiser unable to load missiles
Fixed a misbalanced feature which made stack of mines to kill each other
Fixed a bug with -cam command not locking on cruiser on space view
Fixed a bug escape pod
Fixed a with yamato and OC laser "phasing through ship" bug

0.89e by TKF
Added new vessel upgrade: Permanent Fighter Laser Cannon Upgrade
Nerfed the TX2 sniper rifle max damage from 270 to 220
Nerfed mining station mining speed a bit
Added a message which indicates which team has won when cruiser is dying
Fixed a F1 camera bug when boarding
Fixed a bug which allowed cruiser laser to fire plasma shots without upgrade
Fixed a balance bug
Fixed a bug which messed up with max cruiser energy limits

0.89f by TKF
Improved the maps projectile system
Reworked the homing system to work more efficient
Made the missile angle turning smoother
Missiles do now target cruiser first instead of random wobble
Reduced the lagg created by cargo drones
Added tip for mining vessels if they try to mine while moving
Shielding effect now only appear max every sec, instead of every hit
Increased the turret max energy from 15000 to 20000
Increased the Hellfire Missile damage against cruiser shields
Wing Consoles can be accessed by boarding team if AC is disabled
Fixed 1 ore stack problem produced by mining station
Fixed camera -zoom settings when boarding
Fixed a bug which caused mines to not deflect properly
Slightly improved the refinery AI
Minor bugfixes and changes

0.89g by TKF
Custom names is reset when games ends
Custom names is reset if a player has left the game
Fixed several bugs with homing in the new missile system
Fixed deflection bug

0.89h by TKF
Armament drones do now only drain 5gw instead of 10gw
Improved cruiser collision system a bit
Fixed a laser turret error
Fixed a refinery AI bug
Fixed a Collision system bug
Fixed a bug that caused crew projectiles to circle
Fixed a missile loading bug

0.90 by TKF
Added a new weapon: Obliterator Proximity Mine
Computer Crew AI's added: Refining, Missile Loader and Pilot Mining
Afk players or computer players can be toggled for AI modes
You can only toogle 1 AI mode at the time on afkers/computers
Rocket launcher does now 50% bonus vs mechanical
Lasers can now sometimes cause internal hull damage events
Improved the Cruisers Shield Collision system and Vessel/asteroid impact system
Energy in turrets will return quickly when power is offline with 50% loss
Wasp Missile do now also cause 3% core damage on cruiser impact
Reduced Wasp missiles energy drain from 2500gw to 2000gw
Attempted to fix Tractor Beam lighting bug
Optimized vessel movement engine
Raised the max shield limit of vessels from 3000 to 4000
Shield vesselbattery charge the shields with 2500 instead of 3000
If players idle in space now, the afk detection system includes them
Fixed a bug with homing system
Fixed a deflection bug which sometimes only made missiles have 3 sec lifetime
Fixed a bug with repair matrix not fixing vessels
Minor adjustments

0.90b by TKF
Fixed AI mining loop bug
Fixed hull damage events bug
Fixed asteroid system bug
some bugfixes

0.90c by TKF
Fixed the player miner bug not being able to mine (hopefully)
Fixed the damage bug with asteroid taking no damage (hopefully)
Fixed a bug with floor turret which had "homing" shots
Added Pilot AI Recall ability on Access Console
Readded Counter-missiles in the utility tab
Slightly buffed all damage of crew weapons
Changed the Pulse Rifle shot bursts from 5 to 3
Removed the 1hp regen bonus from medical health kit
Nerfed the healing kit a bit
Reduced armor damage reduction from 40% to 35%
Increased the max range of most weapons

0.90d by TKF
Fixed a glitch space miner not being able to mine for players
Fixed the abilities settings for the afk player in space
Fixed a AFK return bug
Remade the counter missile homing system
Improved the Crew Missile AI to handle 6 items
Armament robot can also manage 6 items now

0.90e by TKF
Ported the map back to JNGP to resort to the map system bug issues
Attempted to fix the bug issues regarding mining
Wasp and Sabre EMP missiles do now ignore hardened shield reduction
E-Torpedos, Wasp and Sabre EMP missiles will now be very effective against cerebus shields
Cerebus shield system do now require hardened shields level 2 upgrade
Created Hashtable system of missile firing system
Increased the HP of mines/missiles
Increased the aquistion range of counter-missiles

0.90f by TKF
This version should be stable
Attempted to fix the bug issues regarding mining
Rolled back hashtable missile firing system (caused optimization bug)
The counter missiles will now die on impact
Fixed a bug that caused Yamato Cannon to be stopped by counter-missiles

0.90h by TKF
Added change vessel function for Miner AI
Increased the -zoom command limit from 2500 to 3000
Added periodic camera distance adjustment
Rocket does now also does 50% bonus vs robots
Slightly nerfed rocket dmg from 155 to 140
Fixed a shared control bug sensor console system
Fixed Autoloader boxes missile load bug
Fixed Permablack vision bug when recalled by teleporter
Repeating impact alarm should be local now (hull impacts)
Increased initial crew energy from 15 to 16'
Internal sensors will fail during power failure
Minor changes

0.90i by TKF
Added new damage event: Internal sensor failure (blinded)
Added repair subrutine to Crew Refinery AI
Quickened the Crew/Refinery AI pickup reponse
Increased hp of floor turrets from 200 to 215
Increased the wing medpads healing speed
Hellfire ombite costs reduced by 5
Predator Veldite costs increased by 5
Fixed a bug that allowed Epilon cruiser to overuse shield teraflop
Fixed a severe missile loading bug when hijacking enemy cruiser

0.90j by TKF
Refinery Robot does now have 6 inventory slots
Decreased cereberus shields weakness from special weapons
Fixed a camera periodic reset bug that make zoom command invalid
Fixed a bug that caused the Refinery AI to do nothing

0.90k by TKF
Added new vessel upgrade: Emergency Cargo Pods
Added new Crew Ref AI subrutine: Using First Aid Kits
Mining Console is now a Bridge Console
Increased the costs of Mining Console from 70/70/60 to 100/100/120
Added core repair option to generator console if core is less than 40%
Fixed a bug with mining console survey scanner
Fixed a bug with the repair AI dropping the rep kits all the time
Fixed an AI mining swap bug that caused it to swap nothing
Fixed a bug that caused the Ref AI to not drop all items
Fixed a "stray" bug with pulse rifle shots
Fixed several AI related bugs

0.91 by TKF
Added new crew AI: Close Combat AI
Missile Loader AI will now include Combat AI extension
Combat AI will join boarding team when activating teleporter
Combat AI is able to use healing pads when badly damaged
Combat AI is able to pick a varied amount of weapons
Combat AI is able revive dead crew members
Added Energy flow rate production to the ship status and generator multiboard
Fully charged shield will now be only using 50% energy to maintain
AI Miners will now return back the cruiser to revive dead crew
Crew members no longer lose all items on death, only 1 item
Minerals and Missiles will still be dropped on death
Greatly decreased cooldown of Power Generator based abilties
Energy Cell backpack do now have an active recharge ability
Removed passive regen bonus of Energy Cell pack
Computer players do now get a more personal name ingame
Emergency Cargo Pods will now return remains of fighter boarding cruiser
Radar Ping will now reveal nearby asteroids
High amounts of nearby asteroids may now block your ability to ping
Fixed some projectile bugs which should prevent bullets to stray off
Fixed a bug that stalled the repair AI system
Fixed a bug with human leavers staying in AI's death check system
Fixed a bug that didn't make the robots drop items on death/switching
Fixed a system bug that caused missiles to attract to miner laser dummies
Fixed a bug that made captains able walk far away from main console
Minor changes

0.91b by TKF
Fixed the F1 Camera bug, it should be working again
Fixed a vessel hull upgrade bug in fast mode

0.91c by TKF
Improved the damage point relocation system, it should run smoother
Made an attempted fix to deal with Shield impact lagg bug
Fixed a bug that allowed the use of -eject command when boarding
Fixed a multiboard bug that did show wrong energy flow for Team 2

0.91d by TKF
Replicator Console can now also convert minerals to energy
You can now enter vessels with Right Click action
Increased the Energy Based Console energy bank slots from 8 to 10
Recall AI miner ability (Access Console) do now have a toggle function
Fixed a Missile AI bug that made it only get 1 missile
Fixed a Combat AI bug which made it camp on dead enemy crew members
Fixed a recall bug with mining vessel
Recall function will debug the miner AI if it does nothing but drifting

0.91e by TKF
The cruiser can now move in reverse, 35% of full speed
Cruiser damages is now visible again
Fixed a waypoint fluke with reloading AI on Cruiser team 2
Increased Vessel shield regenerations with 33%, it was to slow
Reduced shield degeneration speed
Weapons will slow you slightly more now, except laser gun
(Unknown AI bugfixes, old changelog lost)

0.92 by TKF
Added Teleporting ability to vessels
It does have 3 sub abilities: Add cargo, Empty Cargo, Teleport
Added Autopilot Mining ability to miners (Mining AI)
Added Grenades in Crew Weapons Console
Adjusted default camera distance from 1900 to 2300
Inititial starting energy use on lasers set from 10gw to 20gw
Medical bay should no longer attacks boarders with lightning
Using fighter scanner do now cost 500gw energy
Using survey scanner do now cost 200gw energy
Fixed a fatal reverse bug that caused the cruisers to top each other
Fixed a fatal collision bug which locked cruisers on each other
Fixed a bug with Overboost Engines ability, which gave only 65% speed
Fixed a bug which caused lasers impacts to make cruiser go in reverse
Fixed a bug with engine energy recycling when not using full speed
Fixed a bug with not showing ship status tab after using escape pods
Fixed some boarding related bugs regarding consoles and tabs
Minor weapon changes and balancing

0.92b by TKF
Renamed Refinery robot to service robot
Service Robot can now help with ship repairs now in combat situations
Service robot costs increased by 5 veldite, 5 nontrium and 5 mercoxium
Repair AI should now take out 3 repair kits if available
Improved the Repair AI system
Increased hp of both robots by 50
Fixed a bug which accidentally allowed fighter to have miner abilties
Fixed a bug with autopilot toggle which caused afk display to other players
fixed a premature activation bug with mines
If a computer gets healed, it should no longer disables its AI
Minor adjustments

0.92c by TKF
Increased the cruiser shield regen rate with 25%
Cereberus Shield quick regen will now also depend on shield power levels
Changed the damage stats and costs of some missiles/mines
Nerfed Obliterator mine damage for some balancing
If service robot cannot repair, it should resume its default task
Changed one of the engineers specials from power to tazer specialist
The default power adjustment is now set to 10gw by default
The cruiser upgrades info tab on access console also shows stored minerals
Laser blast from fighters do now also disable internal sensors
Armament robots on team 2 do now drain 5gw instead of 10gw (bugfix)
Fixed afk return bug which accidentally gave fighter miner abilties
Fixed a few bugs with Service robot, less chance for it to stop up totally
Fixed a bug that caused a certain dummy to be visible on minimap
Fixed another bug which gave Fighter miner skills
Fixed a bug with cruiser mining console which should now work

0.92d by TKF
Removed the autopilot ability from miner due to bugs (afk bug)
Corrected the hangar visuals in tutorial to match with cruiser
Optimized Cruiser Energy system, should increase game performance a bit
Power failure will more quickly reduce the power spent now
Attempted to fix the Vessel swap bug (need more test for confirming it)
Improved the Combat AI
Leavers will now become AI automatically, instead of just dying
Boarding Computer AI will now return to home cruiser if health is low and heal
The Computer AI should now be able to arm itself with better crew weapons if available
If AI is set to combat and missile loader AI, it will join teleport assaults
Fixed a bug with TX sniper rifle which made it do minimal damage only
Fixed another AI healing bug, it should work now
Fixed a power setting bug which allowed -5gw energy usage in any category
Fixed another AI bug

0.92e by TKF
Redesigned the missile loading system, you now click on the missile to load it
Made internal missile fire look more realistic now with much higher speed
Failsafed the autoloader boxes missile loading system, also armament robot
Cleaning up tons of unnecesary conditions in the asteroid systems
Optimized vessel movement system
Some script optimization to reduce the game lagg
Fixed a fatal bug with crew missile loader AI, which made it fail totally
Fixed a bug that caused computer player to be removed suddenly off the game

0.92f by TKF
Cruiser Reverse Max speed limit raised from 35% to 50%
Increased the speed bonus with the Cruisers Boost Engine ability
Fixed the selection circles of asteroids
Fixed a bug with cruiser turret burst laser which made them stop
Fixed a bug that made a destroyed mining station create some ore after destruction
Fixed a bug with sensor node and mining station launch not showing up for captain
Minor bugfixes

0.93 by TKF
Added Interior to vessels
Vessel Interior features Main Console and Power Console
Power Console features many abilties for the vessel
Crew member can add items to vessel from vessel interior
Added EMP mines for miner (Requires Energy weapon console)
Added Plasma shots for fighter (Requires Energy weapon console)
Added all crew qualifications into a common ability (spellbook)
Optimized the Teleport System
Fighter no longer loses laser cannon if tech is available
Increased AI repair matrix outtake from 3 to 4
Reduced hull repair matrix junk repair from 0.7% to 0.5%
Added text message when using -rec command to call back AI miners
Internal missile doors should now always close properly
Updated some tutorial details such as vessel interioir
Fixed a bug that caused the fighter to have 2 fighter laser abilities
Fixed a bug with the internal missile doors not opening when they should
Fixed a bug that made the cruiser go negative speed at start
Fixed a bug that caused vessel with shields sometimes immune to damage
Fixed several vessel related bugs
Fixed vessel shield multiboard display bug
Minor fixes

0.93b by TKF
Pilot can board other vessels, if teleporter is built
Reduced the damage to crew caused by merculite missile
The "-eject" command should now work even if you look inside vessel
The "-cam" command should now include vessel interior
Mining should work now again
Boarding enemy vessel and using its power console no longer alters your own vessel
Pressing esc inside vessel will reset to space view if pilot stays near console
Fixed a bug with captains will ability which made the corpse vanish
Fixed a fatal bug which totally disabled missile firing (after map testing)
Fixed a bug that didn't selfdestruct a vessel if onboard escape pods were used
Fixed camera view inside vessels, the cam debugger should fix it now

0.93c by TKF
Added custom experience gain for crew members, which allows them to level
Added ability selection for crew members to pick their special ability
Added Survival Instinct and Stim Pack as new selectable abilities
Added a new vote mode, No miner mode (gradual income every 5 sec)
Teleporter beam is now a 2 way teleporter, which also teleports projectiles
When crew members arms, it should no longer drop its weapon if full
Renamed rush mode to accelerated start
Disabled a boarding debugger system which didn't work and bugged everything
Rocket Launcer missile do now have correct range
Fixed some teleport related bugs
Fixed a bug which didn't respawn vessel when using escape pod from cruiser
Fixed a bug that caused the enemy vessel you boarded to die upon using escape pod
Fixed some minor bugs

0.93d by TKF
Hiding Cruiser in asteroid field now reduces chance for being found
Added syntesize ability, mainly for engineers
Rebalanced stim pack ability so its weaker at lv1, but stronger at lv3
When learning 3rd ability, sprint ability moves to qualification spellbook
When learning 4th ability, drop all ability moves to qualification spellbook
Fixed a cam bug when using escape pod from vessel interior
Fixed a bug with sensor console which showed enemy miners
Fixed a requirement bug on survival ability
Fixed a bug that gave pilot qualification when dropping grenades
Fixed some minor boarding related bugs

0.93e by TKF
Improved pilot ace ability
Removed the 50 hp bonus when a player leaves
Energy torpedo will no longer trigger hull damage events
Energy torpedo no longer ignore shield resistance
Energy torpedo will cause 2% core damage now on hull impact
Fixed a asteroid bug which miscalculated push angle
Fixed a bug with engine turbo speed
Fixed a silo closing bug with launching mining station

0.93f by TKF
Survey scanner for miners is now available from start
Duration of survey scanner reduced from 10 to 8 seconds pr level
Increased the default starting mercoxium count to 18 from 10
Picking ores less than 100 should now stack together
Added a service robot reset trigger, in case it stops up
Chanced the cost of fusion core upgrade to 25 vel/25 omb/6 merc
Chanced the cost of vessel core upgrade to 10 vel/15 omb/4 merc
Chanced the cost of merculite missile to 15 vel/15 omb/20 merc
Reduced Obliterator hull damage from 12% to 10%
Fixed a bug that removed promotional abilities when boarding
Fixed a misplaced camera bug when using fighters board ability
Fixed a fighter boarding bug that made you die using this ability
Fixed a leaver bug that made the crew AI stay in perma paused state
Fixed a energy transfer bug on team 2 right hangar
Fixed a carbonite deflection bug which didn't reflect missiles

0.93g by TKF
Added a debugger for power consoles that get moved out of vessels
Fixed a permanent selection bug that didn't allow you to select
Fixed a bug that caused carbonite deflector to deflect yamato shot
Fixed a bug with vessel energy production
Fixed a fatal bug that ended the game if leaver occurred with computer players

- Last Changelog -

0.93g by TKF
Added a debugger for power consoles that get moved out of vessels
Fixed a permanent selection bug that didn't allow you to select
Fixed a bug that caused carbonite deflector to deflect yamato shot
Fixed a bug with vessel energy production
Fixed a fatal bug that ended the game if leaver occurred with computer players

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Cruiser Command v0.93g (Map)

Vengeancekael Date: 2012/Nov/11 21:35:31 [Please do not send me a message, use Staff Contact] Comment:An impressively complicated, fun and original map, it is definitely recommended to anyone who likes space games and/or mining/upgrading, etc...





Date: 2012/Nov/11 21:35:31
[Please do not send me a message, use Staff Contact]

An impressively complicated, fun and original map, it is definitely recommended to anyone who likes space games and/or mining/upgrading, etc.
Visually, it is amazing, it does take a while to get the hang of the gameplay, but it is ultimately a blast to play with your friends.​
Director's Cut


00:05, 11th Oct 2009
ap0calypse: Approved

I see no reason to reject this, thus it is approved ^^
Pretty good map, it seems like you've got a lot of free time indeed.

Vengeancekael: Private Message
Date: 2011/Nov/12 17:32:47


Comment: Re-moderating with reviews and rating.
vAnKaTa_G.G. : 5/5 -
wereguy2 : 5/5 -

A really amazing map, with millions of updates!
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Level 10
Aug 15, 2008
I played this with friends lots of times. My rating is 5.

#You could add more missiles which have special role (eg, to damage cruiser a little bit, but damages engines greatly)
#Tractor beam (Links a link to enemy cruiser which slows it down for lil duration)

# Qualifications doesn't have pretty good use, cause me and my friends just promotes each other with their qualifications
# I hope in next vers there will be new missiles and that stuff =)
Level 5
Jun 26, 2008
I didn't get to play this for long (about 3 minutes) but from what I saw its a pretty awesome game! It reminds me of space rogues some, a sort of PvP version of it.
I did manage to get far enough to give you a couple of suggestions though:
-Add a speedometer to the ship status tab, perhaps showing how fast the ship is going over the maximum speed it can go. For example:
Ship Speed: 500/1000 m/s.
-A button the instantly stops the ship, or atleast increases the rate significantly. I may be less bothered about this suggestion if I actually knew how fast the ship was going ^^

All I have at the moment really. I'll add more when I have the chance to play it again.
Level 2
Oct 10, 2009
I think that the map could be improved with mouse control for the cruiser and fighter/miner, and also better spawns for the ombite/veldite, most times I have played the map it has been significantly weighted to one side. Also, I think that the fighters need more of a role- perhaps make Pirhana missiles a guaranteed hit, so they can all be fired at mining ships.
Level 10
Aug 15, 2008
Well... I would wish that there would be somekind of revival system, cause friend of mine died with Mining ship and he was dead permanently, but ship still got revived after 5 mins
Level 5
Jun 26, 2008
Well... I would wish that there would be somekind of revival system, cause friend of mine died with Mining ship and he was dead permanently, but ship still got revived after 5 mins

I agree! Perhaps a cloning bay? It would cost minerals and perhaps other things would need to be researched/made first.
Level 1
Jul 10, 2009
anotehr great map, i love all your maps and how wonderfully detailed they are. question, can you repair the battlehsip?, cuz i havent found a way 2...
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Feb 16, 2005
Space Rogues is a fantastic map, but I didn't copy anything directly (Its been aaages since I actually played it). The cruiser movement, turrets and power systems are made completely from scratch. That being said, people who enjoy this will probably like Space Rogues too, so I'll recommend his map in the credits ^^
Callex, if you want, i can model a brand new battlecruiser for you more like the one in the picture. I'm a little busy, so i don't know when, but i can do it.
This map is so great. Though some things that bothered me was how the camera zoomed out into the ground when you exit the main console while in ship view, and how you cant rotate the camera as you fly! I was basically blind while flying.
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Jul 11, 2008
Hm, When the ships are running over themselfes, they are getting stuck.
And they can drive right through them.

Indeed! And for some reason, it's always my team (Red's team) that dies in ramming. Every single game. I've been doing logical moves, like ramming their wings and their back but it always seems to be me that gets the damage. I'm getting angry :ugly:
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Dec 22, 2008

Hmm... I tested it... I don't know what I did wrong... but this is what happened:

1. Collected around 400x of each ore.
2. Refined everything AT ONCE
3. put everything in front of the telepad
4. I put 50x of the red ore and
50x of the brown ore
5. I kept clicking the: 'create Predator missile' button until it said: "Insufficient Materials" about 4 times. Then i stopped
6. Suprisingly, the materials were still on the telepad... (I thought they were supposed to dissapear)
7. So I took them off and put some other materials on. But whatever I tried... It kept saying insufficient materials... As you know, I had MORE than enough missile material.
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Jan 5, 2008
Hmm... I tested it... I don't know what I did wrong... but this is what happened:

1. Collected around 400x of each ore.
2. Refined everything AT ONCE
3. put everything in front of the telepad
4. I put 50x of the red ore and
50x of the brown ore
5. I kept clicking the: 'create Predator missile' button until it said: "Insufficient Materials" about 4 times. Then i stopped
6. Suprisingly, the materials were still on the telepad... (I thought they were supposed to dissapear)
7. So I took them off and put some other materials on. But whatever I tried... It kept saying insufficient materials... As you know, I had MORE than enough missile material.

First, when you place the materials on the pad, you have to store them. After that you can create the missiles, and after that you will found the missiles in the other unstoring thing. Forgot the name of it.
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Nov 29, 2007
A few friends and I have been playing this game quite a lot. It's a great map, but you already know that. So here's some of the feedback I've collected for you.

  • Ideas
    • Measure energy in Joules (or, more practically, GJ)
    • Missile Crafting system
      • Combine thruster, payload and guidance system to make each missile
      • Gives engineer more to do
    • Mouse control for cruiser (As it is, the controls seem to lag when you are turning a lot, making it harder to fire missiles at the enemy)
    • Speedometer for captain
    • Sensors post/ enhanced ping to make long range missile battles between cruisers easier
      • We were split over whether this one was valid, as you can use the fighter to scout
    • More use for the fighter
      • At the moment, killing the miner is very difficult and takes a long time.
    • Cruiser main cannon
      • Activated by captain or engineer for awesome effect
    • Anti-missile/Electronic Warfare systems to protect from long range duels
    • Possibly more support type missiles
    • More utility for nontrium
      • Maybe for use in alloys or advanced guidance systems/warheads
    • Increased starting resources - mining ship should be for resupply, not initial supply
    • Manufacture of fighters/refinery ships instead of respawn
    • Ability to dissassemble fighter, refinery and other items
    • Ability to increase energy to refinery to increase refinery efficiency from 1:1 to 1:1.5 or 1:2
    • Ability to customize the cruiser into a carrier by converting missile bays into drone hangers
      • Drones are controlled by converting one or more laser turret control to a drone control
      • Fighter drones to attack fighters and other drones
      • Bomber drones to attack cruisers and mining ships
      • Scout drones for the obvious
      • Mining drones collect asteroids and then tow them to the mining ship, if autonomous can be told to collect a particular ore

  • Bug report:
    • Fighter piranha missile hotkey doesn't work, it conflicts with patrol hotkey.
    • Cluster missile seems to miss fighters or mining ships when it splits
We all understand that the game is not final yet and this is not a criticism of your game, just some feedback and ideas for you to consider

Thanks for making such great game.

I'll be posting more for you in the near future.
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Nov 29, 2007
@ SasuhKun, make repair kits at the molecular fabricator. These have an AoE ability that heals ships and gets rid of debris.

You cannot heal the battlecruiser except by getting rid of the debris (debris also causes damage over time) if you still have hull damage after getting rid of all the debris then you cannot heal that damage.

I don't know how the maths of the irreparable/repairable damage is worked out, I don't think it says anywhere.

EDIT: I've just been told that it actually is possible to repair the hull entirely as repair kits to get rid of debris heal more than the debris has caused (unless you're really slow)
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Feb 16, 2005
Thanks a lot for all the suggestions and bugs :) If you post them to me here rather than /w'ing me I'm a hell of a lot more likely to actually get them done ^^

A new cruiser model would be great! It would need to be of similar shape though for the hardpoints to fit into it properly.
Level 3
Mar 6, 2009
Draz and I, will test the newest version later. Expect a bug report and updated suggestion list. Before I forget KUDOS on making such a brilliant map I hope you keep it updated and we can see this in the future played as much as Dota.
Level 2
Oct 10, 2009
I think that both the lasers and missiles need buffing. We fired 70k of energy in lasers and it did jack all damage to the enemy cruiser.
And, loading many missiles is very fiddly an irritating. Perhaps an autoloader?
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Level 2
Oct 10, 2009
I also wanted to say that I saw a 0.60c on Battle.Net, which isn't referenced here. Somebody stole it, or just uploading mistake?
Level 3
Oct 5, 2008
Ill add, feed back later when Draz and I test your latest version. By the way my own suggestions are as follows.

- New Warheads
Antimatter Missile Very strong but very expensive No Guidance system

EMP missile No physical damage but, Puts all there radar pings onto Cooldown, and disables laser turrets for 30 seconds.

Anti Missile, It homes onto missiles to destroy them.

- Missiles able to be destroyed by laser fire, Smaller missiles have 90% evade medium missiles have 50% evade and large missiles have 0% evade, However you need to hit them directly to even get to the evade. So example you fire directly at a Light Piranha missile, Your laser passes onto it but due to the 90% evade it doesn't destroy the missile.


Controls lag a lot, so firing the yamoto cannon on command is tricky. A mouse turning system would help.

On another note, If you want we are available for pretesting your map, So if you want we can become official testers ( Me, Draz, and Gen)
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Nov 29, 2007
My feedback: I would desperately like either weapon firing to be switched to a separate console (to reduce load on the captain's console) or mouse control for the direction of the cruiser. When playing captain I am eternally frustrated by the lagginess of the control system.

I know you made the cruiser movement system from scratch, and it works fine in singleplayer, but I don't think it is suitable for MP because of the lag.

If RtC is patched to work with 1.24, then you could use that to directly access keyboard input and therefore reduce lag that way. However, until that is done, I think mouse control for direction (as with the smaller ships) would be a better choice.



Level 19
Nov 29, 2006
Escape pods for destroyed fighters/miners would be nice. Or are u supposed to die when you die while you mine/fly?

Some suggestions and ideas:
Also a energy manager, which can use reserve energy which is used for lasers to boost up shields a little (great waste energy wise, only in emergency only).

Allow you to build upgrade parts for the battlecruiser core energy generator, so your battlecruiser can produce a little more energy. A extremely costy generator module can increase the energy production by 20, increasing from 180 to 200. Permanent but risky tatic as you could build a bunch of missiles for same resource amount. Allows you to use more power to ship functions.

Upgrade the battlecruiser during the game:

Allow you to build special upgrades and component stuff like
  • All roles can build (with captains approval if he's ingame):
  • Dock Repair Section upgrade (docks get fighter/miners/drones rebuilt twice as fast after they get destroyed, ships have hp regen when docked)
  • Laser turret upgrade (turrets do some more damage)
  • Bridge remote control - engines (allows the captain and engineers to tweak the engine speed from the bridge when needed, rest of the other tweaks must still be made in the control room)
  • Harvesting Drone module - dock bay (Only the pilots can remotely use fast harvesting drones to assist in mining operations a little, must return manually, is weak and is much less effective than the harvesting ship, rebuilt in 3 min). Remote and safe.
  • Scout Drones module - dock bay (Only the pilots can remotely use fast scout drones to scout out the enemy position, rebuilt in 3 min). Remote and safe.
  • Heavy Laser Tower component which allows you later ingame build heavy laser batteries (only 1 pr wing side, battlecruiser wings, max 2 pr battlecruiser), which does more damage than laser turrets, but more cooldown and more damage. Less effective against enemy fighters but more effective against enemy battlecruiser.

  • Only engineers can build:
  • Energy gen as suggested above...
  • Build hyperspace modules allows the battlecruiser to make jumps for an extensive energy cost,
  • Build radar module to give the captain an greatly extended view in space, gives crew warning everytime a enemy ship was near.
  • Build transporter module which allows you to teleport missiles to missile bay directly and enable the crew to teleport around the ship, very expensive module
  • Build replicator module that generates resources by using high amount of energy.... etc
  • Power modulation system (when the ships power is down, the shields are instantly depleted to prevent power failure, but shields gets offline as well and starts again at 0%, energy given from shield determines how much the shield was (50% loss in conversion))

All of these cost minerals. Very expensive.

Ehm lol I suggested only things that the engineer can do, mostly.

Well here is some suggestions you can use when or not is up to you if you did find those ideas good or bad.


Anyways I'm going to try out the new version and check out the yamato gun.
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Jan 5, 2008
so you are still looking for a better cruiser skin?
and what about the model?

not sure if you have ever seen this, but that thing was actually a model for warcraft :D

but i see, you dont need it....................... *cough*

I wouldn't call that high quality cruiser. And, he already got one that are going to make an high-res cruiser. ;P
Level 8
Nov 29, 2007
@TKF: Personally, I have mixed feelings about the idea of building upgrades to the ship as you go, it doesn't seem very realistic to me that a battlecruiser flies into battle unequiped. On the other hand, it is a game (and the system works fine in space rogues), and the cruiser might work on a minimum mass policy or something...

I quite like that idea of a minimum mass policy (for greater acceleration between stars), actually. I may come back to that in the future.

Anyway, I don't like the idea of a laser upgrade, can't you achieve the same by simply upping the power to weapons? Nor do I like the idea of a remote control for the captain, I like seeing the whole team work together. A warning in engineering when you're about to give the engines enough power to cause a velocity alarm would be nice, however; something as subtle as the power entry simply turning red would do.

I like the drone ideas, though I prefer the implementation I came up with (naturally).

'Don't like the replicator or transporter module, I think the replicator would be irrelevant and the transporter is only useful as an autoloader for the missile tubes, which I think detracts from the panicked life of the engineer. A repair bay on the dock instead of simply using repair kits on the fighters and bombers would be much cooler. It could cause extra power drainage when operational too.

These are just my opinions, don't take them too harshly. I'm happy to justify any of them if you want me to, however. Just drop me a PM.
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Oct 5, 2008
Hmmm, I agree with draz about @TKF but im going to argue that the replicator is useful, But i suggest its a purchased item which costs minerals to set up and its not that efficient. Costs high amounts of power aswell.
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Jun 11, 2009
you should fix a revive system when you get shot down in space when youre in the fighter craft or the mining craft so it becomes more fun when you play it:D
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Nov 29, 2007
well it looks better than the current one ;)

I quite like the current one's simplicity. I do take issue with how the inside of the ship looks, however. I'd quite like the different parts of the ship to be differently decorated.

I really don't like to see the whole thing made of metal. Perhaps make the bridge more stately and put big arrows in the hangers and missile bays. Some black glossy coating or something might look nice too.

Again, I can only give my opinion on these things, maybe I should put that in my sig.

EDIT: @Levithan: I thought the replicator was a bad idea as it makes the miner slightly less relevant while introducing yet another unnecessary drain on power. Killing the miner should really mean something, especially considering how difficult it is to do.
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Jun 11, 2009
its not hard to kill the miner but when you yourself dies youre out and can only watch how fun is that when you want to be in and fight like your teammates
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Oct 5, 2008
Hmm @ Draz i see your point now actually, and there shouldn't be a revive system an effective team, should protect its miner anyway if they are in danger.
Level 3
Oct 5, 2008
A ship that small wouldn't have an escape pod, The miner i suppose you could refit the cargo drone and jump inside that, But the fighter defiantly not. seeing as the ships are small 1 man ships.
Level 7
Dec 22, 2008
Hmm... I agree with soldier.

I also like the idea of an escape pod, because... What's the fun in watching when you die early game by some coincidence?

This next idea is really useful I think. Get another fighter.
  1. Basically because of these reasons: It's fun for the miner to get to fight for once aswell.
  2. You could kill the other miner more easily with 2 ships attacking it.
  3. You could have bigger assault on the cruisers

Anyway... I was wondering if you could create some kind of simple AI for this... because I really wanna play this on my own aswell and I'm sure there are lots of others out there thinking the exact same thing. It shouldn't be too difficult should it?

Another previous post has adviced you to change the texture of the interior of the ship, instead of being all metal. I disagree... It's fine the way it is.