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Level 7
Aug 31, 2006
Map Name: Creepers

Stage: Released

Version: 1.01

Genre: ...Well Creepers bases on a mix of various gameplay genres like AoS, Hero Wars and Hero Line Wars.

Gameplay: The objective is simple - Destroy the enemy Sanctum. There are 2 Teams: Ebon Team and Alabaster Team. Both team creeps are spawned at the spawn point far away from another Sanctum guarded by two defese lines consisting of 1 tower and second one of 2 powered versions of the first tower. Player may choose one hero and repick it if they didnt choose any skill or buy any item or etc. Also player may recruit creeps in own allied team for tokens they get for slaying creeps. To remember: Each slain enemy creep will be respawn at own spawnpoint and will attack enemy. There is only 1 way between both sanctums so both armies need to clash and heroes directly join the battle. Heroes also may buy various items and combine them using recipes.

Light Element: +50 Life
Honoured Talar: +3 to all stats
Magic Sword: +18 damage
Gem Pedant: +3 to all stats, +3 damage Needed are the 3 rings from the shop
Also some items have so-called unleashes. Those are effects that may occur on the % chance of the condition of the item.

Lighting Helix: 8% on attack. Enemy will be struck with an lighting that deals 50 damage and cuts through armor and even spell immunity.
Also some items are cursed. Cursed items cannot be dropped.
Map is made by XelNecra (BwS.XelNecra at Northrend) with thanks to AlexM, Pr0zac and Duratime. Also with thanks to the BwS clan.

For more info you may visit www.creepers.weebly.com its new started so dont be scared by leak of graphic there^^.


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