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[Trigger] Critical Spells and Buff

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Level 8
Dec 16, 2007
I need a little help with my map about critical hits. I was thinking of making that every unit/hero in my map to have 2% chance to crit, but this ability would of course be hided so I decided to but it in a spellbook and hide it.

First Question. Critical Spells and Varies Damage.
But I want this critical to both affect Spells and Melee, and the critical damage is between 2x to 2.5x. But I got no clue how to make critical for spells or the damage multipler varies. Can you give me some suggestion or even make a trigger for me?

Second Question. Critical Buff
Is it possible to make a kind of critical buff? Like:

A unit is attacked
Attacking unit has a buff equal to Critical Buff
Add Critical Hided Varies Damage Skill to Attacking Unit
Wait 10 seconds
Remove Buff from Attacking Unit
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